Monday, 31 October 2011

LOOT On November The 4th ... Jitters!!!

Hello once again friends. Sorry for the late blog entry. I am right now in Goa Shooting for TUKKAA FITT and I must say that I am having a jolly good time doing so! I was supposed to submit My Blog last night as always but the Entire Cast and Crew had gone out for Dinner. They were having Crabs while I was on Chicken Tikka. Trust Me, I don't mind. These small sacrifices are very important in Our Line of Work. My Co-Star, Vaishali Desai is a complete Sweetheart and now, we have become very good friends. She is looking stunning in the Film and she is someone to watch out for! And F1 has finally arrived in India and that also with a Bang! It is surely something to be proud off! :-)

And now Blog Time! Yes. For the record I am dedicating this blog to my Film, LOOT which Releases on the 4th of November everywhere. I have mentioned about LOOT in some of My previous Blogs and now I think it is time I take full potential of My Blog and spread the word as much as I can to you guys. In today's world, Publicity is way more important than making a Film because there are so many Movies coming out every friday and it is our job to make the Audience come to Our Film than to go and see other Films. As they say, it is a Dog Eat Dog World and only the Strong Survive. Well, in our case, who do publicity create awareness. :-)

I really had a great time Shooting for LOOT and even though it was a year before HAUNTED I enjoyed every bit being on the Sets. Suniel Anna gave Me a chance when I had no one backing Me and He was a real father figure for Me on the Sets! Of course, he used to pull My leg the most but the love he showered on Me was heart-warming. I remember, we use to Workout everyday together and Suniel Shetty, the Producer of the Film, who had 10,000 things to do, Suniel Shetty, the Actor who needed His Rest, Suniel Shetty, the Family Fan, who wanted to spend time with His Family made sure that I do My 45mins of Running and 45mins of Weight Training, every single day! Hats off to Anna and yes, after My Dad, My Role Model is SUNIEL SHETTY! :-)

All the other Actors, including the awesome Govinda Sir and Javed Jaffery Sir were very kind and humble towards Me. I remember during the first few days of Shooting I was so nervous sharing the same Screen Space with these Great Actors! I used to Stammer! But as the days passed, we all started jellying very well and I must say that one of the Highlights of the Film is the Chemistry we 4 share. My Leading Lady, Shweta Bharadwaaj was very chilled out with Me as well. I used to call her, 'The Hottest Dude' because she was looking very hot in the Film but she was very bindass of-camera. It was a pleasure Working with her and yes, a point to be noted, the Rumors of Me and Shweta and completely False. We are only Good Friends and will remain to be so. :-)

The reason I wrote 'jitters' in the topic is because I am truly having jitters thinking about the release of LOOT! I am very nervous and at times like these, I try My best not to think about the Friday when My Film will release. I know every Actor goes through that 'Friday Fever'. I have seen My Dad going through it all His Life. One side, it is pure Fear and insecurity and on the other, it is a pure rush of pumped up energy running through your veins non-stop! :-)

Critics will review the Film. Some will like it, some will love it, some will hate it, some will trash it. Well, that is their job. But for Me, I think the Audience is the main judge. They make you or they break you. Of course, that is not in My hands. But I do hope that you all like the Film because LOOT is a complete Entertainer! The Film has got a U/A Certificate which means you can take your Family along with you! I am saying that because the more people go for Our Film, the more better opening we get! :-)

I am writing this Blog from the Sets of TUKKAA FITT and I know I will be called for My Shot soon. But before I go, I must say that I am a Public Servant and I have tried to do My best in LOOT and so have everyone else. We go through the things we go through because we love it. The pros and cons are a part of the package. I only hope that you accept Me as one of your own and give Me the same love you gave Me in HAUNTED. I love the Movie Business and I always wanna entertain you guys. So this is Me, going for My Shot, waiting for the 4th of November and eagerly waiting to be loved by ALL of you once again. Fingers Crossed!!! :-)

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and this is, My Story. 

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Hope, Faith, Happiness And Thank You ...

