Thursday, 9 January 2014

Superman Will Come ...

"We All Are Human. No Matter How Crude, Selfish Or Evil Our Choices Or Circumstances Make Us, We Are Human. And If We All Are One Under God, Then We All Need Saving. We All Need Our Saviours. We All Need Our Super Mans."

-Mahaakshay Chakraborty

There was once a boy. A very long time ago. He was just like you and me. A boy who had many dreams and aspirations. A boy who wanted to grow up and be just like you and me. This boy did have a normal childhood. You know, school and tuitions and friends and the stuff. He wasn't popular or good-looking. But he wasn't that bad either. He was the kid who liked everyone. And he always wanted to be liked by others as well. He tried his best to fit in but fate didn't want that for him. He had friends and family who loved him and who were there for him. But as time went by and this boy started growing up he started to see the world from a completely different point of view. He in a way 'Woke Up' from his imaginary world and started to see that this world and especially the people in it who weren't as nice as they seem. And piece by piece, his world came crashing down. And when that happened, this boy cried. And he cried a lot 'cause the people who were known to be his friends left him and the ones who he thought were family back stabbed him. He understood that in order to survive in this world even he has to become selfish. And so the boy who only wanted love became the boy who started thinking only about himself. But even though the devil had corrupted him and his pain was the only thing that drived him ahead, there was a voice in him. A voice which was still connected to god. And even though that voice was now only a whisper somewhere deep in him, this boy could sense that voice. And he later realised that this voice was Hope. Hope calling out at him and telling him that God hasn't forgotten him. That God still loves him. And if he clings on to this Hope, one day everything is going to be alright. And one day his Superman Will Come ...

"In each individual the spirit is made flesh, in each one the whole of creation suffers, in each one a Savior is crucified."

