Sunday, 15 July 2012

When All Else Fails ...

"A Hero Is An Ordinary Individual Who Finds The Strength To Persevere  And Endure In Spite Of Overwhelming Obstacles." - Christopher Reeve

Christopher Reeve. one of the greatest men who ever lived! And the True Superman! Even when He was told there was No Hope for a better future, he fought back and lived! He lived as a Hero. He survived, even when all else failed. And he will always be remembered. Kudos to you sir! So before I begin this Blog, I had to dedicate the first few lines to him! And also, I wanna say Thank You to all of you once again for the amazing response you gave to My last Blog Entry. Thomas Jane himself  Tweeted Me saying that He loved it! It was a dream come true for Me! I mean, I worship the guy! I still have His Punisher Poster on My Wall and He tweeted Me! Dreams do come true! One of Mine just did!  And whoever out there who relates to War like I do, I insist you to read Matt Gallagher's Kaboom: Embracing The Suck In A Savage Little War. I just started reading it and I am already loving every page of it!

And now we begin ...

We all fight. We all some how survive. We go on because we know we can. Some do it because they love to fight, {people like Me}, some do it because they have no choice and some do it just for the heck of it. We have our good days and bad days. Some days we win and somedays we loose. We fall and rise. Many of you out there will relate to this as a part of life. A lifestyle I should rather say. But as anyone out there, who enjoys breathing oxygen, or loves eating food and finds peace in the company of others, the constant fighting, eventually, does take a toll on all of us. One day or the other. It sometimes gets so hard that you have no other choice but to break. And you tell yourself that you can't do it anymore. That you wanna quit. That you want the Madness to stop. That you can't bare anymore Punishment. That enough is enough! But after all the pain and the tears, there is still something that keeps you going. A Power in you that never stops. That tells you to go on. So I ask you, what is that keeps you going? As all who search for answers, I asked Myself that very question too and I found the answer. So this is Me telling you what I do When All Else Fails ...

I love My Family. I love My Friends and I love the life that has been given to Me. And I have tried to find happiness in the smallest of things and most of the time I have found it. But sometimes, just 'living' is not enough. You know you deserve more and you have the talent to embrace it. But life is never easy and the more we go behind the gold, the more it gets tougher. And the more you embark on that journey, the more you realize that feelings and attachments mean so little. They, after a point of time become weaknesses that hold you back. And slowly slowly, as you go ahead you become this unstoppable force which only knows to do one thing. And that is to keep pushing forward. To never stop. Even when the body is broken, the spirit goes on. Even when the mind is corrupted, the desire in the heart never stops. Even When All Else Fails, you keep on pushing. Not because you wanna win but because you just wanna go on. And you realize, that after a point of time you don't wait to reach destinations, you just enjoy the journeys ...

I have been in these situations a billion times in the past and each time I wanted to quit, something in Me always told Me to go on. To never stop. At first I thought I thought it was My Soul. Later I thought it was My Will. Then I thought it was My Hate. But now, I realize that it was just Me, in My Purest form. Deep within Me. My True Self. I am made to fight. To always keep on fighting. Even one day, when I will make all My dreams come true, I will still keep on fighting because that is what I am programmed to do. That is Who I Am. A Fighter. And Fighters Love To Fight! So even when all the chips are down. Even when all hope is lost. Even When All Else Fails, I know I will never stop. As they say, "You can take the soldier out of the War but you can never take the War out of the soldier."

So before I go all I want to say is that I know Life isn't easy. And it will only get tougher. And it will break you and it won't stop until you quit. But we all still fight. And we will always keep on fighting. Not only because we want to win because we know that after a point of time, when all else will fail, the fight is all that we will have left. For there will be no more destinations, only journeys ...

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and When All Else Will Fail, I will still keep on fighting. The question is, What will you do?

With All My Might,
Your No.1 Fan,
Mahaakshay Chakraborty.


  1. Inspiring and thought provoking blog as always...very few have the courage to fight and fulfill their dreams like you do! Keep it up!

  2. What a thoght ! U can inspired anyone,kudos to you.All the very best,may god bless you.

  3. To call you an amazing actor would be a cliche! You have re-defined the art of acting with your panache and dedication and you have paved a path for many newcomers who wish to give up just before they taste success. Kudos to your spectacular screen presence,your magnificent acting and your splendid leadership in choosing dynamic roles!u r superb dancer,People have fans,but your fans are one step ahead! You are one of the pride of Bengal!!