Sunday, 26 August 2012

Beyond The Flesh ...

The following is Inspired from a True Story …

Jack: Dude I wanna get laid tonight. Let's go find Me some chicks!
Stan: Why bro? We can party all night long and have fun! You know, just us boys! And besides, what will your wife Angie say?

J: She won't know and you won't understand. I love her but this is a need and it has to be fulfilled. And besides, I'm a 1,000 miles away from her. She won't even know.
S: Fine, whatever. Do what makes you happy.

Some 20mins later in a happening club …

J: Dude, check that girl out! She is hot man! Look at the curves on that one! I so wanna hit that tonight! And look look! She is giving Me the eye! I seem to be lucky!
S: Bro, she is a hooker. That is what they do!
J: Who cares? She is hot! Go ask her how much she charges for the night.
S: Screw you! Why should I do it? You wanna sleep with her! You go ask!
J: Bro, I got to go talk to Angie. If she hears all the noise around Me, she will know I am out and we both know how much she hates Me getting drunk. I got to go and do the "regular" husband routine, give her flying kiss over the phone and wish her good night. Till the time I do that, keep that chick occupied. I don't want someone else taking her. 
S: You owe Me for this big time! You got that? Now come back soon! If you aren't here in a few, I bail!
J: Thanks bro! Love you man! Will be back in a jiffy! 

S: Uummm, hello miss. I am Stan. What is your name?
Kira: Hi! My name is Kira. Nice to meet you stan.
S: My friend really likes you and he wants you for the night. He was asking what is the price?
K: I can't hear you! Too much of noise! Come up in the lounge. it is quitter there.
S: Ok.
K: This is much more peaceful, isn't it? You wanna drink or something?
S: Na, I don't drink. You can drink if you like.
K: Ok. A beer will be nice.
S: Beer it is.

S: So? How much is it for the night?
K: I charge 500$ for the night. No hanky panky stuff. I keep it clear, clean and simple. Ok?
S: Ok. Will text him. Uuummm, can I ask you a question? Why do you do this? I mean, you know …
K: You really wanna know? Not many men ask Me this question? Usually they just wanna do their business and leave. Fine, I will tell you. You wanna know the long or the short of it?
S: My friend won't be here for a while. How about the entire story in a nutshell. I mean, I have never spoken to anyone from your line of business before, so yes, I am intrigued.
K: Ok. I will Say and you will listen. Don't interrupt. Here goes. My real name is not Kira. I am not from here. I come from a land very far away. My family doesn't know that I sell My body every night. If they would, they would kill Me. I have a son. He is 10 years old. He is very sick and he requires medical attention which costs a lot of money. My husband who was married to Me since I was 17 years old, decided to treat Me as a baseball bat every night when He was drunk and then decided to leave Me when I was pregnant. And In My country, they pay very less and My son means the world to Me and He is the only thing that keeps Me going. So that is why I am a Hooker. Is that a good enough story for you?

S: You. Have. A. Son?
K: Does that surprise you? You think we Hookers can't make babies? Have a life? Settle down? You think we do this because we like it?
S: I didn't say anything.
K: Exactly. You men only see us sex objects. Pieces of meat only meant to fulfil your desires. You never see Beyond The Flesh.
S: I am sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. I am just taken aback. I mean, you are so beautiful! You are such an elegant woman. You … You deserve better than this!
K: Showing Me pity won't change the reality My friend. I am who I am. And I don't regret it. I do this for My son. He is the only Man I love. And I want him to have a happy life! I want him to grow up and do something great! Not end up like Me. I am a mother. And a mother always protects her child.
S: You are a wonderful mother. Your son is blessed to have you. But when will you stop doing this? Someday or the other you will. I hope you do. I pray that you do.
K: Pray to god? Hahaha! That is funny! I used to pray to him everyday. I guess he didn't care to help Me and answers my prayers. Even My friend prayed to him. She was very religious. She loved a guy and prayed to god she marry him. But he left her for a younger woman. She hasn't spoken to god since but I see it in her eyes. Every man she takes to bed, she expects Him to love her, even if it is for a minute. We all are broken souls. Beyond the flesh, we are just lost souls seeking a way out.
S: I don't know what to say. I … I …
K: You don't have to say anything. Is that your friend? Looks like My time is up with you. Lovely chatting with you.
S: Wait, listen, I know you may think there is no hope for you. But I still do. I know one day you will find peace. You will find love again and your son will grow up to be someone amazing and you never know, maybe one day I will meet you again and that time, if I am lucky enough, I will take you out on a date.
K: You never know …

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and I am the voice of the voiceless.

With All My Might,
Your No.1 Fan,
Mahaakshay Chakraborty.

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