Sunday, 20 May 2012

Trying To Be Good ...

Before I begin, I wanna ask, do you guys watch Wwe? If yes, then you must have absolutely heard the Theme Song of Randy Orton. The lyrics are, 'I hear voices in My head, they talk to Me, they understand, they talk to Me!'. You may ask Me, why will I write these lines and what reference do they have with this blog. Well, in the lines below, I will surely tell you just that. But before we continue, I think this week's Shout-Out Feature goes to Family. Yes, Family. No matter whatever we go through, we know that our Family will always be with us and give us their love and support. They will always stand by us even when the world turns their back to us and love and accept us, just the way we are. So to Families everywhere, stay together because trust me, there is no stronger bond, than that of Family! And My Song-Of-The-Week is 'Tonight' by Seether. Another Rock Song and the lyrics tell us that we have to live this very moment to the fullest and let go of all that we have done, good and bad and forgive ourselves and just for tonight embrace happiness as it is given to us. :-)

And now, we begin …

I have been writing My blogs for quite some time now and if you scroll backwards to all My entries, you will notice that I have been through My share of Pain, Anger, Rage and all those things the Darkness within you will make you go through. I have expressed Myself in My Blogs and even a part of Me wanted all of you to be just like Me. I thought, War is the answer! That Hate is everything and is pure. For a very long time the 'Voices' in My head kept on talking to Me and wanted Me to live by these notions. And I did just as ordered. But suddenly, since this year began, all those 'Voices' disappeared! Yes! I couldn't hear them anymore and I don't know why! I mean, no more 'voices' In My head, just, like, that! To be honest, I was petrified that I am left all alone and this is My Punishment. But as time went by, as the 'voices' never came back, I began to see the truth. That it was time for Me to feel, understand, accept and most importantly evolve to become a good person … :-)

And since that realization, I made a promise to Myself that I will become a good person. I will mend all wounds. And I will seek forgiveness for My sins. Trust Me guys, I have done My bit of bad in this existence of Mine. And I know that the only way I will find peace in the after life is by redeeming My sins while I am alive. And that is how My journey began towards My redemption. Trust Me, it isn't easy. People don't let go that easily. They always remember you for the pain you caused them. Not for the moments of happiness you shared with them. And no matter what people say, they don't forgive that easily either! They remind you of what you did and they never stop! In the midst of all of that anger and hatred they throw at you, it is very easy to slip into the madness and retaliate. To yell back and abuse. To become bad. But I ask you, if I do that, what will be the difference between Me and them? That is where god sees the divide between good and evil. God tests your goodness by putting you through the toughest of hardships because he wants to see what we Stand for and we can fall for. Trying to be a good person isn't easy. Take it from Me. But no matter how tough it gets, in the end, after all that you go through, trust Me, it feels great that you stood tall against all that adversity! :-)

For the record, I am not trying to be good because I am scared of Kamra. Nope. Personally, I don't believe in the circle of karma because I have seen people hurting others and they get away with it and live life to the fullest! While the innocents and ask for justice but Karma, for some reason doesn't respond. So no, this isn't fear. This is a realization that My time has come to become a better version of Myself. Of becoming someone I thought I could had never been. I don't know how you see this world but I have seen My share and gone through it too and it is filled with people all of types and means. The ones, who only want to gossip. The ones who only want attention. The ones who are never grateful. The ones who are only negative. But I ask you again, if a guy like Me, who only believed in Hate, can now change, evolve, love and only see the good in people, then why can't all of you too?

So before I go I just wanna say, it is not easy being good. Trust Me, it is one of the toughest challenges I am going through! But it's worth it! I know that people out there will stay hate Me. They will stay have their complaints. And they will never forgive Me. But I will not retaliate. I will always ask for Forgiveness. I will always be the friend in need. I will wait for redemption. I will see the good in them because I know that there is good in all of us.I will show them the positive side of life. I will never give in to My Monsters and one day, all those Monsters will go away. And every time I am faced with Hate, I will Rise Above it because as Lord Buddha said, "Hate Doesn't Kill Hate. Only Love Can Kill Hate!". So My friends, you see, this is Me trying to be good. The question is are you?

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and this is My Journey of being a better 'Me' …

With All My Might,
Your No.1 Fan,
Mahaakshay Chakraborty.


  1. Yes you have definitely evolved as a better person...keep it going! rock buddy! Hugs!

    1. i love wwe theme songs! good blog

  2. Phir wohi bakwas ...itne paap kiye kyu hai .If your sins were forgivable surely people would have . bt so many people you have hurt in life that u need 2000births to be forgiven . And by the way SORRY means " i regret what i did and will not do it again as i think it is wrong " ... but in mimoh's dictionary sorry means ... " opps i got caught sorry " n again he does the same things ... leave the poor good girls ... devil in u can never die .. u will live a cursed life n die will all the curse ..

  3. this not a hate mail ..i just showed you the mirror in the above comment . now dont write a sympathy blog and those 5-6 virtual girl fan will support him ... stop playing with people ... n girls meet this devil in person before supporting him . he is physco needs medical help . go to some rehab dude .

  4. That seems to be quite an honest post. I have not read all your blog posts, so would know the kind of phases you've been through. But yes, if this is a sincere effort, may you succeed in defeating the vices in you and in your efforts to rectify things done wrong.

    Take care