Sunday, 27 November 2011

We All Have Our Own Battles To Fight ...

Hey guys. I hope you don't mind Me greeting you with 'hey guys' every time. To be honest, I don't know what other way to start the Blog. Thank you for all the love and appreciation you all give Me every week. It really means a lot to Me. Writing these Blogs every week has truly become a part of My life and I will try My best to do the best I can, every week. I am right now in Hyderabad and we are Shooting Enemmy here. Before My PR Avantika Sinha from Soapbox messages Me and shouts at Me, "Don't tell much about the Film, let Me use it as a PR Activity!", I will just say that I am having a great
time being on the Sets with Superstars like Suniel Shetty, Johnny Lever and My Dad. I will surely keep you posted more on Enemmy as the days go by. And since there is a lack of 3G Network here, I am not in touch with the world out there, so I have little knowledge as to what is happening out there. Hope all is well. And now, Blog Time! :-)

We All Have Our Own Battles To Fight. I have mentioned that line many a times in My previous Blogs but I guess with the circumstances those words deserve an entire blog! There are 7 billion people on this planet and no matter how different we may be from one another, we have one thing in common. Fighting. Whether it is for survival, recognition or even love, we are fighting all the time. Consciously or not, our bodies and the soul and the mind are in a constant fight with the world. Some days we loose, some days we win. But all I know that it is a never ending struggle. Whether we like or not. Let Me give you an example. As Actors we have so many things that we have to do. So many things that we have to take care of. Whether it is our Diet, our Clothes, the way we talk, eat or even sleep. We are on the job 24/7. There is no "Off Day" for us. And in the end, no matter how much we give, there is someone out there who always tells us that we are not giving enough.

One of My friends, who after reading My last blog told Me that I am not what I write in My blog. That I am giving a wrong perception to people that I am this noble, kind hearted soul who likes to preach, when I am this selfish, self-centered prick who only thinks about himself! Even though I was hurt by what My friend said, I knew that was the truth. But what My friend didn't realize that I have to do what I have to do. I go to war everyday with Myself, everyday with the circumstances I am put into, the people I have to deal with, the choices I have to make, the sacrifices that I have to do. That is something My friend and the world will never understand, just as I won't understand My friend's problems or even the world's. But I still write and spread these words because a part of Me, which is, in a way, good likes to do so. Please, do not take this blog as a self-defense or self-sympathy verdict of Mine. I am not trying to prove anything. All I am saying is that no matter how hard you try, no matter how many people you are dependent on, no one will understand your pain because they are not in your shoes. It's not like they don't care, they do, they really do and they really wanna help you and be there for you but trust Me, it doesn't help because only you are the master. Only you hold the key. As the words from Never Back Done were, "Remember, no matter how it ends, you hold the outcome." 

I am not trying to put you down or depress you. I am just trying to open your eyes to the truth. The truth, which, in fact we all know but don't wanna admit too. We, as human beings have the power to move mountains but in the same time be destroyed by the slightest ounce of weakness. I agree that man is a social animal and we all need each other. But being dependent on others won't make your problems go away. You only have that power. You, you and only You. The day you realize that you are alone that is the day when everyone will come to you automatically. Accepting and embracing are two very different things. So I tell you to embrace this truth! Embrace it and make it your own and see how strong you become! As I said earlier, we win some, we loose some. Not everyday is a smooth ride. But knowing that you alone are dealing with whatever is coming your way will make you more powerful than even The Hulk!  I am not saying it is easy. Trust Me, there are times when I have broken down too. When I have sat alone in My Room and cried for hours. But this is the only way you will become the person you were born to be! 

Even right now, as I am writing this blog, I have a million thoughts going through My head. Some which give Me joy, some which give Me pain. But I know that as long as I accept whatever comes My way, that I keep on doing what I am doing with 100% dedication, everything is going to be alright 'cause when you are alone, all you have is your hope, faith and yourself! So don't give up My friends. Don't feel bad that you have to fight your fight all by yourself. Don't be afraid to be left out alone because sometimes only when you are alone, do you find yourself. 

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and this is My Story. 

Sunday, 20 November 2011

We Are Who We Are ...

Hello again My Friends. Hope all is well with you guys. Me? I am doing great Myself too. ENEMMY is about to begin. So I am pretty excited! Will surely keep you posted on that. We just finished Shooting the Climax of TUKKAA FITT and now, we only have some Scenes and 2 Songs remaining. Can't believe we finished it so fast! The Climax was a lot of fun as the entire Star Cast was there in it! It was a pleasure working and interacting with Mukesh Tiwari! That man is so educated! And I had a gala time Shooting with Mukul Dev too. You have to see his Mimicry. He is too good in that! And also, the surprise packet was Vaisahli Desai! You will get to see her kick some villain butts too! And heard Gadafi's Son got found. Guess the wicked can't hide much now. Can they? And now, the Blog ... :-)

WE ARE WHO WE ARE. Well, you music fans must be thinking I will start writing down Kesha's Lyrics here. But no. Although I love that Song and have danced on it several times, this Blog isn't about that Song. But it is, about You, Me and US. I have done a course on Behavioral Psychology and so, I tend to absorb people a lot through default. And in our Movie Industry, you get to work with over a hundred people a day! And as I have absorbed, we humans are truly unique 'cause even though we may have many traits in common, there is always that 'something' which makes us different from the rest. :-)

