Sunday, 27 November 2011

We All Have Our Own Battles To Fight ...

Hey guys. I hope you don't mind Me greeting you with 'hey guys' every time. To be honest, I don't know what other way to start the Blog. Thank you for all the love and appreciation you all give Me every week. It really means a lot to Me. Writing these Blogs every week has truly become a part of My life and I will try My best to do the best I can, every week. I am right now in Hyderabad and we are Shooting Enemmy here. Before My PR Avantika Sinha from Soapbox messages Me and shouts at Me, "Don't tell much about the Film, let Me use it as a PR Activity!", I will just say that I am having a great
time being on the Sets with Superstars like Suniel Shetty, Johnny Lever and My Dad. I will surely keep you posted more on Enemmy as the days go by. And since there is a lack of 3G Network here, I am not in touch with the world out there, so I have little knowledge as to what is happening out there. Hope all is well. And now, Blog Time! :-)

We All Have Our Own Battles To Fight. I have mentioned that line many a times in My previous Blogs but I guess with the circumstances those words deserve an entire blog! There are 7 billion people on this planet and no matter how different we may be from one another, we have one thing in common. Fighting. Whether it is for survival, recognition or even love, we are fighting all the time. Consciously or not, our bodies and the soul and the mind are in a constant fight with the world. Some days we loose, some days we win. But all I know that it is a never ending struggle. Whether we like or not. Let Me give you an example. As Actors we have so many things that we have to do. So many things that we have to take care of. Whether it is our Diet, our Clothes, the way we talk, eat or even sleep. We are on the job 24/7. There is no "Off Day" for us. And in the end, no matter how much we give, there is someone out there who always tells us that we are not giving enough.

One of My friends, who after reading My last blog told Me that I am not what I write in My blog. That I am giving a wrong perception to people that I am this noble, kind hearted soul who likes to preach, when I am this selfish, self-centered prick who only thinks about himself! Even though I was hurt by what My friend said, I knew that was the truth. But what My friend didn't realize that I have to do what I have to do. I go to war everyday with Myself, everyday with the circumstances I am put into, the people I have to deal with, the choices I have to make, the sacrifices that I have to do. That is something My friend and the world will never understand, just as I won't understand My friend's problems or even the world's. But I still write and spread these words because a part of Me, which is, in a way, good likes to do so. Please, do not take this blog as a self-defense or self-sympathy verdict of Mine. I am not trying to prove anything. All I am saying is that no matter how hard you try, no matter how many people you are dependent on, no one will understand your pain because they are not in your shoes. It's not like they don't care, they do, they really do and they really wanna help you and be there for you but trust Me, it doesn't help because only you are the master. Only you hold the key. As the words from Never Back Done were, "Remember, no matter how it ends, you hold the outcome." 

I am not trying to put you down or depress you. I am just trying to open your eyes to the truth. The truth, which, in fact we all know but don't wanna admit too. We, as human beings have the power to move mountains but in the same time be destroyed by the slightest ounce of weakness. I agree that man is a social animal and we all need each other. But being dependent on others won't make your problems go away. You only have that power. You, you and only You. The day you realize that you are alone that is the day when everyone will come to you automatically. Accepting and embracing are two very different things. So I tell you to embrace this truth! Embrace it and make it your own and see how strong you become! As I said earlier, we win some, we loose some. Not everyday is a smooth ride. But knowing that you alone are dealing with whatever is coming your way will make you more powerful than even The Hulk!  I am not saying it is easy. Trust Me, there are times when I have broken down too. When I have sat alone in My Room and cried for hours. But this is the only way you will become the person you were born to be! 

Even right now, as I am writing this blog, I have a million thoughts going through My head. Some which give Me joy, some which give Me pain. But I know that as long as I accept whatever comes My way, that I keep on doing what I am doing with 100% dedication, everything is going to be alright 'cause when you are alone, all you have is your hope, faith and yourself! So don't give up My friends. Don't feel bad that you have to fight your fight all by yourself. Don't be afraid to be left out alone because sometimes only when you are alone, do you find yourself. 

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and this is My Story. 


  1. Great to hear that you having a good time shooting for Enemmy. True thoughts and very nicely put as always :-)

  2. this truly moves me to the core as it connects to me as well as would connect to the every soul who reads ur blog.... more so mayb cos we r in the same profession ....adaptation is the best policy to go for.....i every work with 100 percent hardwork,loyalty in our work ,patience,perseverence,n purity in mind n leave the rest for scrutiny....n rewards ;) we must take criticism in our stride,as it will only improve us 2 do better in life and be better human beings.....