Sunday, 9 October 2011

So This Is What Bliss Feels Like ...

Hey guys. I usually do a Blog entry once every week and I am sorry for the delay. I was really caught up in a lot of Work and in this Blog, I will tell you all about it. But first, let us do the weekly round up. First, My deepest affection goes to Chi-Chi Bhaiya {Govinda Sir} for the loss of his Sister. May her soul rest in peace. Secondly, on Twitter, you guys should follow 'Breaking News' because it gives you the latest news as it happens. Trust Me, it has been very helpful for Me. Even when I am shooting, I am coming to know what all is happening out there in the world. And now, the Blog begins ...

Bliss. What does it mean? How does it feel? I think we all wanna know, while some us have already known how it feels. They say bliss is the ultimate form of happiness. And I am here to tell you, that yes, that is true. Bliss is pure joy. Bliss is Sunshine. Bliss is Peace. Bliss is Happiness in it's purest form and recently, I felt it. :-)

I guess you all know how I have come here so I think a flashback is not necessary but back in the day, when I was jobless, I had many dreams. Dreams, today, which have become a reality. One of them was that I work 24/7 and only keep on Working. Whether it is Shooting throughout the day, or dubbing in the night, or going to Movie Premieres, I always wanted to Work, so on the 1st day of Shooting of My New Film TUKKAA FITT I was getting ready for My Shoot and suddenly I get a call from a Friend telling Me, 'Bro, did you see the Paper? See it, you will be surprised.' And to My astonishment, I saw the 1st Look of My Film LOOT {the film releases everywhere on the 4th of november} as a large cover spread in the paper. I was so happy and thrilled! It was a total surprise Me! :-)

I kept on blushing all the way to the Shoot! It was a Double happy day for Me but I didn't know I was about to get a third surprise. I was in talks with this very talented and successful Director {I am not giving out the name now. In time I will.} for his next project and when I was halfway through the Shooting on Day One of TUKKAA FITT I get a call from that Director inviting Me for his Film's Premiere that very night! The moment that call came I remembered that dream of Mine! I was almost in tears in that moment because after 3 years of anguish and struggle, finally, FINALLY that Dream of Mine came true! :-) Of course I went to the Premiere and I got a lot of Love and Respect from the Media and also the Fans. :-) It was BLISS for Me. Truly. Just standing there made Me feel like I was in heaven. Even today, when I think of that day, I smile and thank the Universe for it! :-)

But the Universe had a lot of more BLISS in stored for Me ... :-)

This was on the 4th day of Shooting of TUKKAA FITT. I was going to the Shoot and I just called Rajnish Thakur, the Director of LOOT to ask the progress of the promotion of LOOT And he told Me that on the next day, He Suniel Anna and Javed Bhai are going to Indore to Promote LOOT. I said, I wanna join in too but all depends on My Shoot And to My Fortune, I had an Off the next day from Shoot And I was all set to go to Indore. But My Dress Designer asked Me, 'Bro, you Shooting all night and then tomorrow early morning is your flight. Are you sure you wanna go?' I told him, hell yes bro because you know how long, HOW FREAKIN' LONG I have waited for this day that I am Shooting for One Film and Promoting the Other! He had this smile on His face because he knew from where I was coming from. I called Mom in the night and told her the same thing, 'Mom, I am in Bliss because I am living My Dream!' :-)

I shot all night and was on the flight to indore the next morning. We went and Promoted LOOT the best way possible all thanks to Viacom 18, who are releasing the Film in a grand scale. Trust Me, sharing the Same Areoplane, the Same Car, the same Room with Superstars like Suniel Anna and Javed Bhai was a Dream come true for Me! I was there, I know how it felt! And I must tell you, the Fan following they have is Tremendous! I could hear Fans screaming from Miles! :-)

I really hope I didn't bore you guys with My Stories but the reason I told you about them is because I know we all have our moments of Bliss. These were Mine and I know, there are many more in stored for Me. Happiness is more blissful when it is shared. That is what I did with this Blog. :-)
I hope I brought  SMILE on your faces or even that hope, That hope that is in us to believe in the beauty of our dreams. Trust Me My friends, Dreams do come true! All we have to do is Believe and never stop believing. :-)
I pray and wish that all of your dreams also come true and you feel what bliss feels like because no matter however and wherever we are, we all deserve a little piece of heaven. :-)

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and This is My Story ... :-)


  1. Cheers! You have a long way to go, God bless! Nicely written :)

  2. lovely blog.......awesomely written....all d best fr ur upcoming muvies.......