So who is Superman? For the world He is The Man Of Steel. A Saviour sent to us from the Heavens. He is the one of the greatest Super Heroes we have. And even for this boy Superman was his Hero. This boy really loved Superman. He used to dress up as him and read all his Comics and watch his Films. And every night he would look up at the stars and gaze at them and he used to wait. He would wait for his Superman to come. Every night, without fail, he would gaze up and wait for him. He was convinced that Superman Will Come for him. And in this wait many years went by and this boy saw the world change in front of him. Friends became enemies. Enemies became friends. Dictators were over-run by the leaders of the free world. People uniting for causes and killing each other for others. He saw life unfold in a way he didn't expect. And when this boy started his journey of becoming a man he saw that in order to succeed he became a very selfish human being. He started hurting others and never repented for it. He thought this was his ticket to success. That Hate is more powerful than love and we can only achieve success by taking things from others, not earning them on our own. For many years he walked on this evil path and before he knew it, he forgot that he used to gaze at the stars. He stopped waiting for His Superman. And then this boy realised that he stopped believing in the one man that was his hero. This boy walked down that path of darkness so far, that he was afraid that he would never see the light again. But then, one night, when the night sky was as bright as day, he went and gazed at the stars again. He looked up and said sorry. He was sorry that he forgot. He was sorry that he was so angry. He was sorry that he was selfish. But before he left the stars to do their twinkling he told them that underneath all that hate, he was still that little boy who was waiting for His Superman ...
"When our Heavenly Father placed Adam and Eve on this earth, He did so with the purpose in mind of teaching them how to regain His presence. Our Father promised a Savior to redeem them from their fallen condition."
Many years passed by. This boy started to change. He started becoming a better person. He left his darkness. He went on the path of redemption. More than success, he started looking for forgiveness 'cause he had to let go of the burden of guilt that he carried. This boy wanted to change and change for the better, for the rest of his life. Every day he would get up and promise god that he would be a better person than he was yesterday. And this boy tried. He tried a lot. And as time passed, he started to see the changes. He started meeting people who really loved him. His sins started to dissolve and slowly he started seeing the light. He felt the glow in his heart. And again, as a ritual he started visiting the stars. And again, he started waiting for his superman. The more he waited, the more his faith grew. And so did his dreams. That little child in him, who had those grand dreams awakened again. And this boy started to see the beauty in everything and also the beauty in his dreams. He started to smile and started to believe again. Hope returned to him and with each passing moment this boy only became better. And one day, his friends asked him, "Why do you go up and look at the stars like that?" And he said, "I look at them 'cause I am waiting for My Superman to come." His friends laughed at him. They all thought he was childish and crazy. And they told him that there is no such thing as superman in real life! He is only a comic book hero. But he just looked at them and smiled 'cause within him his voice told him to always have hope 'cause one day his superman would come ...
"Godly sorrow is a gift of the Spirit. It is a deep realization that our actions have offended our Father and our God. It is the sharp and keen awareness that our behavior caused the Savior, He who knew no sin, even the greatest of all, to endure agony and suffering."
Life went steady for this boy then. He met many people. Some were nice. Some were nicer. But all had one thing in common. The practicality of life. None of them believed in what the boy believed in. But that didn't matter to him. He continued to pursue his dreams. And he felt that very soon they will be within his grasp. But Fate didn't want it that way and with one harsh blow, Fate took everything away from this boy. It crushed his dreams. It destroyed his faith and left him alone. And he was all alone. And when he was alone, all made fun of him and his dreams and his beliefs and they told him that they were right. 'Cause even in his darkest hour, His Superman didn't come to save him. And even though the boy was hurt, he made a promise to himself that he will never hate again. He will never walk in the path of darkness again. And so the boy stood up again and started walking. Again, towards the directions of his dreams. It was very tough for this boy 'cause no one still believed in him. And the world forgot about him. They didn't care whether he was alive or dead. They moved on. But the boy kept walking. The boy never stopped gazing at the stars. And everyday he would look at them and wait. And wait for his superman to come. This boy still walks you know. Even though there are times when he feels very alone and defeated he still walks because he believes one day everything is going to be ok. One day, even he will be saved. one day, this pain will go away. One day, his prayers will be answered. And One Day, His Superman Will Come ...
"If you were not a sinful, polluted, helpless, and miserable creature, this Savior would not be suited to you, and you would not be comprehended in his gracious invitations to the children of men."
Today, if you see this boy you will be surprised by his appearance. And at first you may think and guess, why does this boy needs saving? This boy today smiles and greets everyone he meets. He gives respect to all and avoids doing the wrong things in life. This boy may look like he needs nothing but if you look closely, he still needs saving. He still needs his superman. This boy may not go to temples, churches or mosques but he still looks up at the heavens. He is still alone. He is still silently screaming. He is still in pain. 'Cause it gets hard for him. But this boy never gives up. He gets up every time he falls. 'Cause this boy is still a believer and hope is still attached to him. Today when people still make fun of him and his superman, he stills smiles back at them. When they ask him, "Where is your superman?", he replies by saying, "He is coming. He is just running a little late. You see, he hasn't forgotten me. He is superman. he has got the world to save. But he will come. And until he comes, I will wait for him. I will fight all the obstacles that lay in my path. I will fight my hate. I will see the good in everything. I will love more. And I will stumble and fall and cry but I will still walk ahead. I will still believe in my dreams. I will pay the price for the pain I have caused. I will carry the burden of my sins. I will still believe in the beauty of my dreams. And I will everyday gaze at the heavens and wait for him. 'Cause one day he will write my name in the clouds. one day, he will come. He will come and save me. 'Cause I am human, just like all of you and even I have the right to be happy. Even I have the right to be loved and to be cared. Even I have the right to succeed. And even though none of you believe in you, I will always believe in myself. I will cry countless nights and sometimes the pain will be unbearable to bare but I will never quit. 'Cause I will always have My Hope. I will always My faith. And that is something you can never take away from me. And I pity all of you 'cause when you grew up, you killed that little dreamer in you. That little child who believed in his heroes. Who believed in miracles. He saw the beauty in everything. My Little Child is still within me and he stills waits for his Superman and he and I both know that one day Superman Will Come."
Superman. Will. Come.
Yes. He. Will. :-)
This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty. And I never knew that, that Boy was Me.
With All My Might,
Your No.1 Fan,
Mahaakshay Chakraborty.
"We All Need Saving. Some Way Or The Other. We All Need Our Saviours."
-Mahaakshay Chakraborty.


  1. Brother...hats off....the whole time i felt like its my story...very beautifully woven in words...and yes bro...Superman will come...
    and to all the haters...You'll never take my pride..

  2. U write so well dude.... If this is ur story Its vry touching. Ur going thru alot of stress and hv no support sytem it feels. I was passing thru d crap. But i stood strong 4 wat i want and i deserve... Cum wat may. Nevr gave up 4 myself. Me first. im my own superman.

  3. Ur dad needs a superman bro 4 representing such jerks in w bengal. Yuk.