Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Chakrabortys In Europe ...

Hello everyone! Or should I say that in Italian, German or French? Yes, The Chakrabortys are in europe and I all I can say is that we are having a great time over here! Yes, I am clicking a lot of Pics and you can check them out out on My twitter page which is @mahaakshay .I have to tell you, this place is lovely! We were in Austria a few days back and it was truly beautiful! Whether it was the weather, the ambience, the people, the culture, the scenic beuaty, everything was breath-taking! I know I always do My 'Feature' sections before I begin but this week, all I can tell you is how amazing these places are! Every 2-3 months we, as a family plan these holiday trips and we make sure that we visit all the places our feet can take us. And thanks to Dad, this time, we decided that we will visit Europe ... :-)

As I mentioned to you, we were in Vienna, Austria a few days back and the reason we went there was for Dad and Mom. When I was a year old, back in the day, Mom and Dad had gone there and they always told us how beautiful it was! To be honest, we didn't believe them until we went their ourselves and all the four of us had the same answer ... Beautiful! We visited the Famous Cathedral which is one of the most beautiful places to visit when you are in Vienna. We also visited the National Museum of History and also visited the Grand Palace and the Zoo which is supposed to be the oldest zoo in the world! Everyday, something new was in stored for us. Usually in these trips, My Younger Brother, Rimoh is the Navigator and I am the Handy Man. Our duo always finds things and gets the job done. We also do our 'Duo' walks around the hotel area as it is something we really cherish! And this time, My youngest Brother, Nama also tagged along with us! And just behind our hotel, I think 10mins away was the famous Shopping Lane which stretched from the Opera House, all the way to The Cathedral. So for My sister, Dishi, it was paradise, only 10mins away! We really enjoyed Vienna and something told Me when we left, that I will be visiting this City again ... For sure ... :-)

Since yesterday, we are in Rome. Of course, as all travellers who are new to a country, it took us time to settle in here and with it's surroundings. And speaking about Surroundings, our hotel is right opposite a very famous park and the city zoo! Now, how cool is that? :-) We visited The Vatican today and believe Me, no matter how amazing it looks in the Movies, seeing it, with your very eyes is another experience all together! We also visited the Famous Wishing Fountain and no, I can't tell what I wished for and after that, we visited The Pantheon, which for all of us, was more amazing than The Vatican because we were inside the Temple! I mean, I was in a place where once the Romans worshipped the Sun as their God! Even though, there were many people there, I could still feel the calmness in Me when I walked in the Temple and even Goosebumps! After that, we visited the City's Mall and all thanks to Google Translate, I was having one-sentence conversations with the cab driver. Although, what he said in Itatian, completely went over My head! :-)

We will be here in rome for a few more days and then we go to Paris. I will surely try to keep all of you updated with this trip of Mine. And before I go, all I want to say is that even though this is a Holiday trip, I have had a realization. That this world is so beautiful! It is filled with so many beautiful people and cultures and heritage. And all it will take for us to get along, is to be nice to each other! I try to be nice to whoever I meet. The question is ... Do you?

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and I am now, with The Chakrabortys ... in Europe.

With All My Might,
Your No.1 Fan,
Mahaakshay Chakraborty.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Trying To Be Good ...

Before I begin, I wanna ask, do you guys watch Wwe? If yes, then you must have absolutely heard the Theme Song of Randy Orton. The lyrics are, 'I hear voices in My head, they talk to Me, they understand, they talk to Me!'. You may ask Me, why will I write these lines and what reference do they have with this blog. Well, in the lines below, I will surely tell you just that. But before we continue, I think this week's Shout-Out Feature goes to Family. Yes, Family. No matter whatever we go through, we know that our Family will always be with us and give us their love and support. They will always stand by us even when the world turns their back to us and love and accept us, just the way we are. So to Families everywhere, stay together because trust me, there is no stronger bond, than that of Family! And My Song-Of-The-Week is 'Tonight' by Seether. Another Rock Song and the lyrics tell us that we have to live this very moment to the fullest and let go of all that we have done, good and bad and forgive ourselves and just for tonight embrace happiness as it is given to us. :-)

