Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Siren ...

It is natural to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes to that siren until she allures us to our death. 
Gertrude Stein

They won't understand. No matter how much you try Mahaakshay, they won't understand. They will hate you, label you, call you names and dis-own you. No, they won't know how it feels. They never will. They were never meant too. Only I do. I am your constant. I am what you need. I am what you crave for. I am your hunger. And it is with Me that you feel complete. I give you meaning. I give you purpose. I give you all that you desire. These people may give you happiness. They may fill your heart with warmth. But You and I both know what you truly want. You want that Dark Joy, don't you? Yes, I see it in your eyes. That emptiness. That blackness. That feeling of nothingness. You don't want to run away from the madness, do you? No. You want to embrace it. You never signed up for peace. You love War. You are an instrument of chaos, aren't you? Yes! Yes, you are a monster. A beast. A Beast who wants to be set free. I can set you free. I can give you everything that you want. Who am I you ask? Let's just say I am a friend. A friend who comes from a place the world fears. But I will help you. I will fill your emptiness up. I will give your life meaning. I will give you, your joy. And I will make you hear that sound. Yes, you want to hear that sound, don't you? That sound of madness. That sound which makes you come alive. That sound which gives you purpose again. That sound which is the Declaration of War. Yes! I will make you hear the Siren ...

Enjoy life they say. Smell the aroma. Out-cast you are. Yes, I know how that feels Mahaakshay. That constant judgement. Those curses. Those eyes full of envy. I have seen how they have hated you. Yet you stand for their approval. Mahaakshay, don't be pathetic. Come to Me. I have everything that you want. All you have to do is say yes and I will make the hate go away. What is that? You want their Hate? Their Hate gives you strength? It makes you fight harder you say! You know they will always find faults in you. God made humans to empower over one another. Not to live in peace. If you don't believe Me, then see your News Channels. All you see is Violence, Death and Carnage. The world wasn't made for Peace. You say they pray and we should believe in hope. Will praying give you power? No! Power is taken, not given! Yes, I will ask you to make tough decisions. Choices that will hurt the ones around you. The ones you love will leave you. But I will stay with you. People leave but I won't let you feel empty. I will fill that emptiness up. I will give you a force which will that will change the world. Oh Mahaakshay, say Yes to Me and I will make you Hear The Siren ...

I know how it feels Mahaakshay. I understand your anger. You see the world progress but you have to wait. You see your enemies triumph but you wait in the darkness. You see the ones you hate receive love and you wait in line for just approvals. I know how you feel. But I can make all that go away. Do you know why? Because I have seen your soul. It is Dark as Hell and it has been consumed by Ambition. I have seen the Fire that burns within You. Nothing except your dreams matter to you, does it? I can give you success. Just say Yes to Me and I will make the Pain go away. What is that you say? You want Pain? You want the cuts and the bruises? You want to be reminded that you are still Human? Mahaakshay, you gave up your humanity a long time ago. You think I am the Devil but I have seen inside of you and there is no Hope for a Normal Life anymore. But you never signed up for that either way, did you? No! I know what you want, you want Greatness. You want to Hear The Siren ...

Yes, I have met other souls too. The wandering souls. The ones with the questions. They wanted more than the ordinary. And I gave it to them. But they all paid a heavy price for their greatness. Look back in history and you will see their names on Monuments, Walls and Streets. You want that, don't you? Oh I see how hungry you are. You crave something extra-ordinary. That extra this world will never understand. I know until I give that to you, you will be a wandering spirit just pretending to be normal. Accept who you are Mahaakshay. You are a War-Junkie. You want that Madness. You want a Mission that never ends. No matter how many Tears you cry and how loud you scream, face it, it is the madness, the fights and the Wars that make you feel complete. Yes, it does. I have seen that in your eyes. They say the eyes are the window to the soul. And your eyes have that look. That look of Anger, Rage and Hunger. I see that. I understand. Just say it Mahaakshay. Say Yes to Me and I will give you a never-ending War. I will fill that emptiness. Say Yes! Say it! Hear The Siren Mahaakshay! Hear The Siren!

... YES! Yes My Friend. I say Yes. I say Yes to You! ... Now Make Me Hear The Siren.

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and I am the Voice Of The Voiceless.

With All My Might,
Your No.1 Fan,
Mahaakshay Chakraborty.


  1. Nice post

    Am glad I found your Blog

    Pooja :

  2. He cries in every post , life mein chutiyapan kaam karo people will love you . Idhar image building se kuch nahi hoga . In real life how pathetic person you are you know . how many people you lie and play with you know . BE a good human if you want people to love you .. first you love them . rotdu hamesha khud ko pure soul bolta hai . karma slaps honey .