Sunday, 6 November 2011

Rise. Above. Hate.

Hello everyone. How are you all? Hope all are well. Today is the last day of the Shooting Spell of TUKKAA FITT here in Goa. Speaking of which, you can follow TUKKAA FITT on twitter. This is the id @tukkaafitt and #TUKKAAFITT as a trending topic. I had a gala time over here! None of us left any stone unturned and from the looks of it, TUKKAA FITT will be a sure entertainer! Fingers crossed. I will be starting My next Film, ENEMY very soon. It will be a trending topic on twitter also very soon at #Enemy and speaking of twitter you can find Me there @mahaakshay and My journal at #mahaakshayjournal :-) And guess what guys? All thanks to you all, LOOT is doing very well! Thank you for the love and appreciation you have given Me and the Film! It really means a lot! Even though the Critics have slammed the Film Left, Right and Centre, it is you guys who have made us all smile by liking the Film! :-) And now, Blog Time! :-)

RISE. ABOVE. HATE. To be honest, until I started writing this Blog, I had no idea what should I write. Writer's Block you can say. But then, I was going through the new items at WWE Shop Zone website and I saw John Cena's new T-Shirt and on that it was Printed, Rise Above Hate! And I saw it and said, WOW! John Cena has always been one of My Role Models. More than his physique and personality, it is his attitude which I salute. Every week when he goes out there and faces the people, he hears, "Let's go Cena! Cena Sucks!" But he never quits! He always keeps fighting because he knows how to Rise Above The Hate! :-)

I remember he once said, "I know there are many people out there who hate Me and many out there who love Me. Well, all those who love Me, I am here with you My Brothers and the ones who hate Me? Well, you can just kiss My ass!" That is attitude! That is courage! That is the power within to accept hate and to make that hatred a power to use for the good! I relate to Cena in many ways because I know there are many out there who hate Me but I also know there are many out there who love Me as well. :-)

This world is a brutal place and no matter even if we don't wanna accept it we all like the ability to control. The power to tell others that they are not good enough and that they have to change in order to fit into society. We all want to dominate and always have the upper hand. I know many who have been caught in this web. They are so affected by what people say that they keep on changing themselves and try to fit in in order to be liked, loved and appreciated. But they forget that this way, they loose their own identities and what remains is just flesh and bone. When they do realize what has become of them, it is too late and life just passes by. I, on the other hand choose not to be like them ...

I am who I am. I love Myself and I adore Myself. Sure, I may not be perfect, sure I may have many flaws, sure I may not be "good enough" for some but I know that when I look Myself in the mirror I am ME. Pure Me. Nothing Fake. No pretensions. Just ME. See history and whoever has not "followed" or "changed" has been condemned and hated. I don't care If I am hated. I will never be something I am not because even before god I have to answer to Myself.

Just like Love, Hatred will always be there. The question is what will you do when you are faced with Hatred? Will you succumb to it or Rise Above It? Just like John Cena hears it every week, even we get to hear our Loves and Hates. The choice will always be yours. I choose to rise above hate because only the ones who have accepted that they are hated and the ones who triumph over it! :-)

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty ... And this is My Story.


  1. I throughly enjoyed the matter what the critics say Loot is a perfect entertainer. Good work gets criticism too so don't care what the critics say. Keep going and rocking and am sure you will have many more hits coming your way.
    All the very best for tukkafit and enemy. Rise and shine :) Be as you are! Cheers.

  2. Like always, luv reading your blog. It surely does send a strong message for all. Admire your spirit and being YOU.. All the very best for your career. May God always give you the best and if he gives you challenges, we know Mimoh will face it all with a pure soul :)

  3. i really enjoy reading dis blog.....mimoh truly u r such an inspiration for all ov us.......its true dat u r nt fake are only you...liked ur loot soo much....:))
    its full entertainer muvie.....w8ng for next blog..
    its pleasure to read your blogs...:))