Sunday, 25 September 2011

4 Wins 3 Draws 0 Losses ...

Hey guys, how are you all? I am well. It has been a while. Well, I have been tweeting a lot but I guess the time has come that I blog too. But before I go on the topic let us first go through the 'Events'. Firstly, I just took a trip down south to all The Monarch properties and we now have 2 Schools. The Little Monarchians is our latest Pre-School in the heart of Coimbatore. You can go to for more details. Also, I shot a Promotional Song for My Film, LOOT which comes out in November. The Film is a laugh riot and I hope you all enjoy watching it as I had fun Shooting for it. I had the honor of Working with Superstars like Suniel Shetty, Govinda and Javed Jaffery. Also, I am starting Shooting for My next Film, TUKKAA FITT very soon, so I am super excited about it also. But before I go on, I send My condolences to the Khan and Kapoor Family for their loss. As both, Pataudi Sir and Surinder Sir will surely be missed. May their souls rest in peace.

Now, we begin ... Uhmm, you must be thinking what is a score card doing as a Blog Topic? Well, the reason is because I had a fight on Sunday. Yes! My 1st MMA Fight! And I had 4 Wins, 3 Draws and 0 Losses and I am going to tell you all about it! :-)
Trust Me guys, it was an amazing experience! Actually, I was only facing only one opponent. But he tapped out in the first 90 seconds of the match, so My MMA India Chief, Somesh Kamra decided that I fight again. And the result for the 2nd Match was also the same as it was resulted in a Technical Knockout, 2mins in the Fight. Ofcourse, TKO and Tap Out are all technical MMA Words but all I can say, Fighting that Day opened My eyes to a New Truth. As they say, 'The Truth Sets You Free' and trust Me, it did. :-)

It made Me realize that all the great pleasures in life and even life's true happiness are only enjoyed when you fight for them! When you are willing to fight and face your fears. When you have the guts to go beyond your own capabilities. When you know that 'this is it!' When pain does nothing to you and winning is the only thing that matters. :-)
Of course, I am not telling you to get into fights and prove to yourself how strong you are. After the match, I had a bleeding lip, a sprained left ankle and also a wound on the face. And the aftermath pain was unbearable! So only the insane get into fights! :-)
But I guess we all are fighting. Are we not? I see people and I notice that we all have one thing in common, we all are fighting for something or the other. I guess, we all have something to fight for. Something to hope for. Something to believe in. And I encourage all of you to keep fighting because if you believe in your fight, then I promise you, you will win it! One day or the other, after all the struggle, after all the sacrifice, after all the blood, sweat and tears, you will win because you know in your heart that, that thing, that you are fighting for, is really worth it! :-)

Sure, it is tough. I know that first hand. But remember, it is only tough, NOT impossible! They say na, 'It is always darkest before dawn' So don't give up my friends. Never give up. Hrithik Roshan once said, "At the end of the tunnel is the light ... at the end of the battle is the victory!" And look where he is today! He is one of the greatest superstars in the country today because just like you and Me, he was fighting for something he believed in and he never gave up! :-)

I recollect the thoughts of those Fights and I remember, that I was the kid no one believed in also. I was the outcast. I was in the 'Hate List' of many people. People who still don't want Me to succeed and be here. But I always believed in Myself, for I knew that there is a power in Me which will give the courage to fight back! And I did and here I am today as a 'somebody'. So whenever you feel that you can't go any further, remember why you are fighting! :-) So let life give you the obstacles, you find the way to victory! Let Faith test you, you find the hope! Let the almighty put you through adversity, you believe in yourself! Put on gloves and say I am ready for the fight. Take the hits but keep standing. Let pain engulf you but you embrace it. Remember, all dreams are worth fighting for! So believe, always and forever believe because one day even you will have a scorecard which will have more Wins than Losses. :-)

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and this is My Story ...