Monday, 3 September 2012

They Killed Frank Castle ...

First things first, I am sorry for the delay. I have been here in Pattaya for nearly a month now and we have been filming everyday from 08:00am to 06:00pm. So rest and sleep have been tossed out the window. But I am loving every moment here as the Film's Cast has been super sweet to Me and they really care. Lucky to have met them and they are showing Me a new, bright and exciting side of showbiz which is only making Me learn and respect these folks hell of a lot! Even right now I am putting My Make-Up on and getting My Hair done as I have to be on the Set in about an hour's time. 

So here we go …

Frank Castle A.K.A. The Punisher. Frank has by far been the greatest comic book hero I have come across in all of My living existence. I have been a die-hard fan of super heroes but never in all of My living days have I come across a man so dark, gruelling and real as Frank Castle. For many readers, this blog maybe very childish and just a boy's dream to put a cape on and imagine himself as a superhero fighting crime but for Me this is a dedication to the Man who in a way saved Me. Yes, Frank Castle has been My saviour in more ways than one and by dedicating this Blog to Him, I know, that as a Fan and a Devotee to Frank Castle, I have paid him tribute. But I know that just by writing a few lines on an electronic page and making the world read it won't be enough for the love I have for this guy. Frank Castle is the reason I am who I am today because we only read the Super Heroes we connect with and the best thing about Frank was, was that He Never Was a Superhero! He was just a normal guy. Human, like all of us. One bullet through the temple would put His dark soul to rest but it was His iron-will determination to His cause that kept Him strong and made Him live through all those hellish years before Greg Rukka decided to make Frank Rest In Peace. Yes, the Man whom I worshipped and whose Comics I read over and over again was finally No More …

I knew this day would come. The day Frank finally died in the Max Series of The Punisher which was by far the crown jewel for any Graphic Novel series in the history of comic books! To be honest, I was waiting for the day when He died. Not because I wanted Him to die but because I wanted to see how would I react. And trust Me, it wasn't good. I mean, I wasn't crying or anything but I was cold. Flipping through those pages in Punisher:Homeless and seeing Frank beat the living shit out of the Kingpin while getting pounded with bullets wasn't an easy sight to digest. When I finished the series and the last page arrived, the only thing I could feel was Nothing. Ya, nothing. I didn't know how to react. I mean, this guy, who was sketched out some 30 years ago, who helped Me save Me from My miserable life and showed Me ways to vent out My anger in a very skilful way, the Man who was My best friend and who spoke to Me through His words, the Man whom I looked up to for His morales, discipline and determination had died, right in front of My eyes! 

It is not easy to see someone you love so much die while you are reading His legacy. And more than that, it is not easy to let go. I read Punisher:Homeless twice already because the 1st time I couldn't come to the realisation that They Killed Frank Castle. They finally killed him. Today, I only ask Myself one question, what's next for Me? Will I move on or will i wait in the hope that Frank Castle will return. You won't believe it even when I knew He was dead in those final pages, I was having that slightest ray hope in Me that He will, through some God-Forsaken Miracle come back to life and continue his One-Man-Army War against the Criminal Underworld and the Scum of the Planet. But sadly, that didn't happen. I have experienced almost every emotion before. Whether it was Love, Hate, Joy, Anger, Rejection or Achievement but Frank taught Me the one thing I will always be grateful to Him for. He taught Me, how to fight back …

I am surely gonna miss Frank Castle. I am gonna miss Him hell of a lot! But I know that as a Fan, I have to, in My own way continue His Legacy. Great Actors like Dolhf Lungdren, Thomas Jane and Ray Stevenson have portrayed the great Frank Castle on the Big Screen in their own majestic way and have given Him and given His Character great justice. I wish someday, I can play Frank Castle too. But until then, I will still have His Posters up My Wall. I am still gonna continue getting His Merchandise and I am still gonna Fight the good Fight no matter what comes My way. Frank always said that it doesn't matter how much evil is out there, I will never stop Punishing it. And with every memory I have of Frank Castle, I know that I will never stop moving ahead. Even when all hope is lost. Even when people cast you out and your biggest strength is actually your fear, I know I will Never stop pushing forward because that is what Frank did. I know My Blogs sometimes have messages and stories and thoughts and sometimes just making Myself have a voice. But this one was different for not everyday do I have to say good bye to one of the Greatest Men I ever knew. I thank all of those amazing writers who sketched, inked, wrote, thought and related to Frank Castle just the way I did. I thank you all from the bottom of My heart and you never know, one day, I might just look in the mirror and see a glimpse of Frank Castle Myself …

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and I am The Voice Of The Voiceless …

With All My Might,
Your No.1 Fan,
Mahaakshay Chakraborty.


  1. i love dolph in the punisher!

  2. Will look forward to you doing a role similar to him :)

  3. In my life there is also a Superhero. It's You. Once I overcame thousands of miles to see My hero, but I was afraid to meet You and to lose my dream

  4. thanks for sharing.