Hi guys. How are you all? Thank you once again for the lovely response for My previous blog1 It really means a lot and you guys inspire Me to write more! Before we begin the Blog we will do the 'Weekly Round-Up'. I am promoting My Film LOOT here and there and everywhere and whoever are watching the promos are liking them. Touchwood. The Film Releases on the 4th of November. Please do go and watch it. :-) I won't be in Mumbai on the day of it's release. I will probably be in Goa, Shooting for TUKKAA FITT. And Gadafi finally sleeps with the fishes. How about that? An end to another Dictator. Libya is in joy! And I read on the news that Obama will finally call the Troops back Home from Iraq after more than a Decade. The War will finally be over there! Thank god for that! And yes, My Dad's Show, DADAGIRI has now started on Zee Bangla every Thu, Fri and Sat 09:30pm. So do try to catch that as well. :-) And before I forget, I wanna wish you all a very Happy Diwali! Don't Spread the Pollution, Spread the Happiness! And now, we go to the Blog ... :-)

Hope, Fath, Happiness and Thank You. These are surely the 4 things that we all have in common. The reason I took them as a Subject because I know how they have impacted My Life and I hope that after reading this Blog they impact your life too! :-) In one of My previous Blogs I did mention Happiness and that we do each and everything for Happiness. I still stick to that fact. But you know what? Happiness has 3 friends too. And without those three friends, happiness is empty too.

HOPE. I think it is one of the greatest gifts given to us from the heavens. Hope. Can you imagine how one 4 letter word can change the world? As I mentioned earlier about the troops going back Home, don't you feel that hope that one day we all can become one and stop the fight? Trust Me, if there is something great in us that is the will to Hope. As I say, I am a Hoper. :-)

FAITH. They say, 'who have hope are bound to have Faith in something' I truly believe in that. You can have your Faith in anything. It can be God, Religion or even Yourself. I write My Diary everyday and in it I always write, "I have Faith on My Fate". We all need a little Faith sometimes. :-)

HAPPINESS. The thing the world revolves around! The struggles we go through. The sacrifices we make. We all do it for Happiness. Whether it is a moment of happiness or a lifetime of it, we endure everything for Happiness. Trust Me, I know. :-)

THANK YOU. I read the Book, THE SECRET and in it it was mentioned that we have to be grateful for the things that we have and the things we are bound to get. You see, the Universe is equal to all and it gives us all everything that we ask for. But all it asks in Return is that one moment of Gratitude. Just to look up in the heavens and say 'thank you'. :-)

I am not here to give you a lesson or to give you a motivational speech but I do wanna share a Story with you. This was at least a year after JIMMY. I was sitting in My Room, alone and suddenly, for no reason I started crying. Of course, no one in My Family knew that but I was looking up to the heavens and asking them, "Why Me? Why have you forsaken Me? Am I really damned? Please answer Me!" Nothing happened at that moment but that night when I slept I had a Dream which changed My Entire Life! I still remember it to this very day! I was near a beautiful lake, alone and then suddenly I see this ray of light and down, from the sky comes an Angel. She asked Me, was I the boy who said he was forsaken? I said yes. Then the angel just smiled and touched My Face and said, "My son, we all love you. We haven't forsaken you. We haven't forgotten you. You are loved by us. We will never leave you. We will always be by your side. But I want to tell you something. Never Loose Hope because we will always give you Hope. Have Faith in us for we will never leave you. Believe in us as we will Always believe in you. And remember, don't search for Happiness. Find it within you." :-)

The next day when I woke up, I was smiling! I was blushing because at that moment I sat down and saw there are so many things I am grateful for! My Family! My Life! My Friends! And I started crying again but this time those were Tears of Joy! You see, I found My 4 Friends. :-)

I know Life can be hard sometimes. Take it from Me, I have been through it. But Life is beautiful too. It is not the big moments that define it. It is the little things. :-) A compliment you received. A song you heard. A present you gave someone. A moment you blushed. Or just that 'Me' time which you made you smile. :-)

Hope my Blog wasn't that long. But before I end the blog, I want to say to all of you, Thank You! Thank you for the happiness you have given Me. I will pray everyday that you all find your 4 friends too. The 4 friends who will always be there for you. Those 4 friends who will always make you the person that you are. We all deserve a Piece of Heaven and remember don't go out there to find your friends, just see within. :-)

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and this is My Story. :-)

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Living The Straight Edge Life Style ...

