Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Your Questions, My Answers ...

Hello everyone. I know I am very very late with My Blog entry. I usually write every sunday but this sunday, My Family came from Mumbai to spend time with Me here in Hyderabad so I thought I should be with them. Yesterday, to be honest, I was just not in the mood and today for many reasons more than one, I was just too damn pissed to take out time and write. I, in fact, wrote 2 pages in My Diary and tried to vent out My Hate. I don't know whether it worked or not. I usually do weekly round-ups and shout-out features but this week, I am not in the right frame of mind to do anything. In fact, I am gong to use this Blog Space to vent out some more of My Anger and try to Answer some questions that are regularly thrown at Me even without My consent. So this time, It Is Your Questions And My Answers ...

Q1. Why are you so Serious all the time and take everything on Face Value?
Ans1. Well, it is not easy being Me. Ask Me what all I go through everyday. The expectations. The taunts. The insults. The opinions. Just because I keep quiet doesn't mean you can say whatever you want. But you see, people don't understand that. They think that just because they have more experience than you and just because they 'care' for you, they have the right to say whatever they want! Like for example, I changed My twitter pic a few days ago. It was completely My Choice. I did it because I wanted too. Not because I was fetching compliments. But one follower tweets Me, you know, I liked the last one better! I mean, hello! When did I ask you for your opinion? I wear a shirt and people say, this doesn't suit you. I make a certain hair style and people say, you still don't have the Star Look. I do this, I get taunted. I do that and I get scoldings. So you see, I have to be serious all the time. I have no time to chill and take it easy because I know that at any given moment, some 'experienced' person is going to threw their view point on Me.

Q2. Why don't you have any friends?
Ans2. Oh trust Me, I have asked this question to Myself so many times! But I just don't get it. People at the start are so nice and are so caring. But as time goes by, they show their true colors and then, they don't call, they don't message and they don't even care whether you are dead or alive. I have tried man! I have really tried to be a good friend. Without fail, I will message My so-called friends everyday wishing them good morning and how was your day. But you see, they are very busy people. In fact, they are the only ones who are busy and they are too caught up in their work. And if luck is on My side and they do pick up My call, they are half the time doing some other activity or watching Master Chef Australia! So you see, there is a reason I don't have friends. They have let Me down more than a billion times.

Q3. Why can't you let go?
Ans3. I think I answered that in My last blog. I have a lot of Hate in Me and trust Me, even today, every day I go out there and fight a new war with the world because the world will never quit throwing their opinions at Me. I know one reader who said, you have to love and let go, only then will you find peace. Uhm, excuse Me! Are you in My shoes? I don't think so! Did I ask for your advice? No! I didn't! Let Me be the way I am. I am alone and I love being alone! Why can't that be easy to understand? !?!

Q4. Why don't you like Long Drives and typing LOL and HHMMM and dislike the words Yaar and Dude?
Ans4. The reason I don't like long drives because I don't understand the point! I mean, come on! You are making Me waste so much of fuel! And if I am driving, how the hell will I talk to you? And yes, I don't get it that after every sentence, why in the bloody hell, do people type LOL! I mean, what is so damn funny that you have to Laugh Out Loud? And yes, I really, from the bottom of My heart hate the word HHmmm. I mean, what in the bloody hell does it freakin' mean? I still don't have the answer to that! There is something called English you know. And when it comes to Yaar and Dude, trust Me, I am not a Yaar and neither a Dude. I am just too happy being called by My Name. And guess what I have 2 Names to choose from! One is Mimoh and the other is Mahaakshay!

Q5. Why are you so moody and have such a huge ego?
Ans5. Well, you see, I am still very much human. There are days when I am happy and there are days when I am sad. I can't live according to the will of others. Though with the way things are, I now have no choice but to listen to others and let go off the things that make Me happy because I am only 27 and I have no knowledge of life what so ever!  I do MMA twice a day with 100% dedication and all I get is that you should cut down on your Training because now you are looking like a wrestler and you see, that is not the trend nowadays. You see Mimoh, there will be plenty of time to do everything else. Now, you should just concentrate on your career! Hello! What the hell am I been doing for the last 3 years? And I have an ego? Hello! Correction! The last time I called, you didn't pick up because you were too busy replying to Tweets or writing a new one!

If I continue, there will be a billion more questions from where this is all coming from. But I think I have bored you guys enough. Trust Me, I am not looking for self-sympathy or any attention. I publish My Blogs on the web. I send it to over 200 people via email and I don't know or even care whether they open it and read it or not. All I know is that sometimes, these so-called expectations and opinions and pressures get to Me and believe it or not, I am Human too and all I want is to live My life My way with My rules. Good or bad, I wanna learn and I wanna live. As The Hulk keeps on saying, "All I Want Is To Be Left Alone". That is exactly what I want! I wanna wake up everyday, go to Work and then coe back Home. That is all I want without the world telling Me what to do! I know tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities and a new hope and trust Me, no matter how hard things get, I will never stop the giving because only through the giving will I be given. I am not telling you to care. All I ask is for you to understand.

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and this is My Story.


  1. I guesses there are many others like me who wait for your blog, it's good to vent out but this blog is very disturbing...your fans love you the way you are and please be as you are...you not egoistic...you are an absolute sweet heart, very down to earth grounded and a fantastic actor. You rOck! Keep up the good work, people jabber all the time just let them bark.
    Cheers champ :-)

  2. ▀██▀▀█▄
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  3. As I have said before, you are very Inspiring and this habit can not ever change.And as for this blog so it is very good :D

  4. i love the blog, just feel like its written from my prospection. so genuine and honest.

  5. hey this blog is awesome one ...... i love the way u do write..nd i dont know about people what they do think about u.... according to me ur a wonderful person with a great heart :)

  6. Honey ... big kiss n hug to U .. u r d bestest :) n i love u d way ur . Fight ur own battle ddd way u do .....