And now, we begin …

I have been writing My blogs for quite some time now and if you scroll backwards to all My entries, you will notice that I have been through My share of Pain, Anger, Rage and all those things the Darkness within you will make you go through. I have expressed Myself in My Blogs and even a part of Me wanted all of you to be just like Me. I thought, War is the answer! That Hate is everything and is pure. For a very long time the 'Voices' in My head kept on talking to Me and wanted Me to live by these notions. And I did just as ordered. But suddenly, since this year began, all those 'Voices' disappeared! Yes! I couldn't hear them anymore and I don't know why! I mean, no more 'voices' In My head, just, like, that! To be honest, I was petrified that I am left all alone and this is My Punishment. But as time went by, as the 'voices' never came back, I began to see the truth. That it was time for Me to feel, understand, accept and most importantly evolve to become a good person … :-)

And since that realization, I made a promise to Myself that I will become a good person. I will mend all wounds. And I will seek forgiveness for My sins. Trust Me guys, I have done My bit of bad in this existence of Mine. And I know that the only way I will find peace in the after life is by redeeming My sins while I am alive. And that is how My journey began towards My redemption. Trust Me, it isn't easy. People don't let go that easily. They always remember you for the pain you caused them. Not for the moments of happiness you shared with them. And no matter what people say, they don't forgive that easily either! They remind you of what you did and they never stop! In the midst of all of that anger and hatred they throw at you, it is very easy to slip into the madness and retaliate. To yell back and abuse. To become bad. But I ask you, if I do that, what will be the difference between Me and them? That is where god sees the divide between good and evil. God tests your goodness by putting you through the toughest of hardships because he wants to see what we Stand for and we can fall for. Trying to be a good person isn't easy. Take it from Me. But no matter how tough it gets, in the end, after all that you go through, trust Me, it feels great that you stood tall against all that adversity! :-)

For the record, I am not trying to be good because I am scared of Kamra. Nope. Personally, I don't believe in the circle of karma because I have seen people hurting others and they get away with it and live life to the fullest! While the innocents and ask for justice but Karma, for some reason doesn't respond. So no, this isn't fear. This is a realization that My time has come to become a better version of Myself. Of becoming someone I thought I could had never been. I don't know how you see this world but I have seen My share and gone through it too and it is filled with people all of types and means. The ones, who only want to gossip. The ones who only want attention. The ones who are never grateful. The ones who are only negative. But I ask you again, if a guy like Me, who only believed in Hate, can now change, evolve, love and only see the good in people, then why can't all of you too?

So before I go I just wanna say, it is not easy being good. Trust Me, it is one of the toughest challenges I am going through! But it's worth it! I know that people out there will stay hate Me. They will stay have their complaints. And they will never forgive Me. But I will not retaliate. I will always ask for Forgiveness. I will always be the friend in need. I will wait for redemption. I will see the good in them because I know that there is good in all of us.I will show them the positive side of life. I will never give in to My Monsters and one day, all those Monsters will go away. And every time I am faced with Hate, I will Rise Above it because as Lord Buddha said, "Hate Doesn't Kill Hate. Only Love Can Kill Hate!". So My friends, you see, this is Me trying to be good. The question is are you?

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and this is My Journey of being a better 'Me' …

With All My Might,
Your No.1 Fan,
Mahaakshay Chakraborty.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Best. Weekend. EVER !!!

Hello once again My Readers. As you all know I am a Sunday Blogger and so the question arises why am I writing this week's blog on a Monday? Well, the answer is in the Title. Best, Weekend, Ever !!! So, to give the title justice, I had to write this Blog after the weekend because in the lines below, you will know why this weekend was My best ever to date! :-) But before we go ahead, we have to do the necessary 'Feature' sections and this is week's Shout-Out feature goes to Movies. Yes, My Bread and Butter. I love everything about Movies and recently, I have been watching Movies of all languages and I am discovering how deeply Movies affect us in our day to day lives and how important they are for us too! This week's Song-Of-The-Week is 'Put Your Hearts Up' by Ariana Grande. It is a beautiful song which tells us that only if we are strong and don't fear love, we can all, together, make this world a beautiful place! :-)

