Saturday, 3 August 2013

The Random Thoughts Of A 29 Year Old ...

"I May Be Crazy, Moody, Cranky, Stubborn, Weird And Sometimes, Down Right Heinous. But This Is Who I Am. And This Is Who I Am Always Going To Be."

- Mahaakshay Chakraborty.

I am right now, in a state of bliss. You will ask why? There are many reasons why I am feeling this right now. But to start with, all I can tell you that for the very 1st time in my life, I am in sync with my thoughts, my ideals and the path which is laid ahead of me. What is that word? Ah! Yes, Synchronicity. Now, I know what it feels like to be 'One With The Universe.' I just turned 29 a couple of days ago and for the very 1st time in the city of Mumbai, I had a Boys Night Out Birthday Celebration. As expected, it was a blast and all whom I had invited had come. I enjoyed every moment with my friends and family and the photographs taken on that day would surely remind me in my coming years that my 29th birthday was a very good one. But this blog isn't about that night. Nor about the presents or love I received that day. This is, as always, about me and my thoughts. The one constant in my life, since the last 14 years have only been my thoughts. Whether they were bad or good, they have always been there. But the funny thing about thoughts is that they come and go whenever they please and I must say, they come without warning and in random. So I thought that since I am one more step closer to my maturity, I should type out these thoughts and share them with all my readers. So here we go. Ladies and gentlemen, you are about to know what goes on in my head. Well, in a random order I should say ...

"Advance, and never halt, for advancing is perfection. Advance and do not fear the thorns in the path, for they draw only corrupt blood."
It is Saturday night. All I hear is music from restaurants and party halls. The latest Bollywood music is on full volume. But I am here, writing this blog. I ask myself, shouldn't I be out there painting the town red as well? I mean, I know I can and I do have all the freedom to do so. But then, what is stopping me? Well, it is My Thoughts. For a very long time now, I have had this one constant thought that 'Greatness Requires Sacrifice' and  in order to achieve all that I want too, I have to be strong enough to let go of my temptations. And that is why I sit here, all by myself and write this blog because I know tomorrow is Legs Day in the Gym and my sleep and recovery today will help me use all my energy for the hellish workout that awaits me tomorrow. Why do I do it you ask? Well, I have been asked this question so many a times in the past and every time I have given the same answer ... It is because I know what My priorities are. And right now, at this tangent of my life, nothing is more important for me than My training. I have been given advice from so many people before and all state that I don't have to be this stern. That I am too serious in life. That I should 'Chill'. Before, I used to retaliate. But now, I don't because I don't hang around with those people anymore 'cause they weren't the supporters, they were the dis tractors. Luckily, I now surround myself around people who understand what I am going through and who also understand that being fit isn't a way of life, it is a Lifestyle itself. And that is why I am the way I am. And maybe, this is the way I am always going to be.

"Experience is not what happens to you; it's what you do with what happens to you."
Yesterday we were doing Legs and Power Kicks in our Mma Class along with some Knee Blocking Techniques. These exercises help us to have more flexibility and power in the legs. We also did some Conditioning to Strengthen our Shins. My Mma buddies tried as much as they could but finally gave up and told me to continue my Conditioning with our Trainer. I was up for it. As I remember, it was after the 7th or the 8th Kick that My Trainer gave a of his own and that kick hit my directly below my left ankle. And trust me, I didn't expect the pain to be that excruciating. I mean, the pain was unbearable and I knew I got hit. Al though a part of me was mad because I didn't block that kick, a part of me enjoyed that pain. And to top that I went ahead and did some more Kicking Practice on the Pad and gave it my best. Even right now, as I am writing this blog, I can feel the pain. I have been limping all day and the nerve which is swollen from the inside hasn't subsided yet. But even through the pain, I managed to do My Spinning Class and I now I will also be able to do Legs tomorrow. What is the reason of me telling you this? No. It's not because I wanna show off. And neither it is to show you all how strong I am. I know that one punch from an Mma Fighter and I am out in a second. No. I told you this because I wanna tell you that I love Pain. Yes, as weird as it may sound, I have this great connection with pain. Not self inflicted pain. But Pain caused by Labor. I love it all! The Scars, The Bruises, The Muscles when they are Sore and when I know that My Body has taken a Beating. I don't know but I have this weird thought in my head that the more pain I embrace, the stronger I will become and that is why I invite it. I welcome it with open arms and look for exercises and grueling tasks which take my body to the limit. As they say, "Pain Is Weakness Leaving The Body." So whenever I go through this Pain, I tell Myself, that I am stronger than I was yesterday and one I will be The Strongest That There Is. So yes, I love Pain. Pain Is What Makes Me Stronger.

"March on. Do not tarry. To go forward is to move toward perfection. March on, and fear not the thorns, or the sharp stones on life's path."
I am right now reading an amazing book called, 'What It Is Like To Go To War'. It is the true horrifying story of a Marine who was in Vietnam and who survived that brutal war. The more I read this book, the more I am understanding that Marine's psyche. He was a Soldier. And he did what he had to do. I mean what would you do if you were in a fire fight and your life was at stake? You would do anything to survive. They say War Changes Us. And this book shows us just that. I am so glad that I got the chance to read this book. And I hope I get a chance to meet the book's author also as I have always admired the Soldiers of the World. And the Indian Commandos and United States Marine Corps have always been my favorites. We all know that they are the true heroes and what they do is far greater than what any billionaire or a commoner can do. But what I relate most with them is the Love they have. What love you ask? It is their love for country. Their love towards their brothers in arms and Their Love To Fight. FIGHT. Wow! That word has such deep meaning in my life. All my life, I have fought and now, I am in love with it. I know there are people out there who are fighting for more righteous reasons but when I think of Myself, I ask God, The Almighty to make me fight always. Until the day I die, I want to fight. I want a Fight That Never Ends. It is because I know now that this is who I am. I am A Fighter. I am not the Normal Guy. The one from the pack. The one you will see at a party or at the Page 3 of newspapers. I am not the guy who fits in. I am now The Fighter who Stands Out.

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see."
So there you have it. The Random Thoughts Of A 29 year Old. To be honest, right now, I have a billion thoughts running in my head and I know that by the time I post this, a billion more thoughts will emerge and I will tell myself, "Damn, I should had written about this instead of that!". This thought cycle of mine is never-ending, trust me I know. But honestly, I love My thoughts 'cause it is these thoughts which make me believe more, which make me smile and they also remind me why I am here. I know I still have a long way to go but because of my thoughts and the actions they have made me do, I have come this far. Right now, I am writing this blog and in the same time trying to chat on whatsapp, listen to 'My Time Is Now' by John Cena and google Venum Clothing on the net. I know I am not great at multi-tasking but my thoughts are already in full throttle mode and they are showing how I will get inspired next. I know you maybe asking me that when I have a billion thoughts in my head, why would I only pick 2 or 3 to share? Well, these thoughts dominate my mind the most and in someway, these constant thoughts help me to become the man I wanna be. So before I go, I just wanna say that this is who I am. I am not Perfect but I love being Me. Just as, I hope you love being You. The only difference right now is that I Blog about 'cause you never know, someone, somewhere might just be inspired. The Question Is: Will You Be An Inspiration Too?
This Is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty And This Is Who I Am. Well, A Glimpse Of It At Least.
With All My Might,
Your No.1 Fan,
Mahaakshay Chakraborty.

"The difficulties you meet will resolve themselves as you advance. Proceed, and light will dawn, and shine with increasing clearness on your path."


  1. well, you're right that no body can go back to the past but anyone can start a new today~

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  2. Superb mimoh, happy friendship day.