Monday, 12 March 2012

Earning My Brownie Points ...

Sorry for the delay. I was suppose to submit My blog yesterday but I didn't and although I know this isn't a court-room drama, I will still layout My defense. Yesterday, early morning, I had gone to the DNA Women's Marathon and by the time I was back, I was so tired that I slept throughout the day. When I woke up, I went to My younger brother's, best friend's, cousin sister's wedding reception and by the time we came back, we had to sleep because from today, the Shooting of Enemmy resumed. I am right now, in the vanity van, waiting for My Shot and writing this Blog. I really hope you understand. Speaking of NGOs. I am now a part of Save The Children India. I went to their School the other day and I was completely in love with the place and the noble cause these few individuals are giving their lives too! For more details, you can go to And speaking of Movies, My Film, Tukkaa Fitt has become a Trending Topic on twitter and for more news on Tukkaa Fitt, just go to twitter and search Tukkaa Fitt by typing this #TukkaaFitt. I would really like to talk more about the NGO I am now a part of and also about Tukkaa Fitt, since it is coming out soon but I know that I will have many more opportunities in the near future to do so. 

And now, we begin … 

Just for the record, the Brownies I am mentioning do not have any getting-high' substances so whoever thought so, I am sorry for the disappointment. {chuckles} We all like sugar. We all love deserts and trust Me, chocolate brownies are one of My favorites. They are one of those few cravings which I wait every week to have. But these brownies are better. These are the brownies I get from the guy upstairs. You know, God. Ya, God himself. Now you will ask Me, how do I get direct access to him? Well,whenever I am in doubt, I call for him and with the powers that he has, he always answers Me. So this is how it all began. This was I think a couple of years ago. I was doing the usual. You know, Training and Dieting and waiting for that Special Moment. But slowly slowly, I was starting to get very impatient because no matter what I did, I wasn't getting what I wanted. So one day, all tired and frustrated, I asked for God to answer to Me and fix My problems. As promised, he showed up and then he told Me, "Mahaakshay, I understand that you are upset. That you think that you are not getting your due while everyone else is. That you feel left out. But My son, you shouldn't feel this way because something great is about to happen with you." I told him that you always say these things to all those you have created. What makes you think I will fall for that? And he said, "Listen My son, I have created everyone equal. Yet some of you excel more than the others. Do you wanna know why? It is because they cash in Their Brownie Points." I asked what are Brownie Points? He said, Humans ask for many things. They have unlimited desires and wants and no matter how much they get, they always want more. So in order to give them what they want, I created the Brownie Points System. And the Brownie System is very simple. All you have to do is ask for what you want and once you have ordered you have to see how much the brownie points are. For example, if you want that New Car, you will have to earn 10,000 Brownie Points. If you want that House you have dreamed of, you will have to earn 20,000 Brownie Points and so and on. And then I asked how do I earn these points? And all he did, was smile … :-)

He smiled and I figured it out. Now, all I had to do was … Give. Trust Me, there is no other way. I mean, I could had made you wait and anticipate what the answer was but no need for all of that because I think all of you also know what the answer is. And that is Giving. Giving is the way. It is the answer, it is the solution and it is the only way to got those Brownie Points. So, I started giving more. Whether it was Blood, sweat or tears. I gave and I kept on giving. And yes, even though it was grueling and it was tough, I never stopped because every night, I would check how many points I earned. The more points I earned, the more I came closer in making my dreams come true. And guess what finally happened when I cashed in on 3 Billion Brownie Points? Well, I got Haunted 3D! And it felt amazing! It felt so good in EARNING what you wanted. And since that day forth, I realized that all that is earned is proven to be righteous! So here I am, still earning My Brownie Points because I still have many Dreams which I want to turn into realities. Whether it is making My Family proud of Me or whether it is working 24/7, I still have many things on My need-to-do-list. So yes, before I go, all I can say is that we all Pray to have everything in the world but what will make those prayers come true? The answer is: Brownie Points. I cash in My Brownie Points from time to time. The question is … do you? :-)

This is Me, Mahaakshay Mimoh Chakraborty. And this is, My Story.
With All My Might,
Your No.1 Fan.,
Mahaakshay Chakraborty.


  1. Well said...God is always there to help us and when everyone else turns against us it's only god who listens to us and guides us. Such a humble soul you are. Not one iota of the arrogant- star- kid- in you!
    Cheers and be as you are.
    Lots of luck!!

  2. WOw , really well said .. Give!

  3. Did it ever occur to you that what you write is so lame, and you don't even have a sense of grammar and punctuation.

    Go get some work, and leave this to the grown ups.