Sunday, 29 January 2012

What Will You Do?

I am glad I am on time this week. I am a very disciplined guy and I know what time means to Me. So here it is, My latest Blog entry, on time, after a very long time! :-) But before I begin I wanted to dedicate My this week's Shout-Out Feature to technology because in today's time, technology means everything to us and it has helped us connect to so many new people via the internet and various other means as well. And since I am a gizmo freak Myself, I know how technology means to me. And I also wanna have a Call-Out to My PR Avantika Sinha {from the company soapbox}, My buddy Somesh Kamra {the founder of MMA India} and My co-star from #Enemmy Imraan. You guys somehow are a vital part of My life and although we may not meet eye to eye on every occasion, I respect and love the hell out of you guys! :-)

And now, let's begin ...

A few days ago, on the 26th of January, we, Indians Celebrated Republic Day. One of the most important days in our nation's history. As every proud citizen, I was happy too and wished everyone a very Happy Republic Day and also posted the Indian Flag as My BBM Picture. But that day during Dinner I saw something. Something which made Me very very angry. I saw on the news that a 2 year old baby was beaten over and over! The baby had broken bones and the poor thing had many cardiac arrests because of the rupture in the heart. The baby was also bruised by scratches all over. My mom wanted Me to change the channel as she couldn't see that atrocity but the site of that baby didn't make Me sick to the gut. It just made Me angry. So very angry! That why do these things happen? That why is there such evil out there? That why doesn't someone do something about it! In one of My previous blogs I was talking about the One Earth System. But how will that be possible when there such evil out there? 

A wise man once said that, "Evil prospers when good men do nothing." Sadly, I think that is the case. Yes, we do live in a democratic country and here evil from other nations and evils from within our system can do whatever they want and we don't Punish them because of the 'Human Rights Movement' and the Activists of the same because we want to project to the world that we are a very tolerable country and we are better than the ones who inflict pain on us. Inflict pain to our friends, family and to the ones we love. You must be reading this right now and telling Me, "Hey jerk, why don't you do something about it than just yap about it?!?" Well, you are right on that. But you see, Me, right now writing this blog is Me doing something about it! Even if it is a fraction of a thing, it is something. I am conveying this message, so that someone out there reads it and takes some action about it. 
You may say that there are many other things I can do besides write this blog and feel better and go to sleep in peace thinking that I did My bid. But there are many more things I want to do to all those who do evil. To be honest, I wanna give them exactly what they deserve so that even they know how it feels. But that is just a side of Me who doesn't follow the rules. Who believe that Vigilante Justice is the only true form of Justice and some evils just deserve to be Punished for their sins. But the reality is I can't do those things because My hands are tied since I am a law-abiding citizen. I believe that no one is above the law and that the hands of Justice will Punish the Guilty. But I ask you, what do you do when the law in adequate to do what it is suppose to do because even the law has it's limits. I ask you, what will you do if you were given the freedom to Punish the evil of the earth? If the responsibility was on Me I would had found every scum out there and would had wiped them out from the face of this planet. Sometimes I wish that all the evil in the world had one neck and I had My hands around it! 
Please don't take Me wrong. I am not some crazy sociopath and a lunatic waiting to explode. I am just the common man who wants to live in a better world. No, I am not taking lines from Movies and inspiring you. Yes, I do wanna say that I am taking diction classes and I am practicing lines from the all awesome 'A Wednesday'. And maybe, just maybe, those lines and that baby on the tv triggered something in Me to write this blog. I am not telling you to applaud Me. I am not telling you to comment on My blog and say, "Wah bhai wah!". I am telling you to do something about it. Remember, the will of the many, outweigh the strength of the few. Together, as one we can accomplish so much. We can change the world. We can stop child abuse. We can take the first step. There are many organizations out there who deal with these things and one of them is Save The Children. You can google them anytime and help them save the children of the future. I, Myself am thinking to become a part of that organization. 

We can make all the evil in the world disappear, if we are willing not to be afraid of the consequences. Take all our leaders from the past. They all fought the great wars because they were courageous enough to fight the evils that walked these lands once. Americans have a vow that they will protect their country against all enemies, foreign or domestic. I think that should imply to all of us, around the world. I am not telling you to go buy guns and start shooting the bad guys. But I am telling you to have a thought. A thought that when the time comes, I will fight the evils that walk this earth or at least have the courage to face them when the time comes. Think about your friends, your families, the ones you love. They need you. Not just to love them but also to protect them when evil strikes. 
Daredevil once said, "Justice is blind. It is Kind, fair and noble to all. But do not dare justice. For it will come to you, Right or Wrong." I just hope that one day the world is eradicated from evil. That one day justice finds all those who do evil and gives them exactly what they deserve. That one day, children can live a happy life. That one day we all can live in peace. That one day we all find our salvations. I can't do anything as of now except write this blog and spread the message and hope that one day the laws of our country change and the bad guys are truly Punished for their sins. But the question here is that after reading this blog, what will you do?
This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and this is My Story.


  1. "Everything starts with 1st step..but somebody have to take that step....". i will not fill this comment field with all my praises for this blog, but just wana say a very true,factfull.neccessary and socialized message conveyed to the society which is not so easy for every individual to follow, but what my Bro Mahaakshay Chakraborthy wants to say is each one of ue living in this country has a will power in them and if each one of us lives like one and use thier will Anti-Socilaized ativity then each night we can sleep peacefully...
    Great Thuought and love you have bro..hatts off to you..

  2. It is necessary to stop atrocities on innocent
    We can help them through the various organizations

  3. Writing has brought many a revolutions and who knows it might happen again, if those who write take it as a challenge and responsibility. It is important to come forward to stop the evils going around, but sadly, writing alone will not help. We need to take action. We need to come forward against these evils; and most importantly, we need to find our voices which seems to have got lost amidst the chaos.

    Good and insightful post.