Hello once again My friends. Thank you for the lovely comments and appreciation for My last Blog entry. People said that My Blogs are very simple, honest and innocent. Well, I hope I keep that same spirit in all of My Blogs.  Before we go ahead, we will do the weekly round-up. I must first say that My Film LOOT is slated for release on the 4th of November and I request you all to go and watch it as it is a complete masala entertainer. Secondly, I am having a blast on the Sets of TUKKAA FITT! I am working with an amazing crew and the chemistry between Me and Hiten Paintal is working wonders! He is a very funny guy and a superb Actor! And all the thanks goes to My Director Shawn Arranha who is by far the coolest Director I have ever worked with! My Producer, Premal Goragandhi is leaving no stone unturned and is doing a great job as well! And just a while back, I heard that My Buddy, Celina Jaitley is expecting twins! I congratulate her with all of My heart! She deserves all the happiness in the world! And before I started writing this, I deactivated My Account on Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr. I am now only on Twitter. You must be wondering why? Well, there will be one blog for that explanation as well. And now, let us begin the Blog ... :-)

Living the straight edge life style. You must be wondering what that means. Before I say that, I must tell you what Straight Edge means. It means living a life without any addictions such as Drinking, Smoking, Drugs, Gambling, Late Nights or any other kind of abuse or addiction. Before I go ahead, I must say that I am not writing this blog to prove that I am better than anyone. No. I am dedicating this Blog to the Straight Edge Life Style because it is the best way to live your life and I hope that everyone lives the Straight Edge Life Style! :-)

I am not much of an out going person. When I am Shooting I am only on the Sets and then either in the Gym learning MMA or at Home. I hardly go out but if I do, I am always asked, 'what will you drink?' And whenever I say, 'I am sorry, I don't drink', people give this expression of shock, surprise and disbelief! They don't expect a guy from the Film Fraternity NOT to drink! They ask Me, 'you never touched a drink in your entire life?'. I say, 'NO' because I never had the urge too. Even till today I don't get it why people drink, why people Smoke and do Drugs. The most common answers I get is that they feel 'relaxed' and they 'unwind' whenever they drink. I don't know why you need any substance to do that. I am the kinda of a guy who finds that calmness in Myself by soul searching. By finding the answers I ask the questions too. God has made us in His finest creation! By doing all these things, we are just harming ourselves. Yes, I do agree that we all have our own problems and responsibilities and sometimes life does take a toll on us and we all need that 'ME' Time. But there are other ways. Remember, the Lord won't give us anything we can't handle. He has chosen all of us for a Purpose and all the difficulties we go through only make us Better, not Bitter. :-)

When I was in the States, I had a friend. He was 17 then and I was 18. Of course like every other teenager, we Both were going through our own set of problems. I used to shout and scream and cry but My friend chose the path of Drugs and before you know it, he became an Addict. His Mom and Dad were both working parents, so they couldn't pay attention to him. I tried to help him by being there for him but before I knew it, it was too late for him and after a year, I get a call from his Mom telling Me that My friend died due to Overdose of Drugs! Can you believe that? He was only 18! 18 dammit! And that was only the start. His Mom went into a deep depression and after a year, she committed suicide! I swear on My life I am not making this up. This really happened! So you see, it is not only the addict who suffers, it is also the people who are attached to the addict who have the after shocks!

This same way I even lost My uncle. He died because his Liver gave up for all the Alcohol he drank! He was there when I was born but he couldn't see me growing up! I so wish I had seen him because before he turned into an alcoholic people said he was a Rockstar! I am not giving these examples to scare you. I am just telling you what happens when you do all these things and trust Me, it happens with that 'first try' or that 'one sip or drag won't harm Me'. I have many friends who tell Me, that in this life, we should try everything once. Well, that is how they see Life. I don't. I don't mind being singled out. I don't mind not being invited by Friends. I don't mind not living the life what others live. I have seen what happens to people when they get these addictions. I will never be that guy. I have My Family who trust Me, who believe in Me. I have the Fans out there who expect Me the best version of Myself. I have many people depending on Me. That is why I choose the straight edge life style. I say again, I can't stop you from living your life but I request you to sit down and think once. Just once to see yourself without those harmful addictions. To see yourself as a person who is stronger. :-)

Trust Me, living the Straight Edge Life Style isn't easy. There are always consequences. There are always sacrifices you have to make it. But today, I am proud of it all! As CM Punk says, 'I am proud to be a member of the Straight Edge Society'. We all have the will in us. The will to become Stronger. To become the better versions of Ourselves. To live healthy and fulfilling lives! We all our own Heroes and only WE can save ourselves. Remember, god helps those who help themselves. I know I am not perfect but I know I am stronger than yesterday. And tomorrow I will be stronger than today. Not because I run away from addictions but because I have the Will to look at them in the eye and say No. :-)

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and this is My Story.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Selfish Of The Year ...

