Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Selfish Of The Year ...

Hello once again readers. Hope you all are well. As as always, thank you for reading My Blog and giving it ratings. I got one hate comment but hey, it is part of the package. All comments are appreciated. Before we go in the blog it is time for the weekly round-up. This week was very interesting and fun too. I had two story narrations from which one I really loved and would love to do! So let's see. I, for the very 1st time was invited to Lakme Fashion Week and the feeling was amazing! I always wanted to go there. I was invited to the Nishka Lulla Show and I must say, I was very impressed with her designs. She will surely make her parents proud and that young lady is going places! I also went to the Archana Kochar show where I was surrounded by Ms.India's both, past and present and trust Me, being the only guy there made Me feel awesome! :-) I will also be judging an Event in Pune. But about that in My next blog. But before I start I must say the 'Star' of the week is Anna as he is everywhere. It takes one man to start a revolution and I hope he succeeds in his mission. All who want to make India better are truly the real heroes! :-)

So now we begin. :-)
Selfish Of The year. Well, if there was any Award like that, My name would had surely been written on it. You may think, 'arey, yeh ladka kuch zyaada nahi bol raha hai?' Well, I think I owe it to My readers to be as honest as I can. As they say, 'Honesty is the best policy'. I wanna be truthful. I wanna be clear. Clear as crystal. Well, at least try to be. I have lied so many times in the past. Trust Me, I know. Some times for My own benefit and sometimes just for the heck of it. But trust Me, those lies come and bite you in the ass if you don't find your redemption. This is somehow My redemption. My telling you all who and what I truly am. I am selfish and yes, I have the balls to say it. I think we all are. We just don't accept it. I do. Before I used to be all nice and sweet to everyone and show this face which everyone thought was like a jewel but later on I realized that this place is not for the innocent. You wanna go somewhere, you got to let the selfish out. Show the people your true face. Tell them who you truly are. They may dis like you and never talk to you again but at least your conscious is clear. Trust Me, I have met so many people and now, at the very 1st minute of the conversation I tell them, 'Listen, I am here for my own selfish motive, so I am going to be the true Me and show you the good and bad of Me. After this meeting it is completely your choice to be friends or not and I will respect your decision.' And guess what? People actually like that! You should try it some time. :-)

There is nothing wrong in being selfish. Agree or not, we do everything being selfish. We see what is our benefit. We meet the right people because 'we' like their company. We live in the right place because it makes 'us' comfortable. We buy the right things because they make 'our' living better. We even fall in love the right way because 'we' want to feel loved and complete. You see, this is how the world goes. I am not here to lecture and tell you what you should do but through experience I can tell you, the sooner you realize that you are as selfish as the person beside you, you will become free and only then will you become truly selfless! :-)

I remember, I really Liked this girl and I thought she was the one. So I did everything what guys do. I wrote her letters, bought her presents etc etc. I thought I was being the kindest and most selfless soul on the planet because I was doing everything for her. But I later realized that I did all those things for Me because 'I' wanted this girl to like 'Me' because 'I' wanted the love. Of course, she said NO because she liked someone else, {I realized that later} but I wasn't in loss because it was then when I got this self-realization. So you see, everything happens for a reason. After that day, I promised Myself that I will always be selfish and not be scared to be selfish. Sure, most of the times people find you weird and they don't wanna be friends. They may even find you rude and never see you again. But trust Me, in the long run, it pays off. They say na, 'Better hate Me for what I am than love Me for what I am not.' It takes courage to admit to yourself and to others that you are selfish but in this dog eat dog world, one has to be selfish to succeed. Here, Only the strong survive. And all those who are strong are selfish people because they never let their emotions affect their judgement. I have done that so many times, just blocked My emotions because sometimes, to succeed, that is the right thing to do. Just think of yourself and see what is your gain in the situation. 

In My field, there are so many times we Actors have to say NO to Movie scripts and proposals because they don't suit our need. Selfishness is required here, otherwise people won't take you seriously. You gotto look at them in the eyes and show them your true self. In the end the choice will always be yours. Be all sweet and nice and just be among the crowd. Or be Selfish and take full advantage of the situation and achieve what you want too.
They say na, 'Before you say No, say I will try.' you never know, maybe being selfish will be the best thing that you would do for your life. I know it has for Me. :-)

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and this is My Story. :-)


  1. Mahaakshay it nice of you to be honest in your writeup, good to see u humble !!! keep up the good work balan r s

  2. Never seen that selfish part of your's ... alwayz seen u humble ... changes i saw in you last week, makes me believe in you more .

  3. Anna's a rockstar truly and as far as being selfish is concerned I completely agree with your ideology. Interesting blog as always :)