Sunday, 8 July 2012

I Am My Music ...

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.
Aldous Huxley

Music. The one thing which we we all have in common. Of course, our tastes may differ from person to person but the Rhythm and Tune are mostly the same. As said above, After the Silence, it is the Music which expresses our true selves and I am proud to admit, that yes, I am My Music! There are so many Genres of Music out there today! Music has become a part of us now. With technology giving us the power to listen to music wherever we go, music come closer to us than it was 20 years ago. I was in Europe recently and I visited Paris, I took the Metro to see all the lovely places I wanted and the one thing I noticed was almost everyone had their Dr.Dre headphones on and were lost in their own worlds with their Music. Music is not only a solution to kill traffic time anymore. It has become a means of expressing one's true self. Long gone are the days when we were recognized by the friends we had. Today, we are better known by the Playlists we have in our ipods. Being a Music Lover Myself, I know how important it is to know and respect the Music I hear because there have been times when Friends or People have not been able to help Me change My Mood or Outlook towards Life. But My Music, in times like those, has always shown Me the way. In it's own way, with it's sounds and beats and guitars, it has always shown Me, that no matter how tough things may get, Happiness is only One Song away ...

Of course, you must be wondering, that since I am talking about Music, which is My Favorite Genre. Well, it is Rock. No, not the Metal one. But just Rock, the Real Rock. The one which truly expresses it's meaning! I mean, there is something magical in the strings of those Electric Guitars and the great Musicians who play them. Back in the Day, Rock was condemned because of it's Dark and Negative Lyrics and Bad Approach to Life. But now, I have come to Believe that Rock possesses a Truth. A Truth only Pain can show. Disturbed and Nickelback are few of those Rock Bands out there who really emote the True Emotions of Life and yes, I have heard Stupify from Disturbed I think about a Billion Times and counting! Try to hear it yourself if you can, I mean, if you are a Fan of Rock that is. Back in the day, I, Myself couldn't understand what Rock was. But as Life unfolded in front of Me, I got more and more glued to it. At first, it was kinda of an escapism for Me. But as time passed, it slowly became a part of Me. Yes, I love Rock and I always will but No, I can't play the Electric Guitar but yes, I am up for a Challenge any day on Guitar Hero! 

I know this may sound kinda funny but I have created this Rock Band called The Common Five. it consists of Me, My two Bros and My Sis and the 5th Member being everyone in the audience who listens to our music. Al though, it is all in My head, Till today, My Bros and Sis think that it is the most ridiculous thing I have come up with but since Guitar Hero introduced it's Rock Band, I got hitched to the Idea of My Own Family Rock band! So you see, this is what Music does! It makes you something extra-ordinary! It makes you feel you are Untouchable! The Ladies Man or the Guy who is the Heart Throb of Millions! You have no idea how many times I have had that embarrassing moment when My Sister caught Me in the Act of enacting the Vocals of My Favorite Songs! She laughs like there is no tomorrow! And it has mostly happened when I have My ipod hitched to the Bose Dock! Come to think of it, I think I do look funny doing those Moves but that is the point you see. Music just doesn't make you feel better, it sets you free!

As human beings we go through thousands of emotions of everyday and I guarantee you this, that there may not be that many food items or drinks out there for every mood you go through but there is surely a song out there! Before going for My Mma Classes, I pump Myself with Rock Songs. When I am doing My Voice Practice, I search for Soothing Songs and when I am in a Fun Mood, I hear Pop or Romantic Songs and whenever I do listen to the Music, I feel a part of Me come alive. I know that I am a Serious Blogger and I am more into Philosophy but I believe Music is serious for Me too for in times when I lost the way, Music got Me back in track. When I really wanted to feel good, Music was there. When I wanted to remember why I was fighting for, Music was there. So this is Me, dedicating this Blog to all those talented Musicians out there who help people like Me in more ways than one. I urge you all to listen to the Music for you never know, in which Genre you will find your own true self. So before I go, I ask you is this, Are You Your Music?

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and I am My Music.

With All My Might,
Your No.1 Fan,
Mahaakshay Chakraborty.


  1. ya meemoh U r right everyone is listening his/her type of music... I am my music also.

  2. I like Ghazals of Ghulam ali and latest like dil garden darden ho gaya.....etc

  3. Whoa! You've actually progressed as a person and as a writer. The kind of subject you take and the way you weave them with real life experiences is super cool!

    Rock on :-)