Hello once again readers. Hope you all are well. As as always, thank you for reading My Blog and giving it ratings. I got one hate comment but hey, it is part of the package. All comments are appreciated. Before we go in the blog it is time for the weekly round-up. This week was very interesting and fun too. I had two story narrations from which one I really loved and would love to do! So let's see. I, for the very 1st time was invited to Lakme Fashion Week and the feeling was amazing! I always wanted to go there. I was invited to the Nishka Lulla Show and I must say, I was very impressed with her designs. She will surely make her parents proud and that young lady is going places! I also went to the Archana Kochar show where I was surrounded by Ms.India's both, past and present and trust Me, being the only guy there made Me feel awesome! :-) I will also be judging an Event in Pune. But about that in My next blog. But before I start I must say the 'Star' of the week is Anna as he is everywhere. It takes one man to start a revolution and I hope he succeeds in his mission. All who want to make India better are truly the real heroes! :-)

So now we begin. :-)
Selfish Of The year. Well, if there was any Award like that, My name would had surely been written on it. You may think, 'arey, yeh ladka kuch zyaada nahi bol raha hai?' Well, I think I owe it to My readers to be as honest as I can. As they say, 'Honesty is the best policy'. I wanna be truthful. I wanna be clear. Clear as crystal. Well, at least try to be. I have lied so many times in the past. Trust Me, I know. Some times for My own benefit and sometimes just for the heck of it. But trust Me, those lies come and bite you in the ass if you don't find your redemption. This is somehow My redemption. My telling you all who and what I truly am. I am selfish and yes, I have the balls to say it. I think we all are. We just don't accept it. I do. Before I used to be all nice and sweet to everyone and show this face which everyone thought was like a jewel but later on I realized that this place is not for the innocent. You wanna go somewhere, you got to let the selfish out. Show the people your true face. Tell them who you truly are. They may dis like you and never talk to you again but at least your conscious is clear. Trust Me, I have met so many people and now, at the very 1st minute of the conversation I tell them, 'Listen, I am here for my own selfish motive, so I am going to be the true Me and show you the good and bad of Me. After this meeting it is completely your choice to be friends or not and I will respect your decision.' And guess what? People actually like that! You should try it some time. :-)

There is nothing wrong in being selfish. Agree or not, we do everything being selfish. We see what is our benefit. We meet the right people because 'we' like their company. We live in the right place because it makes 'us' comfortable. We buy the right things because they make 'our' living better. We even fall in love the right way because 'we' want to feel loved and complete. You see, this is how the world goes. I am not here to lecture and tell you what you should do but through experience I can tell you, the sooner you realize that you are as selfish as the person beside you, you will become free and only then will you become truly selfless! :-)

I remember, I really Liked this girl and I thought she was the one. So I did everything what guys do. I wrote her letters, bought her presents etc etc. I thought I was being the kindest and most selfless soul on the planet because I was doing everything for her. But I later realized that I did all those things for Me because 'I' wanted this girl to like 'Me' because 'I' wanted the love. Of course, she said NO because she liked someone else, {I realized that later} but I wasn't in loss because it was then when I got this self-realization. So you see, everything happens for a reason. After that day, I promised Myself that I will always be selfish and not be scared to be selfish. Sure, most of the times people find you weird and they don't wanna be friends. They may even find you rude and never see you again. But trust Me, in the long run, it pays off. They say na, 'Better hate Me for what I am than love Me for what I am not.' It takes courage to admit to yourself and to others that you are selfish but in this dog eat dog world, one has to be selfish to succeed. Here, Only the strong survive. And all those who are strong are selfish people because they never let their emotions affect their judgement. I have done that so many times, just blocked My emotions because sometimes, to succeed, that is the right thing to do. Just think of yourself and see what is your gain in the situation. 

In My field, there are so many times we Actors have to say NO to Movie scripts and proposals because they don't suit our need. Selfishness is required here, otherwise people won't take you seriously. You gotto look at them in the eyes and show them your true self. In the end the choice will always be yours. Be all sweet and nice and just be among the crowd. Or be Selfish and take full advantage of the situation and achieve what you want too.
They say na, 'Before you say No, say I will try.' you never know, maybe being selfish will be the best thing that you would do for your life. I know it has for Me. :-)

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and this is My Story. :-)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

So This Is What Bliss Feels Like ...

