Sunday, 29 January 2012

What Will You Do?

I am glad I am on time this week. I am a very disciplined guy and I know what time means to Me. So here it is, My latest Blog entry, on time, after a very long time! :-) But before I begin I wanted to dedicate My this week's Shout-Out Feature to technology because in today's time, technology means everything to us and it has helped us connect to so many new people via the internet and various other means as well. And since I am a gizmo freak Myself, I know how technology means to me. And I also wanna have a Call-Out to My PR Avantika Sinha {from the company soapbox}, My buddy Somesh Kamra {the founder of MMA India} and My co-star from #Enemmy Imraan. You guys somehow are a vital part of My life and although we may not meet eye to eye on every occasion, I respect and love the hell out of you guys! :-)

And now, let's begin ...

A few days ago, on the 26th of January, we, Indians Celebrated Republic Day. One of the most important days in our nation's history. As every proud citizen, I was happy too and wished everyone a very Happy Republic Day and also posted the Indian Flag as My BBM Picture. But that day during Dinner I saw something. Something which made Me very very angry. I saw on the news that a 2 year old baby was beaten over and over! The baby had broken bones and the poor thing had many cardiac arrests because of the rupture in the heart. The baby was also bruised by scratches all over. My mom wanted Me to change the channel as she couldn't see that atrocity but the site of that baby didn't make Me sick to the gut. It just made Me angry. So very angry! That why do these things happen? That why is there such evil out there? That why doesn't someone do something about it! In one of My previous blogs I was talking about the One Earth System. But how will that be possible when there such evil out there? 

A wise man once said that, "Evil prospers when good men do nothing." Sadly, I think that is the case. Yes, we do live in a democratic country and here evil from other nations and evils from within our system can do whatever they want and we don't Punish them because of the 'Human Rights Movement' and the Activists of the same because we want to project to the world that we are a very tolerable country and we are better than the ones who inflict pain on us. Inflict pain to our friends, family and to the ones we love. You must be reading this right now and telling Me, "Hey jerk, why don't you do something about it than just yap about it?!?" Well, you are right on that. But you see, Me, right now writing this blog is Me doing something about it! Even if it is a fraction of a thing, it is something. I am conveying this message, so that someone out there reads it and takes some action about it. 
You may say that there are many other things I can do besides write this blog and feel better and go to sleep in peace thinking that I did My bid. But there are many more things I want to do to all those who do evil. To be honest, I wanna give them exactly what they deserve so that even they know how it feels. But that is just a side of Me who doesn't follow the rules. Who believe that Vigilante Justice is the only true form of Justice and some evils just deserve to be Punished for their sins. But the reality is I can't do those things because My hands are tied since I am a law-abiding citizen. I believe that no one is above the law and that the hands of Justice will Punish the Guilty. But I ask you, what do you do when the law in adequate to do what it is suppose to do because even the law has it's limits. I ask you, what will you do if you were given the freedom to Punish the evil of the earth? If the responsibility was on Me I would had found every scum out there and would had wiped them out from the face of this planet. Sometimes I wish that all the evil in the world had one neck and I had My hands around it! 
Please don't take Me wrong. I am not some crazy sociopath and a lunatic waiting to explode. I am just the common man who wants to live in a better world. No, I am not taking lines from Movies and inspiring you. Yes, I do wanna say that I am taking diction classes and I am practicing lines from the all awesome 'A Wednesday'. And maybe, just maybe, those lines and that baby on the tv triggered something in Me to write this blog. I am not telling you to applaud Me. I am not telling you to comment on My blog and say, "Wah bhai wah!". I am telling you to do something about it. Remember, the will of the many, outweigh the strength of the few. Together, as one we can accomplish so much. We can change the world. We can stop child abuse. We can take the first step. There are many organizations out there who deal with these things and one of them is Save The Children. You can google them anytime and help them save the children of the future. I, Myself am thinking to become a part of that organization. 

