Saturday, 12 November 2011

Do We Really Care?

Hi guys. Yes, this week the blog entry comes early. It is because tomorrow onwards, I start Shooting the Climax of TUKKAA FITT and I know it is going to be very grueling and will demand all of My Energy, so clearly I won't have time for anything. And I don't wanna keep you guys waiting. Plus, today I am Home Alone since Dad is in Kolkata and the Family has gone for the Movies. I figured this is the best time! Before we begin, the usual Weekly Round-Up. I shot for ENEMMY a couple of days ago. I am playing a Cop in it and the feeling of Working with My Director Ashu Trikkha was amazing! ENEMMY goes full throttle ahead very soon. I will surely keep you posted on that. I also heard that Eddie Murphy won't be hosting the Oscars. Another funny man, Billy Crystal has taken His place. Will surely wait for the Oscars next year. And LOOT faired very well in the small centers. We will be breaking even, all thanks to you guys. And guess what, all those who slammed the film and sent Me and the Film hate tweets are now agreeing with the same thing. Touch wood to that! And now, we begin ...

DO WE REALLY CARE? Well, here is why I chose those words as a topic. I am a die hard Nickelback fan and they have just released their new Album. Of course I wanted a preview of the Songs. The moment I heard their latest single, "When we stand together" I was completely moved! And when I read the lyrics and saw the video I was nearly in tears! Yes! I was because that song really moved Me! It made Me realize many things. And most importantly it made Me ask Myself the question, 'Do I really care?'

One more depending on a prayerAnd we all look awayPeople pretending everywhereIt's just another day
There's bullets flying through the airAnd they still carry onWe watch it happen over thereAnd then just turn it off
These are some of the lyrics from the song. Are they not true? Yes, I agree, they are very true. Hey, don't take Me Wrong. I am not pointing fingers here and neither playing the blame game. I, Myself, in My previous blog mentioned that I am the Selfish of the year, so I guess you must be thinking I am contradicting My own words. No, this isn't that at all. All I am saying is that after hearing that song, it hit Me. Those thoughts hit Me. And they hit Me hard. I am not telling you to go out there and shout on television or start a rally or do anything out of the ordianry. All I am asking you is to CARE. :-)
Mother Teresa once said, "I am not asking you to do extra-ordianry deeds. All I ask from you is to Care." Mother Teresa changed the world because she Cared because she knew that we, as human beings, have the ability to CARE. That no matter what we go through in Life. The responsibilities, the stress, the tensions and the things in between, we have the ability to CARE. That for just one moment, we can close our eyes and have hope that one day, we all will be united. That one day, we all will be one. We all will be brothers and sisters. That in the end, Love will Conquer Hate. That one day, we all can hold each others hands. That no matter how many wars we fight, Peace will be victorious. That in the end, we all are just Human Beings and we all Bleed the Same Color and all we have is each other. That in the End, we all have the ability to CARE. :-)
They tell us everything's alrightAnd we just go alongHow can we fall asleep at nightWhen something's clearly wrong
When we could feed a starving worldWith what we throw awayBut all we serve are empty wordsThat always taste the same
Recently, we lost Steve Jobs. One of the greatest men in history. I mourned his passing too. But one of My friend's on twitter posted a pic. On one side, it was a picture of Steve Jobs and written below was, "When One Man Dies, The Whole World Cries" And on the other side there was a picture of many children in africa, dying of starvation and below it was written, "But Millions are Dying and No One Cares." That picture made Me realize that I don't wanna be the guy who doesn't care. I wanna be the better version of Myself and for that, all I have to do is care. The reason I am telling you all to care is because to Care is the purest form of Positive Energy. A Selfless Act we all possess. Imagine the power coming from nearly 7 billion people at the same time! Wow! :-)
Before I go, I just wanna say that I am no messenger or anything else. I am just a Human being like all of you. Who bleeds the same color and who breathes the same air. But yes, today I am better than yesterday because I know I can care. I can take out one minute from My day and Care. The same way I know you will also. God made us in his image for a reason. I guess, this was one of those reasons. Love one another for in the end, love will win. And if you can't love, no problem, just CARE. :-)
This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and This is My Story. :-)


  1. Hey Mr. Leo, Like i said even in my previous comments that I do look forward to your blogs. It gives me a different outlook in thinking and in believing certain things. Thankyou.
    I completely agree with you. In todays world, everyone has got so busy that there is hardly any time even to care for one another.. Something hits us bad, we sob and move on. And I hope that changes. Moving on is good but at the same time if one takes a lesson from it and does a little bit from their side to care and give then it makes a huge difference :) Thanku again for this wonderful, eyeopener blog :) Many duas and wishes to you for all your future releases :)

  2. If you can't love just care, very touchy blog. Keep up the good work!