Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Chakrabortys In Europe ...

Hello everyone! Or should I say that in Italian, German or French? Yes, The Chakrabortys are in europe and I all I can say is that we are having a great time over here! Yes, I am clicking a lot of Pics and you can check them out out on My twitter page which is @mahaakshay .I have to tell you, this place is lovely! We were in Austria a few days back and it was truly beautiful! Whether it was the weather, the ambience, the people, the culture, the scenic beuaty, everything was breath-taking! I know I always do My 'Feature' sections before I begin but this week, all I can tell you is how amazing these places are! Every 2-3 months we, as a family plan these holiday trips and we make sure that we visit all the places our feet can take us. And thanks to Dad, this time, we decided that we will visit Europe ... :-)

As I mentioned to you, we were in Vienna, Austria a few days back and the reason we went there was for Dad and Mom. When I was a year old, back in the day, Mom and Dad had gone there and they always told us how beautiful it was! To be honest, we didn't believe them until we went their ourselves and all the four of us had the same answer ... Beautiful! We visited the Famous Cathedral which is one of the most beautiful places to visit when you are in Vienna. We also visited the National Museum of History and also visited the Grand Palace and the Zoo which is supposed to be the oldest zoo in the world! Everyday, something new was in stored for us. Usually in these trips, My Younger Brother, Rimoh is the Navigator and I am the Handy Man. Our duo always finds things and gets the job done. We also do our 'Duo' walks around the hotel area as it is something we really cherish! And this time, My youngest Brother, Nama also tagged along with us! And just behind our hotel, I think 10mins away was the famous Shopping Lane which stretched from the Opera House, all the way to The Cathedral. So for My sister, Dishi, it was paradise, only 10mins away! We really enjoyed Vienna and something told Me when we left, that I will be visiting this City again ... For sure ... :-)

Since yesterday, we are in Rome. Of course, as all travellers who are new to a country, it took us time to settle in here and with it's surroundings. And speaking about Surroundings, our hotel is right opposite a very famous park and the city zoo! Now, how cool is that? :-) We visited The Vatican today and believe Me, no matter how amazing it looks in the Movies, seeing it, with your very eyes is another experience all together! We also visited the Famous Wishing Fountain and no, I can't tell what I wished for and after that, we visited The Pantheon, which for all of us, was more amazing than The Vatican because we were inside the Temple! I mean, I was in a place where once the Romans worshipped the Sun as their God! Even though, there were many people there, I could still feel the calmness in Me when I walked in the Temple and even Goosebumps! After that, we visited the City's Mall and all thanks to Google Translate, I was having one-sentence conversations with the cab driver. Although, what he said in Itatian, completely went over My head! :-)

We will be here in rome for a few more days and then we go to Paris. I will surely try to keep all of you updated with this trip of Mine. And before I go, all I want to say is that even though this is a Holiday trip, I have had a realization. That this world is so beautiful! It is filled with so many beautiful people and cultures and heritage. And all it will take for us to get along, is to be nice to each other! I try to be nice to whoever I meet. The question is ... Do you?

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and I am now, with The Chakrabortys ... in Europe.

With All My Might,
Your No.1 Fan,
Mahaakshay Chakraborty.

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