We can make all the evil in the world disappear, if we are willing not to be afraid of the consequences. Take all our leaders from the past. They all fought the great wars because they were courageous enough to fight the evils that walked these lands once. Americans have a vow that they will protect their country against all enemies, foreign or domestic. I think that should imply to all of us, around the world. I am not telling you to go buy guns and start shooting the bad guys. But I am telling you to have a thought. A thought that when the time comes, I will fight the evils that walk this earth or at least have the courage to face them when the time comes. Think about your friends, your families, the ones you love. They need you. Not just to love them but also to protect them when evil strikes. 
Daredevil once said, "Justice is blind. It is Kind, fair and noble to all. But do not dare justice. For it will come to you, Right or Wrong." I just hope that one day the world is eradicated from evil. That one day justice finds all those who do evil and gives them exactly what they deserve. That one day, children can live a happy life. That one day we all can live in peace. That one day we all find our salvations. I can't do anything as of now except write this blog and spread the message and hope that one day the laws of our country change and the bad guys are truly Punished for their sins. But the question here is that after reading this blog, what will you do?
This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and this is My Story.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

90% Truth ... 10% Lies ...

"Peter, With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. Never forget that." I wanted to start this week's blog with that Movie Line because I somehow relate to that. Every week I get more and more people waiting to read My blog and it is My duty to give them a good read every Sunday. Yes, I know I am late, again and for that I truly apologize. Well, you know Me, I always have a reason. But I will make it a point to write My next entry on time next time. I am right now under the weather. I have a soar throat and a running nose but since yesterday, I am feeling better today and that is why I think I have the strength to get up from My bed and write this week's blog. Yes, the Awards Function was amazing! Infact, more than I thought it could be! I interacted with some of the biggest names in the industry and I also got the chance to make some wonderful friends! So My Shout-Out Feature this week goes to all My New Friends! Thank you for becoming a part of My Life. :-)

There was a time when I was addicted to My Blackberry and whenever I saw a person {especially girls} carry a BB, I use to make it a point to exchange BB Pins. Well, now, even though I have a BB I am no longer an addict of the BB Pin. Now, I ask everyone for their email addresses so that I can send My Blog Entries every week! As they say, times change and people change along with them. But I guess more than changing I am evolving. Knowing what really matters to Me and each day I become a better person. Well, I hope so. To be honest, writing these Blogs just doesn't give My view point to the world, it some how also gives Me the strength to be Honest about Myself to the world and in a way, even to Myself. So here goes ...

As I just mentioned above, about being Honest. Well, yes, I am becoming honest with Myself and with you guys but am I, really? I mean do I have the courage to be absolutely black and white with the world?To tell them every single thing about Myself? I guess that is a Big NO-NO! I mean, come on, you don't expect Me to tell Me everything now, do you? Like for example what I did last night? Or with whom I was last night? Or am I in love or not? Or you know, what color underwear I am wearing? Some of you must think, "Hell Yeah! We will really like that!" But the truth is that no one can 100% truthful. Even if we try. I know I don't. And there are many reasons to that. Sometimes it is fear. Fear that you may sound weak and small. Sometimes it is insecurity. Insecurity that if I tell her who I truly am, she may not like Me. Or sometimes it is just the fact that you wanna show the other person that you are the most amazing human being on the planet! Some of My readers are also My friends and who know Me very closely and whenever they read My entries they message Me that I am a hypocrite and a Liar. That what I show the world is only a farce. Well, those things are true. But so are the things that I write here.

Don't get Me wrong, I am not here to justify Myself. I have done bad things too. I have cheated. I have lied and I have hurt many people, people who cared for Me. Intentionally or unintentionally. Today, when I think of all the things that I have done, I don't feel bad. Not because I have no emotions. It is because all those things that I am a better person today. My mistakes have made Me come closer to My Self-Truths. That if I lied once and hurt someone, then I shouldn't do it again and that can only happen if I have the courage to be a little more truthful than last time. As they say, 'Honesty is the best policy.' Now, little by little, step by step, I have come this close to My Truths. Yes, I do lie but in comparison to the truth it is only a mere 10% of it.