I have also absorbed Myself, along the course of My entire existence and only lately have I come to the conclusion that no matter how hard I try to change, I will always be who I am. That, My origins will never change. That underneath all the rules and regulations and responsibilities and the norms of society, I will always be who I am. But the question is who am I? Who are you? Well, that My friends, is a path we have to take ourselves. No teacher, no friend or family can tell you who you really are. Except your soul or your conscious. Your inner voice, you know, the one which keeps on talking to you, the one which keeps on telling you to do the right thing, even though it must be the toughest thing to do, that is Who You Really Are! :-)

I always thought that I was mis-treated by My friends in school. That I was always the fat kid. That I always was the odd one out, that I would always be alone and because people made Me feel that way, I tried to change Myself. Whether it was My looks, My dressing style or even the way I talked. At first, it worked. It earned Me a lot of love and respect and attention. I got a lot friends and even women started giving Me attention. And I also liked it. I thought, "Hey, this really works. I was such a loser back in the day!" But as the moments passed, I started to feel more and more emptier. I started to feel unreal. I started to feel like someone else entirely. And then one day, when I saw Myself in the mirror, I couldn't recognize Myself. The man who I saw wasn't Me. But a person who had lost His true beliefs. Who had lost his morals and virtues. That is the day I realized who I truly was. And then suddenly, I became quiet.

I went back to My old self, to My true self. And as that happened, I saw all My friends disappear one by one. People started ignoring Me and they also stopped calling Me to their gatherings. This of course gave Me a lot of pain but in the same time showed Me the truth. It showed Me who My friends were and more importantly, who I truly was. Even though I felt that gap of knowing to not knowing people, underneath Me, I felt at peace. Something in Me was in harmony with Me. Something in Me was happy. :-)

Today, touchwood, I am one of the happiest guys alive! I have everything that I have asked for and each day only gets better. And this is only because I accepted who I was. I must admit, at first, it is very scary to know the truth. But the truth sets you free and then, all you have is peace. Try it. We all deserve to be true to ourselves. You can lie to all the 7 billion people in the planet but you can't lie to yourself. No matter how much you try. You may not be perfect. Hell! I know I am not perfect! There are more minuses in Me than pluses but at least I am free. At least I know who I truly am! Take this from Me, society will try to change you, will tell you, mostly all the time that you are wrong and that what you do is wrong. But society doesn't make you or break you. It is YOU who defines Yourself!

Don't be afraid to be who you are. The ones who truly love you will love you, no matter how you are. They will always be with you because they saw the Real You. Finding yourself is a tough task, I know. The Path is filled with Darkness and sometimes, you have to fight your own demons to get to salvation. But don't be afraid of the Darkness because only in the Darkness Can You See The Light. I am who I am. And every moment I am proud to Be! The question is ... Are You? :-)

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and this is My Story. :-)

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Do We Really Care?

Hi guys. Yes, this week the blog entry comes early. It is because tomorrow onwards, I start Shooting the Climax of TUKKAA FITT and I know it is going to be very grueling and will demand all of My Energy, so clearly I won't have time for anything. And I don't wanna keep you guys waiting. Plus, today I am Home Alone since Dad is in Kolkata and the Family has gone for the Movies. I figured this is the best time! Before we begin, the usual Weekly Round-Up. I shot for ENEMMY a couple of days ago. I am playing a Cop in it and the feeling of Working with My Director Ashu Trikkha was amazing! ENEMMY goes full throttle ahead very soon. I will surely keep you posted on that. I also heard that Eddie Murphy won't be hosting the Oscars. Another funny man, Billy Crystal has taken His place. Will surely wait for the Oscars next year. And LOOT faired very well in the small centers. We will be breaking even, all thanks to you guys. And guess what, all those who slammed the film and sent Me and the Film hate tweets are now agreeing with the same thing. Touch wood to that! And now, we begin ...

DO WE REALLY CARE? Well, here is why I chose those words as a topic. I am a die hard Nickelback fan and they have just released their new Album. Of course I wanted a preview of the Songs. The moment I heard their latest single, "When we stand together" I was completely moved! And when I read the lyrics and saw the video I was nearly in tears! Yes! I was because that song really moved Me! It made Me realize many things. And most importantly it made Me ask Myself the question, 'Do I really care?'

