Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Opposite Sex ...

Women Are Made To Be Loved, Not Understood. - Oscar Wilde.

Women. I think that one word says it all. The opposite sex. The war of the sexes. Men are from mars women are from venus. The list goes  on and on. And as every man out there I am still trying to understand women. And something tells Me that I will never get there. To that final thesis of a conclusion, that yes, I have finally cracked the code. I have finally figured out the opposite sex. Maybe, writing this blog will help Me get there. I don't know. Maybe. Let's see. I have been around women My whole life. Whether it was My Mom who bared Me for 9 months or whether it was My babysitter who take care of Me when Mom wanted to take her bath, I have grown up in the company of women. And as a 28 year old guy today, I have nothing but respect for women. No matter how much the man hunts for meat and no matter how much he brings home, the woman will always be the foundation of the family. Trust Me, I know. I have an amazing mother to prove just that.

I know I maybe taking My Mom's side here but I know what she has been through. All My Mom ever wanted was to be a house-wife. She left all her stardom and fame when she decided to marry My Dad. I don't know how she did that and that always made me curious. Whenever I asked her that question she just said, "Being a wife and a mother is all the happiness I ever needed and now I am living that happiness everyday." My Mom is the mother of 4 children and trust Me, even today, we don't make it easy for her but she stills stays strong for us. On the record today, I am openly saying that I am a Momma's Boy and will continue to be so, no matter how people take that for Me, My Mother has always given Me her love and supported Me through My darkest years and for that I can never thank her enough. I know for every child their Mom is the best but I know this without a shadow of a doubt that in today's fast moving times, My Mom Is The No.1 Mom out there! Well My Sister, oh boy! She is a different story altogether … :-)

My sister just turned 15. We all know what happens when we reach that age and My Sister is no different. She is rebellious, down right on-your-face and sometimes harsh too. But let's face it. We all were the same when we were 15, were't we? I love My Sister. She is My life and because of her, I know I am a better man a much more responsible man. I fear the day when she will finally grow-up and have boyfriends and one day fall in love and become someone else's. But I know that day is inevitable. But until that day comes, I want to be the best brother she has. Me and My sis may not meet eye to eye with almost everything but when it comes to fighting for each other, we leave no one! I guess, that is a bond only a sister and a brother can share. Having sis around makes Me believe that there is still some good left in Me that I have been blessed with such a sweet, beautiful and caring soul as My Sister. My younger brother maybe her favourite but she knows when it's time to kick ass, I am the brother who will be up for the job. 

Surely you must be thinking that since I am going in order of the women in My life, the next paragraph will surely be of the women I have loved. Well, you are right on that but I won't take their names nor give any hints about them because that won't be right. All of the women who came in My life, came with the trust that their bond with Me would be sacred and for that reason, I will keep their respect. I have met many, many women in My life. And all of them, yes, I mean all of them have taught Me something more about love, friendship and respect. They say each soul you meet takes you to the next chapter of My life. I guess that has been the case with Me too. For a very long time now I have been around the company of women, whether they were My best friends or My lovers. Even today 3 out of 4 of My best friends are women! Trust Me guys, sometimes having a girl as your best friend can be so much of fun! They are actually more chilled out than we think they can be. And as far as the women I have loved goes, well, they have been nothing less than spectacular! To be honest, I think I am much more confident today because of the women who have been there in My life. Some have taught Me to talk, to listen and even to understand. All those years ago, even when I was a boy growing up, those women loved Me for who I was. And that is something worth cherishing about.

Sure you may think that I am buttering up women here and praising them like they are angels. Well, the truth is some of them actually are. I have met My share of women. The crazy ones, the dangerous ones, the jealous ones, the cold ones, the boring ones, the nice ones, the amazing ones and the loving ones. And all of them have left a beautiful memory for Me to think and smile about. And I know that I have made My share of mistakes with all of them. I have wronged many of them. Some who deserved it and some who didn't. I know I can't change the past but there is a part of Me now who is conscious about it. I just hope that one day I do become the man women think I can be. But until that day comes, I know I will always admire the opposite sex. I may not understand them sometimes but i do know that they are God's True Beauty on this Earth! And guys, you don't need to always see what the flesh looks like, sometimes, you just got to see their souls 'cause you never know, in one of them lies the real essence of their beauty … their purity. :-)

I am Mahaakshay Chakraborty and I guess I am still figuring out The Opposite Sex …

With All My Might,
Your No.1 Fan,
Mahaakshay Chakraborty.


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