Saturday, 24 March 2012

Ugly Is The New Beautiful ...

For starters, no I am not campaigning for Ugly Betty. But for the record, I really loved that show! And before I go any further I wanna thank you all from the bottom of My heart. I always go and check My Stats and I see the Blog viewing is increasing all around the globe every week! Thank you for reading My Blogs. It inspires Me more and every week I want to write something new. So this week's Shout-Out Feature belongs to all of you! My Readers! 
And now … we begin …

Ugly. That is not a word used often by people. And especially not by men because 90% of the time we tell all the women in the world that they are so beautiful. And especially in My line of work, where looks really really matter, the word ugly is considered fatal. So why will I say Ugly is the new Beautiful? Here is why … As you all know that I am on this Journey. A journey to find My True Origins, where I belong, where I am going and finding the essence of My Soul. So in this process I ask Myself questions almost every moment and from time to time, I get answers to those questions too. Growing up, I was the Fat Kid in School, who wore huge glasses. I was the guy everyone made fun of. Of course, I used to hate that feeling of feeling unappreciated and made fun off. But as time faded, I evolved and today I can differentiate between Ugly and Beautiful. WWE has started this Anti-Bully Campaign and they say don't be a bully, be a star! And to be honest, since I have become a part of Save The Children India Foundation something in Me has changed. Watching those kids and young girls having new lives. Children who can't hear. Girls, who at a tender get trafficked still have the will to fight and believe and hope and smile and be happy because they have been given a second chance in life. I will be the 1st person to tell you that i am not a nice guy but looking at those kids, I believe that there is good in all of us and that good can see beyond looks, caste, creed or religion …

So you see, that fat kid in school, he was never a bully because all he wanted was to be loved. That girl you thought who was ugly because of her braces, she wore that special dress so that you notice her. You see that man with only one arm, he risked his life for his country. You see that kid who can't hear, he only wants to play with you and smile. You see that old lady who is blind, she only wants to feel a touch of love. You see, we all have the capability to look beyond looks. We have the ability to love and to care and maybe for just that one moment, become selfless. We all can change. We all can be better. No matter how many wars we fight, no matter how many bad things we do, we have the ability to become better. To accept the ugly and realize that Ugly is truly beautiful. We humans are a complicated species. We all know that. But trust Me, beyond all that hate, beyond all the ugliness vengeance gives you, there is love in all of us. Sometimes, more than forgiving others, we must forgive ourselves for the things we do. We must look past our ugliness and see that we are beautiful too. :-)
So you see, in the end, it is not the dresses we wear. Or the make-up we apply. Or the riches we have. In the end, it is all about how good we are and how we treat others and love them and accept them for their flaws. No one is perfect but sometimes, people just want to be appreciated. For that one moment, they want to feel special. All they want is a little bit of your love. God created us in his own image not because we could kill each other over land, race or religion. He gave us the strongest ability in the universe. The ability to love and accept and appreciate. So you see, no matter how much hatred we have in us, we also have the ability to love. Yes My friends, we all have the ability to accept our own ugliness and look beyond it. Even Lucifer once was loved by many and he was banished because he loved god too much. Even he was once an angel and you know what, he still us. The only difference is that he has no one to tell him that. No one to remind him that he has love too. But you all do. You all have that love in you. I know what I have to do in my life and not all My choices will be beautiful. Some may be ugly too. But I will really try to one day forgive Myself for My Ugliness and accept Myself for the person I am and see that Ugly was always beautiful. The question is, will you?
This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and these are My Stories. These are My Struggles. These are My moments with You.
With All My Might,
Your Number One Fan,
Mahaakshay Chakraborty.


  1. I liked watching Ugly Betty would have looked cute with glasses not ugly. But I must say what a transformation..haven't seen your childhood pics though. A heart of gold is what matters....a person might have all the luxuries of life but having a good heart and people who love and appreciate you is the biggest luxury I believe.

    You have a good heart also good looks which is perfect :) stay blessed always..god bless!

    Loved the blog, very nice honest thoughts which randomly cross our minds often but we don't sit and ponder over them.


  2. u knw every week i do wait for ur amazed that every time u do com out with a different Msg for us.....god bless u:)

  3. It is the goodness of intentions, kind-heartedness, smiles and happiness which make a person appear truly beautiful. The other beauty is literally only skin deep and transient, temporary, deceptive. A person can be the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye but if they don't have a good character and conduct towards others- it is pointless! Thank you for the reminder, particularly in today's image-obsessed society.

  4. hey ther hi hws u, lst ur numbr, cal or msg whn u get time... tc