So yes, whenever you read my blogs again in the future, you will know that what I am writing is only the 90% truth, not the whole truth because write right now I only have 90% of the courage to be honest with you guys. There are still somethings that I fear. There are still somethings that hold Me back. But hey, the 90% truth is better than 50% truth, right? Every week, I try to convey a message to all of you. This week, all I am asking is try to be truthful. To anyone you meet, no matter what relation that person will be having with you, 'cause as they say, 'The truth shall set you free.' :-) And try to be as truthful as you can be. Free will was given us by god for a reason so I can't promise you that everyone who hears your truth will love you and hug you and accept you. They may even despise you or even hate you for it. But in time, I promise you this, they will respect you because out of all the people out there, you were among the few who had the courage to be truthful to them. Even if it was the 90% truth. :-)

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and this is My Story.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

I Am An Earth Citizen ...

Every week it is the same questions for Me. What will I write? What should I write and how should I write it? When I started writing Blogs, I never knew that it would be such a grueling task. But as Spiderman says, "With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility." Yes, it is challenging but in the same time, it is also an amazing thing to do. You know, for the world to get a glimpse of your life and how I see the world. I get Love and Hate Mails from people. And I like both of them. The ones who love reading My Blogs always message Me and ask Me when is My next Blog coming and that makes Me feel very nice while the haters insult Me and ban Me from sending My Blogs to them. That is good to because I know I am getting to them. And that is good enough for Me. :-)

I am sorry for the delay in My Blog Entry this week. I have really been caught up. I have My Dance Rehearsals for TUKKAA FITT. We will be Shooting the Songs very soon for the Film and I wanna do My best in them. Secondly, I have started My Diction Classes now as I have to still improve My Hindi and make it better before My Dubbing starts. And thirdly, I am back to My MMA Training now. So I am completely caught up throughout the day. I think even next week, I will have a late entry as I am going for the Zee Cine Awards. :-)

I have always been a huge Fan of Space and the Universe and the Exploration and the Studies of Man's Final Frontier. Since I was a kid, I always thought I would go to NASA and become an Astronomer and discover new planets and even maybe be the guy who finds life out there. Even today, whenever I get time, I watch dvds and read about the Universe to keep Myself updated. I also have a Mini-Telescope at Home and whenever I go to ooty, I make sure to gaze at the stars from time to time. Speaking of which, as I had mentioned in My last blog that I had gone to ooty with My family and Me, My bros, sis and cousin Bali were just sitting and talking about the Current Affairs of the World and how things were different when we were kids and will the world really end this year? And while talking, My Cousin said a very beautiful thing. He said, "I think the world won't end this year but something great would happen and maybe it would be that we would be in contact with Aliens! And the moment that happens, we would know that we are not alone and we would have Space Neighbors and from then on, we all would be just 'Earth Citizens'!" I smiled at him and said that was something very beautiful that he said! Earth Citizen. Doesn't that ring a Good Bell in the Year? No Caste, No Creed, No Religion. Just an Earth Citizen. :-)

Just imagine a world ... imagine a world where we all are the same. There is no difference between you and Me. There are no borders. There are no religions. There are no wars, no fights, no struggles. Just people living in harmony. I know some of you must be thinking that I have gone nuts. But just for one moment, imagine that world! I do and trust Me, all it makes Me do is smile. Smile with pure happiness. Go back into history and see all the great men in the world. All wanted the same thing. That all should be ruled by One and in the end, all shall be equal. Yes, I do agree that their methods may not have been the nicest but I some how do agree that their intentions were the same. One Ruler. One World. One People.

They say that in the midst of a billion thoughts, all it takes is the will of one man. But what if 7 billion people at once think the same thought? That in the end, why do we fight? Why do kill each other for a square acre of land? That why do we say our god is better than the others? Why do we show off our weapons and tell the rest of the world that I am mightier than you? When in the end, we all will bleed the same color? That, we all breathe the same oxygen, have the same food which comes from the same soil. That in the end, we only have one planet. That in the end, all we will have, will be each other ...

To be honest, I don't know what will happen on the 21st of december this year and I also don't know when Aliens will come and visit us. But what I do know is that I am not a Hindu or a Bengali or a Sikh or an Indian. I am an Earth Citizen. I belong to this Earth. and I thank Mother Earth everyday for handling Me and My Weight on Her. And that before I die, I wanna give her back all the love she has given Me. I don't know, maybe writing this Blog can be that 1st Step. That if one man thinks of Unity today, tomorrow two will and so on and on. Before I sign off I just wanna say that I understand that we all have our own problems, our own battles, our enemies and our Wars. But this question I ask you, who do you wanna be? An Individual who lives with the Power of Hating the other person because of their God, land or Country or do you wanna be that someone who can proudly say that I am An Earth Citizen ...