And now, we begin …

If you go on twitter and follow all those jokes and facts and true tales, you will see 99.9% of those tweets referring to weekends as the 'Party Zone' or as the 'Heavenly Break'. Before, I could never relate to those tweets nor to those people. I used to think, why is the weekend so damn important for all those people? I couldn't understand them until I, Myself went through this 'Weekend Frenzy'!!! But before the actual events, we must know, how it all came into place. So we must go back to the point of origin. And for Me, My origin was Tukkaa Fitt. :-) We were, for quite sometime planning to unveil the 1st look of Tukka Fitt to the world in a very grand way. All of us, who were a part of the project knew that we have a great product in our hands and we have to do justice to it by giving it a grand 1st look party! So, the preparations began. We had meetings after meetings, deciding the venue, the guest list, the clothes, the time of the event even to the perfect menu of the food for the guests. And this wednesday, we met for the 'final' meeting before d-day and everything was set. But after all the planning and preparations came the numbness and nervousness and fear, all wrapped up before d-day, which I think, we all were going through …

I am still very young in the Bollywood Industry and for Me, every Movie feels as it is the 1st one! So before the D-Day event, I think a couple of hours before itself, I went completely blank! I wasn't feeling anything! I mean, all My systems where shut down due to the nervousness which was taking over Me! As Actors, all we want is acceptance and appreciation by the people because that is what keeps us going! So all My thoughts were fixated to the event. And the questions were pouring in. Will they all like my look? Will they like the Trailer? Will they come and congratulate Me? Even when I was on the way, these thoughts were dominating Me. But as soon as I was there, as soon as I started talking to the press, as soon as we unveiled the 1st Look Poster, as soon as we showed everyone the 1st Trailer of the Film, as soon as I heard the claps and the accolades, I was smiling and relaxed and so so very happy! The 1st step was complete and we all did a damn good job to make it happen! Mostly, all those who I invited showed up to support Me! I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your blessings and best wishes! And I am so very sorry if I couldn't attend to all of you personally as there were so many people! And the ones who couldn't make it, I know you must have your reasons. So for Me, Friday, the Eve of the Weekend, was a Super Success! But I had no idea that there were still some more awesome moments awaiting Me … :-)

I had no idea what I wanted to do on Saturday. I thought I would just chill and let the day take Me forward. But since morning, I started receiving messages from all over, telling me that they loved the 1st Look Poster and they were loving the 1st look Promo as well! I didn't expect all of that, so of course I was quite over-whelmed and over-joyed! And because of the state I was in, I decided to go out and celebrate. Yes, Me, going out and celebrating! Trust Me, Happiness does strange things to people! :-) So I decided to take My friends and go out and just enjoy and we did just that! We went for shopping and Dinner and a drive all the way to town and we also got the chance to see the Vagina Monologues which, according to Me, was one of the best shows I have seen as those amazing women perfectly blended Comedy with Satire and the hardcore truths of what women really go through! My salute to them once again! So in the midst of all those laughs and jokes and plays and shopping and drives, we had no idea that it was already mid-night! By the time we came home, we had our hearts full of joy and happiness and I know it was a day well spent … :-)

I know sunday is usually the day when reality starts to hit us again, reminding us that Monday, is only a few hours away and that, we have to go back to Work and all our responsibilities but for Me, Sunday was as awesome as Saturday because lucky Me, I got to hear 2 Movie Scripts, Celebrate Mother's Day with My Mom, who is in fact, the greatest Mom in the whole wide world, over lunch and then have the entire sunday evening to unwind in My Couch, playing the PS3! So yes, for Me, this was the Best, Weekend, Ever because it truly was! I got to be happy, spread the happiness and live the moments! Sometimes, life surprises us in more ways than one and instead of fearing that this moment won't come again, we should embrace the moment and live it to the fullest! I did just that and that is why I am happy, even on a Monday. :-) And trust Me, I know that when I am giving My 100% to the Job at hand, I don't have to go and look for happiness … As happiness will come and find Me. :-)

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and this was My Best. Weekend. EVER !!! The question is, which was yours?

