Sunday, 8 January 2012

Just A Wada Pav Would Do ...

Hello bloggers. How was your 1st Week in 2012? Mine was great. I am right now at The Monarch Safari Park. Trust Me, if there is a heaven, then it is this place. You guys should really try to come and visit this place. Of course, that is the business man in Me talking. But seriously, think about it and for more information, you can go to and see the pics also. It is always fun to write these blogs and especially when you have great music to listen too! This week's Shout-Out Feature goes to My Friend and an excellent DJ, Tom Brandon. Bro, thanks for the Music! :-)

Before I go ahead with the Blog, I have to Review a comment sent to Me by one of My Readers. The reader said that I am very honest in My Blogs and that I am trying to earn sympathy from the readers and I shouldn't do that because people look up to Me and I have to project this 'Super' side of Mine to motivate people. Well, for the record, I think Motivation comes from within. We have it or we don't. And secondly, I am not trying to gain any sympathy because I know that sympathy won't get Me any where. Only My Iron-Will Determination to Succeed will. And since it is called I think I have the freedom to write whatever the hell I want as it is My website. :-) And now Blog Time. I like saying that. 'Blog Time' It is like some kind of an Announcement for a Gladiator in the Arena! :-)

For all you international readers out there, Wada Pav is one of the most tastiest and cheapest Indian Eatables available today. And it has been available since the Dawn of Time and Wada Pav has been called the Poor Man's Burger. But today, I am not gonna tell you how it is made or how it originated. I am just gonna target on the Simplicity of it. Speaking of simplicity, here we go. No one wants to be Simple. No one likes simple. Everyone wants to be extra-ordinary. Everyone wants to be special. Wanted, Loved and Cared. And yes, I am very much one of them. But in the quest of finding those Special Things, I have realized many other things. That sometimes, the greatest things in Life are the Simple things. :-)

As I had mentioned in My last blog, I was gonna go and attend My Friend, Somesh's Wedding. Well, I couldn't go for his wedding but I surely went for His Sangeet. Believe it or not, it is the 2nd Sangeet I have gone to in My entire life! Yes, it is true. And going to His Sangeet was part of one of My Resolutions as well. So I was at His Sangeet and I saw Somesh and Neha extremely happy and as all sangeets, there was a lot Naach-Gaana involved and everyone was Happy. Of course, no one knew that I had a surprise Dance involved. I went to the Dance Floor and did what I had to do. But what came after that was what made Me Smile. I saw Somesh and Neha Hug each other. I saw the Glitter in their Eyes, the love for one another. The Rings that they wore was their symbol of Love and commitment and when I saw them together, I just Smiled. Smiled with all of my Teeth out because seeing them happy made Me happy. Their happiness gave Me happiness. And I said, "Wow! Touchwood to these two." I usually don't click pics of others if I am not in it. {Yes, I have that problem.} But I think I clicked nearly 4-5 pics of those two because I was happy. And that made Me think a lot. Especially when I was coming Home. That God or Fate or Energy, whatever you wanna call it gives us Happiness everyday. Whether it is in something small or in something big, happiness does comes to us. All we have to do is find it, feel it and embrace it and then, all of you would smile like Me too. We fight these Wars over Land, Country and Religion when all we need to do is realize that if we have the capacity to Hate, we also have the Capacity to love. That if we have the capacity to Fight, we also have the Capacity to Enjoy. That if we can Cry, we can also be Happy. :-)

I am not telling you not to be ambitious. Hell! I am very ambitious and it is very good to be ambitious. All I ask is to cherish the Simple Things in Life as well. You know, the things we usually take for granted. Sometimes, a bicycle ride with your best friend will give you more happiness than a ride in that brand New Sports Car you bought. Sometimes, reading an Interesting Novel all by yourself is much more fun than going on tv and starting a Debate. That sometimes, a Wada Pav is more tastier than a Lavish Meal in that 5-Star Hotel. Until next time My readers, I hope you find your happiness. And trust Me, it is sometimes the Simple Things that surprise you more than the extra-ordinary things. I gotto go for My Staff Meeting now. You take care and remember, always have the Faith. :-)

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and this is My Story.


  1. Cute blog :) its gud that ur so happy nd ur enjoying ur business trip ..nd u r right sm time small thing s gives unexpected happiness.......God bless :)

  2. SUperbbbbbbbbbbbbb Mix By MAx...Luv every bit of ur thought process always n esp ur expressions thru ur Blog Time..and wud like to share sumthng similar whn u cm back,...hav written few stuff..Hope U like it..I knw its ur Blog here and Ur time..So wudnt take much space..wil leave it to U..Cheers :) n hugs

  3. Hey Friend....i have red the complete story of dont have much words to say about the simplicity and the truth u have poured in this story....just can say it has the true essence of life...bro u really Down to Earth person...hatts of to u....