Hey guys. I usually do a Blog entry once every week and I am sorry for the delay. I was really caught up in a lot of Work and in this Blog, I will tell you all about it. But first, let us do the weekly round up. First, My deepest affection goes to Chi-Chi Bhaiya {Govinda Sir} for the loss of his Sister. May her soul rest in peace. Secondly, on Twitter, you guys should follow 'Breaking News' because it gives you the latest news as it happens. Trust Me, it has been very helpful for Me. Even when I am shooting, I am coming to know what all is happening out there in the world. And now, the Blog begins ...

Bliss. What does it mean? How does it feel? I think we all wanna know, while some us have already known how it feels. They say bliss is the ultimate form of happiness. And I am here to tell you, that yes, that is true. Bliss is pure joy. Bliss is Sunshine. Bliss is Peace. Bliss is Happiness in it's purest form and recently, I felt it. :-)

I guess you all know how I have come here so I think a flashback is not necessary but back in the day, when I was jobless, I had many dreams. Dreams, today, which have become a reality. One of them was that I work 24/7 and only keep on Working. Whether it is Shooting throughout the day, or dubbing in the night, or going to Movie Premieres, I always wanted to Work, so on the 1st day of Shooting of My New Film TUKKAA FITT I was getting ready for My Shoot and suddenly I get a call from a Friend telling Me, 'Bro, did you see the Paper? See it, you will be surprised.' And to My astonishment, I saw the 1st Look of My Film LOOT {the film releases everywhere on the 4th of november} as a large cover spread in the paper. I was so happy and thrilled! It was a total surprise Me! :-)

I kept on blushing all the way to the Shoot! It was a Double happy day for Me but I didn't know I was about to get a third surprise. I was in talks with this very talented and successful Director {I am not giving out the name now. In time I will.} for his next project and when I was halfway through the Shooting on Day One of TUKKAA FITT I get a call from that Director inviting Me for his Film's Premiere that very night! The moment that call came I remembered that dream of Mine! I was almost in tears in that moment because after 3 years of anguish and struggle, finally, FINALLY that Dream of Mine came true! :-) Of course I went to the Premiere and I got a lot of Love and Respect from the Media and also the Fans. :-) It was BLISS for Me. Truly. Just standing there made Me feel like I was in heaven. Even today, when I think of that day, I smile and thank the Universe for it! :-)

But the Universe had a lot of more BLISS in stored for Me ... :-)

This was on the 4th day of Shooting of TUKKAA FITT. I was going to the Shoot and I just called Rajnish Thakur, the Director of LOOT to ask the progress of the promotion of LOOT And he told Me that on the next day, He Suniel Anna and Javed Bhai are going to Indore to Promote LOOT. I said, I wanna join in too but all depends on My Shoot And to My Fortune, I had an Off the next day from Shoot And I was all set to go to Indore. But My Dress Designer asked Me, 'Bro, you Shooting all night and then tomorrow early morning is your flight. Are you sure you wanna go?' I told him, hell yes bro because you know how long, HOW FREAKIN' LONG I have waited for this day that I am Shooting for One Film and Promoting the Other! He had this smile on His face because he knew from where I was coming from. I called Mom in the night and told her the same thing, 'Mom, I am in Bliss because I am living My Dream!' :-)

I shot all night and was on the flight to indore the next morning. We went and Promoted LOOT the best way possible all thanks to Viacom 18, who are releasing the Film in a grand scale. Trust Me, sharing the Same Areoplane, the Same Car, the same Room with Superstars like Suniel Anna and Javed Bhai was a Dream come true for Me! I was there, I know how it felt! And I must tell you, the Fan following they have is Tremendous! I could hear Fans screaming from Miles! :-)

I really hope I didn't bore you guys with My Stories but the reason I told you about them is because I know we all have our moments of Bliss. These were Mine and I know, there are many more in stored for Me. Happiness is more blissful when it is shared. That is what I did with this Blog. :-)
I hope I brought  SMILE on your faces or even that hope, That hope that is in us to believe in the beauty of our dreams. Trust Me My friends, Dreams do come true! All we have to do is Believe and never stop believing. :-)
I pray and wish that all of your dreams also come true and you feel what bliss feels like because no matter however and wherever we are, we all deserve a little piece of heaven. :-)

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and This is My Story ... :-)