 This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and this is My Story.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Just A Wada Pav Would Do ...

Hello bloggers. How was your 1st Week in 2012? Mine was great. I am right now at The Monarch Safari Park. Trust Me, if there is a heaven, then it is this place. You guys should really try to come and visit this place. Of course, that is the business man in Me talking. But seriously, think about it and for more information, you can go to and see the pics also. It is always fun to write these blogs and especially when you have great music to listen too! This week's Shout-Out Feature goes to My Friend and an excellent DJ, Tom Brandon. Bro, thanks for the Music! :-)

Before I go ahead with the Blog, I have to Review a comment sent to Me by one of My Readers. The reader said that I am very honest in My Blogs and that I am trying to earn sympathy from the readers and I shouldn't do that because people look up to Me and I have to project this 'Super' side of Mine to motivate people. Well, for the record, I think Motivation comes from within. We have it or we don't. And secondly, I am not trying to gain any sympathy because I know that sympathy won't get Me any where. Only My Iron-Will Determination to Succeed will. And since it is called I think I have the freedom to write whatever the hell I want as it is My website. :-) And now Blog Time. I like saying that. 'Blog Time' It is like some kind of an Announcement for a Gladiator in the Arena! :-)

For all you international readers out there, Wada Pav is one of the most tastiest and cheapest Indian Eatables available today. And it has been available since the Dawn of Time and Wada Pav has been called the Poor Man's Burger. But today, I am not gonna tell you how it is made or how it originated. I am just gonna target on the Simplicity of it. Speaking of simplicity, here we go. No one wants to be Simple. No one likes simple. Everyone wants to be extra-ordinary. Everyone wants to be special. Wanted, Loved and Cared. And yes, I am very much one of them. But in the quest of finding those Special Things, I have realized many other things. That sometimes, the greatest things in Life are the Simple things. :-)

As I had mentioned in My last blog, I was gonna go and attend My Friend, Somesh's Wedding. Well, I couldn't go for his wedding but I surely went for His Sangeet. Believe it or not, it is the 2nd Sangeet I have gone to in My entire life! Yes, it is true. And going to His Sangeet was part of one of My Resolutions as well. So I was at His Sangeet and I saw Somesh and Neha extremely happy and as all sangeets, there was a lot Naach-Gaana involved and everyone was Happy. Of course, no one knew that I had a surprise Dance involved. I went to the Dance Floor and did what I had to do. But what came after that was what made Me Smile. I saw Somesh and Neha Hug each other. I saw the Glitter in their Eyes, the love for one another. The Rings that they wore was their symbol of Love and commitment and when I saw them together, I just Smiled. Smiled with all of my Teeth out because seeing them happy made Me happy. Their happiness gave Me happiness. And I said, "Wow! Touchwood to these two." I usually don't click pics of others if I am not in it. {Yes, I have that problem.} But I think I clicked nearly 4-5 pics of those two because I was happy. And that made Me think a lot. Especially when I was coming Home. That God or Fate or Energy, whatever you wanna call it gives us Happiness everyday. Whether it is in something small or in something big, happiness does comes to us. All we have to do is find it, feel it and embrace it and then, all of you would smile like Me too. We fight these Wars over Land, Country and Religion when all we need to do is realize that if we have the capacity to Hate, we also have the Capacity to love. That if we have the capacity to Fight, we also have the Capacity to Enjoy. That if we can Cry, we can also be Happy. :-)

I am not telling you not to be ambitious. Hell! I am very ambitious and it is very good to be ambitious. All I ask is to cherish the Simple Things in Life as well. You know, the things we usually take for granted. Sometimes, a bicycle ride with your best friend will give you more happiness than a ride in that brand New Sports Car you bought. Sometimes, reading an Interesting Novel all by yourself is much more fun than going on tv and starting a Debate. That sometimes, a Wada Pav is more tastier than a Lavish Meal in that 5-Star Hotel. Until next time My readers, I hope you find your happiness. And trust Me, it is sometimes the Simple Things that surprise you more than the extra-ordinary things. I gotto go for My Staff Meeting now. You take care and remember, always have the Faith. :-)

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and this is My Story.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Hello 2012 ...