One more depending on a prayerAnd we all look awayPeople pretending everywhereIt's just another day
There's bullets flying through the airAnd they still carry onWe watch it happen over thereAnd then just turn it off
These are some of the lyrics from the song. Are they not true? Yes, I agree, they are very true. Hey, don't take Me Wrong. I am not pointing fingers here and neither playing the blame game. I, Myself, in My previous blog mentioned that I am the Selfish of the year, so I guess you must be thinking I am contradicting My own words. No, this isn't that at all. All I am saying is that after hearing that song, it hit Me. Those thoughts hit Me. And they hit Me hard. I am not telling you to go out there and shout on television or start a rally or do anything out of the ordianry. All I am asking you is to CARE. :-)
Mother Teresa once said, "I am not asking you to do extra-ordianry deeds. All I ask from you is to Care." Mother Teresa changed the world because she Cared because she knew that we, as human beings, have the ability to CARE. That no matter what we go through in Life. The responsibilities, the stress, the tensions and the things in between, we have the ability to CARE. That for just one moment, we can close our eyes and have hope that one day, we all will be united. That one day, we all will be one. We all will be brothers and sisters. That in the end, Love will Conquer Hate. That one day, we all can hold each others hands. That no matter how many wars we fight, Peace will be victorious. That in the end, we all are just Human Beings and we all Bleed the Same Color and all we have is each other. That in the End, we all have the ability to CARE. :-)
They tell us everything's alrightAnd we just go alongHow can we fall asleep at nightWhen something's clearly wrong
When we could feed a starving worldWith what we throw awayBut all we serve are empty wordsThat always taste the same
Recently, we lost Steve Jobs. One of the greatest men in history. I mourned his passing too. But one of My friend's on twitter posted a pic. On one side, it was a picture of Steve Jobs and written below was, "When One Man Dies, The Whole World Cries" And on the other side there was a picture of many children in africa, dying of starvation and below it was written, "But Millions are Dying and No One Cares." That picture made Me realize that I don't wanna be the guy who doesn't care. I wanna be the better version of Myself and for that, all I have to do is care. The reason I am telling you all to care is because to Care is the purest form of Positive Energy. A Selfless Act we all possess. Imagine the power coming from nearly 7 billion people at the same time! Wow! :-)
Before I go, I just wanna say that I am no messenger or anything else. I am just a Human being like all of you. Who bleeds the same color and who breathes the same air. But yes, today I am better than yesterday because I know I can care. I can take out one minute from My day and Care. The same way I know you will also. God made us in his image for a reason. I guess, this was one of those reasons. Love one another for in the end, love will win. And if you can't love, no problem, just CARE. :-)
This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and This is My Story. :-)

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Rise. Above. Hate.

Hello everyone. How are you all? Hope all are well. Today is the last day of the Shooting Spell of TUKKAA FITT here in Goa. Speaking of which, you can follow TUKKAA FITT on twitter. This is the id @tukkaafitt and #TUKKAAFITT as a trending topic. I had a gala time over here! None of us left any stone unturned and from the looks of it, TUKKAA FITT will be a sure entertainer! Fingers crossed. I will be starting My next Film, ENEMY very soon. It will be a trending topic on twitter also very soon at #Enemy and speaking of twitter you can find Me there @mahaakshay and My journal at #mahaakshayjournal :-) And guess what guys? All thanks to you all, LOOT is doing very well! Thank you for the love and appreciation you have given Me and the Film! It really means a lot! Even though the Critics have slammed the Film Left, Right and Centre, it is you guys who have made us all smile by liking the Film! :-) And now, Blog Time! :-)

RISE. ABOVE. HATE. To be honest, until I started writing this Blog, I had no idea what should I write. Writer's Block you can say. But then, I was going through the new items at WWE Shop Zone website and I saw John Cena's new T-Shirt and on that it was Printed, Rise Above Hate! And I saw it and said, WOW! John Cena has always been one of My Role Models. More than his physique and personality, it is his attitude which I salute. Every week when he goes out there and faces the people, he hears, "Let's go Cena! Cena Sucks!" But he never quits! He always keeps fighting because he knows how to Rise Above The Hate! :-)

I remember he once said, "I know there are many people out there who hate Me and many out there who love Me. Well, all those who love Me, I am here with you My Brothers and the ones who hate Me? Well, you can just kiss My ass!" That is attitude! That is courage! That is the power within to accept hate and to make that hatred a power to use for the good! I relate to Cena in many ways because I know there are many out there who hate Me but I also know there are many out there who love Me as well. :-)

This world is a brutal place and no matter even if we don't wanna accept it we all like the ability to control. The power to tell others that they are not good enough and that they have to change in order to fit into society. We all want to dominate and always have the upper hand. I know many who have been caught in this web. They are so affected by what people say that they keep on changing themselves and try to fit in in order to be liked, loved and appreciated. But they forget that this way, they loose their own identities and what remains is just flesh and bone. When they do realize what has become of them, it is too late and life just passes by. I, on the other hand choose not to be like them ...

I am who I am. I love Myself and I adore Myself. Sure, I may not be perfect, sure I may have many flaws, sure I may not be "good enough" for some but I know that when I look Myself in the mirror I am ME. Pure Me. Nothing Fake. No pretensions. Just ME. See history and whoever has not "followed" or "changed" has been condemned and hated. I don't care If I am hated. I will never be something I am not because even before god I have to answer to Myself.

Just like Love, Hatred will always be there. The question is what will you do when you are faced with Hatred? Will you succumb to it or Rise Above It? Just like John Cena hears it every week, even we get to hear our Loves and Hates. The choice will always be yours. I choose to rise above hate because only the ones who have accepted that they are hated and the ones who triumph over it! :-)

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty ... And this is My Story.