With All My Might,
Your No.1 Fan,
Mahaakshay Chakraborty.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Good In The Bad ...

Hello once again My friends. I must say in advance that this blog is somewhat a very intense one as I am tapping into something I never did before. So I hope by the end of it I make sense and cross the message. And I saw Aamir khan's Show Satyamev Jayate today and I was completely moved! This is the kind of show our channels need! To cross the message to the one billion citizens of this country so that we can help each other! My Salutes to Aamir Khan and the Show's Creative Team! And before we go ahead I dedicate this week's Shout-Out Feature to All My Fans! Yes, all you out there! Thank you so very much for the love! It is a great Support to have all of you with Me, every step of the way and I thank you all from the bottom of My heart for the unconditional love you give Me everyday! :-) And this week's Song-Of-The-Week is 'Everything's Gonna Be Alright' by Enrique Iglesias. The lyrics are beautiful as they say that no matter where you are and what you are going through, in the end, everything is going to be ok. :-)

And now we begin ...

Recently I visited My house in Coimbatore for My daily trips down south and I decided that I will clean My room as I have a lot of memories attached to it and as I was doing that I stumbled upon all My old diaries and I started reading them, page by page and I was completely amazed by Myself! I mean, I was laughing at Myself, smiling and also happy to relive all those memories. But with all those memories I had one constant shadow lurking. It was the shadow of Darkness, anger and hatred. I never knew that I had so much of Hatred in Me and that also from such an early age! And that really had got Me thinking that I have evolved and changed so much since I wrote those diaries! I have been through so much and learnt so much! And now, I can proudly say that I am on the road in becoming a better human being. But all good always comes from the bad and I will tell you why ...

I have always believed in aggression. In force. In Power, Fear and the plan of Attack. I was the one who believed that Love doesn't exist and Hate will always prevail. I lived by this code so very much that I forgot who I was! I lost My identity and there was a point I couldn't recognize My own reflection! I became so dark and so full of this madness that My own conscious slipped away and in this process I became very selfish and only thought of Myself. I thought that the entire world is selfish and so I should be too! For Me, everyone was the enemy and in time the inevitable happened ... I started hurting the people who truly loved Me! I didn't care for anyone's feelings and emotions! It was only Me, Me and Me! This process was going well. I was getting all that I wanted and I thought what I am doing is right. But then, finally, on one sunny afternoon, in the silence after the chaos, My conscious finally spoke to Me. And after what it told Me, I  knew there was no looking back for Me ...

It said, what you are doing is wrong. I said No! This is the way! They don't care and they will leave like they always do! And then it said, look around you. Just look around you and see what you have! And I did just that and all I could do after that was cry! Cry like I never cried before because I didn't see Hate ... I saw Love! Love from My Family who will always be with Me. Love from my friends who will always fight for Me and stand by Me. Love from all of you who take out time to read these blogs! There was love all over and I smiled and felt happiness like I never did! I felt the purity of love and I realized that Love is so powerful! It is unstoppable and it will embrace you, only if you give it a chance. Love can heal all wounds. Love can change you. Love can make everything happen. Love can set you free. And love can make you good from the bad ...

And that is why today I am a changed man. I am in the process of becoming the best version of Myself. My anger has gone. There is no more hate inside of Me. I am learning to forgive and forget. To all those who hate, I am learning to love them for I know each of them is fighting a battle just like Me. For all those love Me, I am making extra efforts to make them feel special. And I wanna make everyone smile. I want people to feel special and cared and appreciated. I want to change the world, one soul at a time. I confess, I have done some terrible things in My existence here on this planet. I have hurt a lot of people. Intentionally and unintentionally. I have done things for which there is no forgiveness and I know that there are people out there who will never forgive Me for that. But I ask you all for Forgiveness. I ask for your Love. I ask for another chance. I ask for Salvation. Maybe, just maybe, I will find redemption in this process ...

So before I go, all I want to say is that there is love in everything and in everyone. All we have to do is find it. I found the Love in Me and now all I want to do is Spread the Love. The question is what are you going to do?

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and this is My journey towards Forgiveness ...

With All My Might,
Your No.1 Fan,
Mahaakshay Chakraborty.