First things First.  This is Me wishing you all a very Happy 2012! May you get all the happiness this year and may all your dreams come true! Wow! It is a New Year already! Time really flies very very fast. As they say, "Time Waits For None." But before I go ahead with 2012, I think I must say Thank You to 2011 with all My heart! 2011 was the greatest year so far for Me! I finally got accepted in the industry. My Movie became a Hit and got tremendous Love and Appreciation from all of you! It was also the year when I started writing My Blogs! Well, I need to thank each and every one who was a part of My Life during 2011! Thank you so very much for being there for Me and I am Sorry to everyone whom I may have hurt, intentionally or unintentionally. 2011 was a Maturing Year for Me and I promise that in 2012 I will be a better person. :-)

Whenever we enter the New Year we do one thing. Oh yes, that is right, RESOLUTIONS! We all prepare ourselves with Full Force and Determination that we are going to stick to our Resolutions and make ourselves much better than the year before. And yes, we all have a great start too. Whether it is Loosing Weight, or turning into a Vegetarian or even Swearing Less, for the first 3-4 days we are on track and we know that we are going to do this. But somehow, we all loose track as the days goes by and in time we start giving excuses to ourselves that 'Life' has caught on with us and we don't have time to do what we promised ourselves to do. And thus, all our Resolutions go down the sink. The reason I am saying this is because I have been there plenty of times and I know the feeling. But I know, I just know that in 2012, I am going to stick to My Resolutions. The question is, will you? :-)

You guys must be thinking, 'Ya,ya! Blabber all you want. Your actions will prove your focus.' I am completely on with you guys on this. That is why I am going to give you a Sneak Peek on My Resolutions as well. The FIRST will surely be that I have Promised Myself, that I am going to do things Out Of My Norm. Ya. I am going to go out of My Comfort Zone and venture into Places where I never dared to go. The SECOND will be that I am going to start to Socialize. As you must have known that I am not that much of an Out Goer and like to be Home. But this year, I am going to make sure that I change all of that. THIRD, I am going to talk more and be more communicative on the Phone. I am more of a SMS person but from now on, even if it is for 5mins, I will pick up the Phone and Call and Talk. The FOURTH would be that I am gong to cut down on My Meat Intake. I know for a MMA Athlete like Me, Protein is very important and Chicken and Eggs are the best sources for that. But I just read that being a Vegetarian is far more better for Health and also for the Environment. The FIFTH and the most important thing would be that I am going to give more Importance to My Priorities than I gave them Last Year. Priorities will always be Priorities and they came first, always! :-)

I know. I know. Even after reading the above you may think, things are easier said than done. Again, I agree with you on that. It is very difficult to change who we are. But you see, I am not changing myself, I am just Evolving Myself. I am trying to become a Better Person and I know, that, that power only I have. So what better way to become that guy then on the 1st Day of The Year! And yes, I am not just gonna dive in all of the above all at once with full force. I have decided that I am going to do everything step by step. As they say, 'Slow And Steady Wins The Race.' As long as I know that I am giving My 100% to My efforts, I know I am on the right track. Life is filled with Surprises and that is what makes life so interesting and I also know that whatever we go through is a Plan of Fate somehow. You never know, with these sudden changes in Me and My Life, I may bump into a Producer in a Party or maybe someone will Read My Article about being a Vegetarian or maybe I may even become a Youtube Sensation all around the world because Someone Recorded Me giving a Small Dance Performance at a Party! :-)

To be honest, I don't know what is in stored for Me for this Year but I do know that My Actions will Reap Results. I do hope that All Of You stick to Your Resolutions as well. You never know how Life will surprise you. I once again wish all of you a very Happy 2012! I gotto go now. My Buddy, Somesh Kamra is getting married to the Woman of His Dreams, Neha this week. I gotto go and get ready for that. until next time, Keep On The Giving and Have Faith. :-)

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and this is My Story.