Monday, 31 October 2011

LOOT On November The 4th ... Jitters!!!

Hello once again friends. Sorry for the late blog entry. I am right now in Goa Shooting for TUKKAA FITT and I must say that I am having a jolly good time doing so! I was supposed to submit My Blog last night as always but the Entire Cast and Crew had gone out for Dinner. They were having Crabs while I was on Chicken Tikka. Trust Me, I don't mind. These small sacrifices are very important in Our Line of Work. My Co-Star, Vaishali Desai is a complete Sweetheart and now, we have become very good friends. She is looking stunning in the Film and she is someone to watch out for! And F1 has finally arrived in India and that also with a Bang! It is surely something to be proud off! :-)

And now Blog Time! Yes. For the record I am dedicating this blog to my Film, LOOT which Releases on the 4th of November everywhere. I have mentioned about LOOT in some of My previous Blogs and now I think it is time I take full potential of My Blog and spread the word as much as I can to you guys. In today's world, Publicity is way more important than making a Film because there are so many Movies coming out every friday and it is our job to make the Audience come to Our Film than to go and see other Films. As they say, it is a Dog Eat Dog World and only the Strong Survive. Well, in our case, who do publicity create awareness. :-)

I really had a great time Shooting for LOOT and even though it was a year before HAUNTED I enjoyed every bit being on the Sets. Suniel Anna gave Me a chance when I had no one backing Me and He was a real father figure for Me on the Sets! Of course, he used to pull My leg the most but the love he showered on Me was heart-warming. I remember, we use to Workout everyday together and Suniel Shetty, the Producer of the Film, who had 10,000 things to do, Suniel Shetty, the Actor who needed His Rest, Suniel Shetty, the Family Fan, who wanted to spend time with His Family made sure that I do My 45mins of Running and 45mins of Weight Training, every single day! Hats off to Anna and yes, after My Dad, My Role Model is SUNIEL SHETTY! :-)

All the other Actors, including the awesome Govinda Sir and Javed Jaffery Sir were very kind and humble towards Me. I remember during the first few days of Shooting I was so nervous sharing the same Screen Space with these Great Actors! I used to Stammer! But as the days passed, we all started jellying very well and I must say that one of the Highlights of the Film is the Chemistry we 4 share. My Leading Lady, Shweta Bharadwaaj was very chilled out with Me as well. I used to call her, 'The Hottest Dude' because she was looking very hot in the Film but she was very bindass of-camera. It was a pleasure Working with her and yes, a point to be noted, the Rumors of Me and Shweta and completely False. We are only Good Friends and will remain to be so. :-)

The reason I wrote 'jitters' in the topic is because I am truly having jitters thinking about the release of LOOT! I am very nervous and at times like these, I try My best not to think about the Friday when My Film will release. I know every Actor goes through that 'Friday Fever'. I have seen My Dad going through it all His Life. One side, it is pure Fear and insecurity and on the other, it is a pure rush of pumped up energy running through your veins non-stop! :-)

Critics will review the Film. Some will like it, some will love it, some will hate it, some will trash it. Well, that is their job. But for Me, I think the Audience is the main judge. They make you or they break you. Of course, that is not in My hands. But I do hope that you all like the Film because LOOT is a complete Entertainer! The Film has got a U/A Certificate which means you can take your Family along with you! I am saying that because the more people go for Our Film, the more better opening we get! :-)

I am writing this Blog from the Sets of TUKKAA FITT and I know I will be called for My Shot soon. But before I go, I must say that I am a Public Servant and I have tried to do My best in LOOT and so have everyone else. We go through the things we go through because we love it. The pros and cons are a part of the package. I only hope that you accept Me as one of your own and give Me the same love you gave Me in HAUNTED. I love the Movie Business and I always wanna entertain you guys. So this is Me, going for My Shot, waiting for the 4th of November and eagerly waiting to be loved by ALL of you once again. Fingers Crossed!!! :-)

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and this is, My Story. 


  1. well written...i must say u express ur view so well......
    n yeah i ll go to watch LOOT...n definitely on friday ...frst show...w8ng fr ur movie...

  2. Loot's definitely happening first day first show for me and team...good luck :)
    Once again an absolutely amazing blog, you rock buddy! One can actually relate to everything what you write which is wonderful. Loot's eagerly awaited :))))

  3. Brother, i too will watch for sure but on will be a success no doubt about it.And your blog is as usual rocking..keep rocking IN GOA....