Sunday, 7 October 2012

Once Upon A Time ...

I am your fairy tale. Your dream. Your wishes and desires, and I am your thirst and your hunger and your food and your drink. 
Klaus Kinski 
Once upon a time, in a land far far away there was a boy named Michael. Michael, who believed in miracles, magic and fairy god-mothers. His world wasn't that different from ours but wasn't that similar either. He loved god a lot and so one day he decided that he would go and find god. So, his quest started. He travelled the roads, the mountains and the high seas in search of god. Michael starved for days and met many people who never helped him but he still kept on going on. And then, one fine day, He met god. Oh! Michael was so happy to see him and all he wanted was to hug god and tell him how much he loved him! But god refused! He said, Michael wasn't worthy. He said that Michael was just a mere mortal and that he had no right to find god and ask god to do a humanly task. Hearing this, Michael was shattered. Almost, dead-like. So Michael went back. But Michael wasn't Michael anymore. Something in him died that day. Something from him was taken that day and Michael knew that it wasn't ever coming back. But on his way back, Michael met a man. A man who was willing to give him something to fill that empty space in his now black heart. Something much more powerful than love. Something that would make all the pain go away. But, for a price …

So, Michael, who was so heart-broken, in a never-ending pain wanted the horror to stop. So Michael said yes. And then, Michael wasn't Michael anymore for this man wasn't just an ordinary man who offered him this power. This man was called the 1st. When Michael asked what that meant, the man simply replied and said, I am the 1st of everything. Even before paradise, god created Me and he wanted that I experience all the beauty and the madness of the world at the same time. Later did he knew that I become something more than he wanted Me to be and in that threat he banished Me. So I look for all those who god casts out of his womb of love. Michael wasn't threatened by this man but rather found comfort in him and this man took him to a place where no man would dare enter. The realm of wait. The 1st said that here he would train Michael. Train Michael to become stronger and faster and more powerful. He would make Michael forget all the pain the world and god gave him and fill that void with a more powerful power. The 1st would give him courage, a relentless pursuit to his goal and an unstoppable determination to become better than any man there ever lived. And so Michael's journey began …

As time passed by Michael become stronger and stronger. Michael became the 1st's finest student and so, as autumn turned to winter and the world slowly faded away with the thought of Michael ever in it, Michael began to prepare. Prepare and train and wait. And as more years passed by Michael wasn't just human anymore. The 1st knew that Michael was special and god made the worst decision by banishing him out of his love. Michael became Cold. Although his heart pumped, it stopped to feel. Michael, who was so afraid of pain, started to embrace it. Michael, who only believed in love, now only wanted Hate. And there was something in his eyes. A certain emptiness. An emptiness caused by the blackness of his soul. A Soul that could never feel love anymore. And so, it was time. It was time for Michael to come to the real world. The world which forgot him. The world which wanted to believe that Michael never existed …

Michael returned. He was better than ever. And because of his new persona, his awesome charisma and incredible charm the people started loving him! But little did they knew that Michael was something else now. An entity of pure passion and relentless pursuit to become the best in the world! And slowly and steadily Michael started going up the ladder. Michael began to succeed. And so, as the men before us who have fallen have seen, success brings its rewards. Rewards that come as gifts of love, pleasure and power! Michael enjoyed this. He enjoyed this a lot and he never once thought how would it affect the ones around him. He only thought of himself. Michael, who was once the object of love, was now an empty soul, who was cold-blooded and selfish. But you see, Michael did not have a conscious of awareness anymore. Even if Michael wanted to feel, he couldn't. And no matter how much the world blamed him, spat at him, called him names and hated him, it was the world that made this loving soul into the monster that he finally became …

Michael was gifted immortality from the 1st. So Michael lived on and saw people break each others hearts. Kill for a piece of land and massacre thousands in the name of religion. Men, who were the creation of god. Michael saw it all and with each passing moment, Michael became more and more empty and soon, there was nothing left in him except the blackness. Michael wasn't a monster. Michael was just a man who wanted to love but became a victim of it. Michael gave in to Hate even before he knew what it would cost him. Michael was normal no more but more of a machine who foolishly thought he was human, well, at least a part of him. A part of him which, after all the horrors and wars he and his mind and body had faced, wanted redemption. But Michael knew that all those years ago when he said Yes to the 1st, there was No going back. Michael knew that this is what he will always be now. Michael knew that this is what he was always meant to be. And so, Michael lived on as the man who conquered it all and paid the greatest sacrifice for it ...

So you see, Once Upon A Time, there was a boy named Michael who went out to find god and came back as a Man who no longer believed in Him. I don't know if there any Michaels here, in this world but maybe, one day, I may stumble upon them or maybe, I may see Michael in the reflection I see in the mirror …

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and I am the Voice Of The Voiceless.

With All My Might,
Your No.1 Fan,
Mahaakshay Chakraborty.


  1. yuck, did you ever go to school. you write such drivel like an uneducated fool, gives everyone a headache. i guess you were educated in Ooty - that explains it ;)

    1. Dear Anonymous,
      Maybe only words matter to you and not the feeling with which these words are written. So please take your shitty comment and shove it up your a**.
      - Bhushan Tripathi

  2. Amazing subject, nice Thot :) m ur biggest blog fan so plsssssss keep writing N motivating me :) thnx a ton