Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Greatest Man I Know ...

We all have our Heroes. We all have our Idols and Role Models because we all look up to some one. Some who Inspire us. Some who Motivate us. Some who show us the way. Who make us the Men and Women we want to be. Sometimes, there are many we look upto. But sometimes, lucky chaps like Me get all those amazing Qualities in only One Person. And that Man is My Father. Yes, My Father, the Greatest Man I know. The Greatest Man I will ever know. I am truly blessed to be the Eldest Son of Mr.Mithun Chakraborty and yesterday was His Birthday and today is Father's Day! I don't think there is any better day than this for Me dedicate this Blog to Him! And before I go any further, I want to wish All those Amazing Fathers out there a Very Happy Father's Day! You are truly a Blessing to all your Children. Some of us know that now and some of us one day will. And for the record My Dad is only 27 ++ Years old. :-)

On the 30th of July this year I will turn 28. No, I am not reminding you guys about it. The reason I am mentioning that is because it took Me a while to understand My Dad. I think it took more time than it was required. While growing up, back in the day, when I was 8 years old, Dad used to be busy with 4 shifts of Shooting everyday and I hardly got to see Him. But trust Me, I was petrified of Him! I mean, His presence used to rattle Me in Fear even though He  never used to Shout or Yell. He used to be so tired that He used to come Home and Sleep. But even then, I always knew that He was My Father and the Boss of the House. His word was the final judgement and not even God could change it. For many years, even after that, I had the same Fear of My Father. Even during My teenage Years, I never went up to him and confiding in Him about My 'growing-up' problems or even My feelings towards Girls. But Dad starting realizing that and He started opening up to Me. He started becoming more of a Friend to Me and joking around with Me. He started watching the Shows I liked. He started becoming the Buddy I always wanted. But even then, the Fear in Me never went. Not until I hit Rock Bottom ...

I remember so clearly. It was right after Jimmy. The Film bombed at the Box Office and I was getting insulted and abused left, right and centre and I was completely shattered with no hope for a better tomorrow. But during My Darkest Hour, My Father was there for Me. He gave Me strength. He gave Me Hope and more importantly, He made Me believe in Me again. I know what He was going through then. It was the same Pain that I felt. He did and trust Me, I know what all He has done for Me! He was Strong for Me when I had No Strength and He always told Me that it is important to be a Good Human Being. His Every Word is Godly for Me. And today, whatever I am is because of His Teachings. Even today, He works for Us. He wakes up everyday and goes to Work for His 4 Children and His every Action today shows the Love for His Children. He has sacrificed everything for us and He still does. He gives us everything! We are so blessed that even before we think of something we are rewarded by it! He takes us to Holidays all around the World! And no matter how tired He gets, He comes back Home after His Shoots and Cooks for Us. So yes, I am Blessed! I am truly Blessed to be His Son and even if one day, I become 1/4 of the Man that He is, I will say that I have achieved something great in My Life !

I know there are many out there who have a problem with Me being His Son. They say I get it easy. They say I don't deserve it. Well, I can't do anything about it now, can I? I mean, God must have really been impressed with Me in My Past Life for Me to have been chosen to be the Son of Mithun Chakraborty and if given a choice, for the next billion Births, I would want to be His Son. My Dad is My Hero! My Dad is My Rockstar, My Role Model, My Inspiration! My Dad is My Friend. My Dad is My Blessing! I have promised Him many things and I swear I will do whatever it takes to make Him Proud of Me one day. And I know that 'one day' is not that Far Away. So before I go I just wanna say That I Love You Dad and You Are The Greatest Man I Will EVER Know! :-)

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and I am the Son of Mr. Mithun Chakraborty.

With All My Might,
Your No.1 Fan,
Mahaakshay Chakraborty.

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  1. Truly a tribute! Happy Fathers' Day to your Dad all fathers :)