Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Number 28 ...

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. 
It has been over a year now. This same time last year I started writing My blogs. I never knew I would come this far. I mean every week one blog entry! I think I gotto tap Myself on the shoulder and say, “Well done Mahaakshay!”. But to be honest, My blogs wouldn’t had been ‘Blogs’ if you all didn’t read it. So thank you! Thank you from the bottom of My heart for supporting Me and My views. I hope you all continue doing so for many more years to come. My Blog, on My last birthday was called The Number 27, so I thought of repeating the same custom this year. Hence The Number 28. A lot has happened in this one year! I would love to tell you all the details but I think this time I will just highlight the parts I remember and the ones which have made Me really really happy! The Secret says that the greatest power in the universe is appreciation and gratitude and what better way to wish Myself Happy Birthday than by saying Thank You too all those moments. 

So here we go …

I read a very beautiful tweet a while back. It said, I can sum life up in three simple words. “It Moves On”. So true. I learnt that in this past year. I shot for 2 films. Met so many people. Made wonderful friends. Found I had enemies and also learnt to see life from a fresher perspective. Life has a funny way of teaching us our lessons. If we have the ability to observe everything that happens to us. In these 365 days, I learnt My lessons. And I am glad I did. Before I was disgusted by My Hate. But now, I use My Hate as a motivation to move ahead. Today I have so many friends. It is not because they came to Me, it is because I understood that I had flaws that had to be rectified. That I had to open up and give people chances. I have understood that Patience is not only Man’s Greatest Test, it is also what defines Him! I understood that Choices not Chances shape up your destiny. I let things go which were not in My control because I realized that if they are meant to be Mine, they will eventually be Mine. I accepted that I have to wait for certain things but found the beauty in waiting because all great things are worth the wait. I cried many a times but not tears of sorrow but of joy because I was thankful for what I was blessed with! Where I thought, “This is it!” life told Me it is not the end of the road but just a curve. Where I thought My life was over, I realized, it was only the beginning … 

I know I have just begun living My life. There are many more responsibilities I have to take. Many more dreams that have to come true. Many more journeys that I have to take. But when I look back, all I can do now is smile. My past is filled with the good and the bad but each experience has brought Me so far. So I thank every moment for it has defined Me. Made Me strong. Made Me the Man I am today. I know I am not perfect. I know I still have My flaws. But now, instead of running away from them, I have learnt to accept them. For they are a part of Me. For they will always remind Me that in the end, I am just Human. I have done My share of mistakes but now I have learnt to spread joy too. My soul may be consumed by Ambition but I also know that there are people who need My attention. Who sometimes just want Me to be Me. I don’t know what is in stored for Me in the future but something tells Me it is only going to get better. Not only because it is meant to be, it is also because I believe. That is what Patience does to a man. It not only makes him strong, it also gives him hope. Hope, that changes everything. So today, writing this blog, I write it as a believer. A believer who will always believe. A believer who knows that beyond all damnation lies hope. Hope that gives us Faith, Faith in ourselves. Faith, that can never be broken … 

I have tried to express Myself as much as I could in My blogs and I wish I can keep on doing that for years to come. To tell you a secret I used to write a diary and I have volumes of more than 11 years with Me! But since I started blogging, this blog site has become My diary and now I let 7 billion have access to it. I know it takes time to write these entries but I also know it takes equal amount of time to read them too. So once again, thank you! Thank you all from the bottom of My heart for the love you have given. To be honest I will never be able to thank you all enough. You give Me love. Shower me with compliments and respect and admiration. And even the ones who hate Me, I sense love in your hate because it takes a lot of energy to be disgusted by someones guts and beliefs! So this is Me, on My 28th Birthday wishing you all a very happy 365 days ahead! God put Me on this earth for a reason and for that very same reason he sill wants Me here. I don’t know what that is but what I do know is that I will keep on doing what I am supposed too. Yes, I will make mistakes. I will be foolish sometimes. And I may hurt others too. But I am here to learn and to grow. And more than that, I am here to understand. I just hope I do. 

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and for Me, the Journey has only just begun …

With All My Might,
Your No.1 Fan,
Mahaakshay Chakraborty.


  1. First of all happy birthday in advance :-)
    May God bless you always! All your blog are not only inspiring but very interesting to read. You have changed to become a better person and trust me it reflects in your blog as well. Keep it up charmer!

  2. Wish you a very happy birthday and hope you have a great one. This post shows how you have evolved as a person over the past year. Congratulations on completing a year here.