Sunday, 4 December 2011

To Let Go Or Not To let Go ...

Hello everyone. Sorry for the late entry. I have been Shooting for ENEMMY everyday, for more than 12 hours a day. But I'm loving every bit of it! It is a high-octane ride to work with KK! As My brother says, he is an Actor, not a Product like so many out there. I hope I remain an Actor too! Yesterday, Dev Saab expired. The world will never be the same. He is truly a Legend and will always be! May His Soul Rest In Peace. Last week, I heard that Sharad Pawar got slapped. Well, that was in a way a good thing, right? I mean, I'm hearing people praising that fact and also diminishing it. And as you know that I do a weekly round-up every week, From this week onwards, there will also be a 'Shout-Out' feature. I start the Shout-Out feature by giving a Shout-Out to My co-star and and dear friend Tia Bajpai. Her film LANKA will be releasing soon and I wish her the very best for it! She deserves all the success in the world and we both shared the same Dreams during Haunted and I love her for that! Now, Blog Time …

To Let Go Or Not To Let Go. Every week when I post a Blog I get comments from people with different view points. One of the reader's said that I am a very Boring Person. The other one said that you are too locked up. You are not enjoying life, not living the moment. You just have to let go man! Well, I am open to all view points as My Blog is My view point. I have gone through Blogs of many different people as well and some are hilarious filled with humor while others are on day to day lives. My Blogs are My expressions. A part of Me that I can express with the world. A part of Me which I hope, one day, the world will understand. So no matter how many times I hear people calling Me boring and that I am too locked up, I can never let go of what I have been through. Of the things I have seen. Of the feelings I have left because everyday when I wake up, the past reminds Me how I got here. Sometimes, it gives me strength to fight back. Sometimes, it breaks Me down with insecurity. People say, never live in your past. It has gone and it is never coming back. But now I ask you a question. Can you let go? Can you really let go of all that Pain and Insults and people laughing at you? Can you let go of all those tears that rolled down your cheeks when you realized that there is no one who understands you and that you are all alone. Can you let go of all the things people said and when they made fun of you and your family? I ask you, can you really let go? Well, if you ask Me, I can't and I will NEVER let go.

This is not Vengeance. This is just Anger. And sometimes, even Anger becomes Will. A Will that becomes an unstoppable force of nature. A will that can move mountains. A will that makes you wake up 05:00am in the morning and be in the Gym by 06:00am. A Will that tells you to Starve so that you can look leaner for your next Film. A Will that makes you sacrifice all your friends and the girl you liked because you know that you are on a Mission. A Mission to prove to all those people that you are much better than they thought you were. I have heard people telling Me that the Greatest Battle we fight is with ourselves and we should prove to ourselves that we are the best. To be honest, I take all that as hypocritical bullshit because all we want to do is show the other person that we are better than him or her. Not to ourselves! I am not telling you to always be angry and have a frown on your face and be rude to people and yell at them. I am telling you to live your lives to the fullest and find happiness wherever you go. All I am saying is that never let go because sometimes that Pain reminds you who truly are. As the words from the Film, Colombiana were, "Never Forget Where You Are Coming From." I urge you to never forget because sometimes we do get overwhelmed by our accomplishments and the love and adoration people give us. We tend to forget our past. We somehow loose the Hunger. Let go of that Anger. That Anger that brought you where you are right now. 

You see, sometimes Anger is a good thing. It has worked for Me and still does. One bad remark from a person pisses Me off and makes Me run and extra kilometer at 12kmph! And in the same way, when someone compliments Me, the images from my past come flashing in front of My eyes and remind Me where I am coming from, which also makes Me run that extra kilometer! I have many things to achieve and I know I won't stop until I make all my dreams come true. Yes, I know that I am boring and that I am too locked up. To be honest, I don't care because I know that in order to reach where I have to, I have to have Anger, I have to have the Will to use My Anger as My tool of Strength and make it My weapon. Maybe someday when I reach where I want too I will take a deep breath and exhale and let go of all this anger inside of Me. But until then, I have many people to defeat. I have many things to prove and I have many things to over come. Love didn't work for Me. I guess Anger will.

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and this is My Story.


  1. You are not boring, nor are you locked up. You focussed and have a strong will to succeed which every individual should have. Keep up the good work and be as you are! :-) your blog every week takes out a hidden talent in you which the world doesn't know. All the best am sure you will rock! Cheers.

  2. you are really inspiring C:Your blog is very very cute and Inspiring Keep it up you blog :D

  3. hi
    i think infact not think but enjoyed reading ur blog ,coz must say u have something i u that u can express ur views so accurately n so precise ,n must not 4get the SHARAD PAWAR slap coz my flight was delayed because that idiot:),n its good to know that u enjoy ur work n not treat ur work so serious like other few in the film line.
    a person should enjoy what he does n mot do something coz he has to do.
    anyways i love 2 read ur blog n must saythat the little that i know about u was really so nice n u r a such a wonderful guy with NO ATTITUDE very HELPFUL person without thinking at all that u r a star ,basically a very nice n down to earth guy,I had a very unforgetful experience with u.