Sunday, 12 August 2012

After The Calm ...

Hello Once again My Readers. I am now in Pattaya. I am Shooting for My next venture. I can't give you any more details of it as of now but in time I will because I will be here for a while. But all I can say for now is that this is My 1st Tri-Language Film and it is an Honor to work with Superstars Tarun and Kitti Sir from the South. These guys dominate the Telugu and Kannada Industry and they are super chilled out guys and very humble and down to earth. And I am working with the all awesome Shreyas Talpade in this Film for the very 1st time too. And what they say about him is very true … He is indeed one of the Finest and Greatest Actors in Bollywood today! And fans of My Film Haunted, you are in for a treat as you will see Me and Tia together in this Film again after Haunted. That is all I can talk about the Film. And now, Blog Time …

My last blog entry, "The Blogger Anonymous" got more than 600 hits! That is a 1st time for Me! I was truly over-whelmed! So thank you for that guys. Keep the reading going. And very soon, My blogs will become a part of the Break The Norms Society, which gives Me a huger responsibility on My shoulders as I have to spread My message to more people now. So I thought why not come up with a 'catchy' title for My next blog entry. Of course, during the course of this entry, you will know why it is called After The Calm but for now, I must say that I know that the eyes only want to see what interests them and that is why the more catchy the title, the more the clicks. And here I thought spreading the message is gonna be easy! 

There are no words. There are no words to express the feeling I am in. When I am shooting, I am a different person. I completely change. Like something dead in Me comes to life! I change as a human being. I stop checking My bbm statuses to see who put up a new pic. I don't ask people whether they are seeing someone or not. I don't miss the people I am suppose to miss. The things that used to hurt Me before don't matter to Me. And My life's existence only revolves around those lights and the sounds of 'lights, sound, camera and action'. I become the person god chose Me to be. But before I come on a Movie Set I am in this chaos mode. A mode in which I think of a 1,000 things and I shake and I tremble and I am excited and I am scared all at the same time! But then after that chaos, that madness comes a certain calm. A Calm which is so soothing, that nothing else in this world can match. A feeling of tranquility that can only be described as pure bliss. But then comes the question. What comes After The Calm …

I have met many wonderful people in this film set of Mine. Some are married, some single. All of them come with their dreams and hopes. I have experienced joy, happiness and laughter here and I have through them, saw in Myself too. Writing this blog, sitting in My room, My mind is going through a billion thoughts. It is tricking Me into the temptation of this city where lust is affordable. In a city where you can have anything you want. A place where I see men from all ages fulfil their animal desires. My mind tells Me to do the same. It tells Me that I have done My Work for the day. Now I need to go out there and feed the Animal. It gives Me the conviction that what I am dong is not wrong. But then My Soul awakens and tells Me not to for I still have a lot of work to do. My soul takes Me to this place After The Calm. It is an empty place. A place of nothingness. There is only Darkness there but it tells Me to stay here because it is here where you belong. For only in this darkness can you burn bright! 

But My brain doesn't stop it's wrath upon My Soul. It tells Me, why do you eat the same Chicken Tikka day and night? Why the same 3 litres of Water and the Black Coffee? My mind tells Me that My body cries for rest. It aches for sleep. It wants all that junk food in it's system. Fulfil it's hunger. Don't fight it! My mind laughs at Me and tells Me that I am fighting a hopeless war. A War that doesn't make sense. It tells Me, "Mahaakshay, you are trying to gain approval from people who don't care. No matter what you do, they will still hate you. They will still taunt you and tell you that you are not good enough. Your competitors will still spit on your face and call you a loser! Why fight a War you will never win? But then I answer back …

Just like a M-16 is soothing for a Soldier. Just like a Briefcase gives the office man that sense of belonging and just like love ensures that your relationship exists … Just like that, After The Calm I find where I belong. I belong to that madness. That gruelling ritual of Blood, Sweat and Tears. That never ending struggle of approval from a world which only knows how to hate you. That constant seeking of attention from the ones who will never love you. This is where I truly find Myself. Only a few out there will understand this but I fear no one will for every one has their own opinion and their own take in life. So they will never know how it feels to be here. To have that hunger to succeed because you know that Winning is the Only Option you have! Even when the Body breaks, you still push ahead. When the world is eating sandwiches and burgers, you are on a protein diet. When the world is out there partying, you are in the gym doing Biceps. I do the things that I do because these are the things that define Me and I know that one way or the other they always find their back to Me. They always do.

I am not here to say that I am better than you. In fact, 90% of the people I have met have said that I don't Iive the life. But little do they know that After The Calm comes this place where only few have gone. And once you go there, you never return. A place, only the few deserve. I am not here to change your lives, I am here only to tell you to find your calmness. For after that calmness comes a place, you don't wanna miss visiting. Trust Me, I know.

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and I know what comes After The Calm …

With All My Might,
Your No.1 Fan,
Mahaakshay Chakraborty.


  1. When one does what one loves the most, nothing else matters! Loving your work means not having to work a single day. I know that feeling as I have just quit a full time job to pursue my passion for writing :)

    Enjoy yourself...give your body a break sometimes. A small cheat is indeed a reward after days of following a fixed diet :)

    All the best for your new venture.And do convey my best wishes to Shreyas; love him since Iqbaal!