Saturday, 4 February 2012

Meet My Superhero ...

Hey everyone, I know I am a sunday blogger but tomorrow I am going to Coimbatore as our School, The Monarch International School is having it's Founder's Day Celebration and as I am the co-chairman of the school, My presence there is very much required. You can visit the school's website at and I will also be taking a small trip to ooty before coming back to Mumbai. Went to My buddy, Mugdha Godse's New Film's Music Launch last night. She is a dear friend and I have utmost love and respect for her! So this week's Shout-Out feature goes to her for being one of the nicest friends I have ever had! I wish her all the luck for Gali Gali Chor Hai and also for her future projects. I also have to give a shout-out to My Dress Designer Irfan khatri for making Me look as good as I can be since nowadays I am socializing more than I did before and even tonight I am going to the Ritesh-Jenelia Reception wearing his outfit! So thanks for all the dresses bro! And now, let's begin ... :-)

Since I was a kid, since moments dawned upon Me, I have loved Superheroes. Whether it was Shaktimaan on DD or The Late Christopher Reeves as Superman, I have always loved Superheroes. In fact, I have worshipped them! I always wanted to be a Superhero! Whether it was wearing a cape and trying to fly or putting on a mask and imagining fighting the bad guys, I always knew that there was a Superhero in Me. I am proud to admit it that even today, when I am 27 years old, I am a Die-Hard Superhero Fan! I read all My favorite comic books, i see all the movies and yes, with waited breath, I am waiting to watch Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance and The Avengers. With My crazy obsession with super heroes, the obvious question would be who are My favorites? There are many out there who I love, admire and even worship but I guess, Ghost Rider, Wolverine, The Hulk and The Punisher top My list. The Punisher being My favorite! Hope you are not thinking that I am going to tell you all about My Heroes and by the end you will think, "Oh! He is so cute! Just like a little baby!" Na, not at all. I don't want all of you, especially the single ladies out there to think I am immature or something. Trust Me, I have been there and it is not a good place to be. :-) No, this blog isn't about My view point on My heroes. It is about Me doing some Superhero Soul Searching. They say, "Our Surroundings Are A Reflection Of What We Are". I agree to that notion and there was always this one question tingling in My gut … Who is truly My Superhero? And so, the journey began. And to know where we are right now, we must first know, where we began ...

No one likes to be bullied or made fun of. But as every fat kid with glasses out there I was a constant victim of the bullies in school. Whether it was intentional or unintentional, whether it was My friends or enemies and also the girls who liked or disliked Me, I was the target of their taunts and jokes. I was the only kid in school who has voted to be Santa Claus twice in a row for the school's christmas function. And I was the only kid in school who was the Rakhi Brother to almost every girl of My age then. Now, I laugh about it but back then, I use to cry quietly in My room everytime something like this happened. And to escape from these scenarios I use to dive in My own private world of comic books where I was the SuperHero and all of them were the bad guys. One day, the insults got the best of Me and I was in My Bathroom for hours, crying like there is no hope for a guy like Me. But then suddenly, I heard a voice. It spoke to Me. It told Me, "Mahaakshay, why do you cry? You don't have too. Don't you see that your superhero is here for your saving! Your prayers have finally been answered. Now you have nothing to worry about it!". I asked him where is he? Tell Me fast, I wanna meet him! And he said "Look There." And there he was! I couldn't believe My eyes when I saw him! So strong, with so much of power, full of energy, ready to fight. I saw Him and I was in tears. Ladies and Gentleman, I met My Superhero. That Superhero was ME! :-)

In a world like ours, where we have lost ourselves in our Duties and Responsibilities and the expectations of our loved ones, we all need some saving. We all need someone else picking up the pieces and doing our bid for us. Trust Me, I know. We all need our Me time and sometimes, we also wanna find our escapism. But to be honest, these are only wishes and as human beings, as long as we are alive, we will be obliged to our duties and responsibilities. It has been many years since I saw Myself in the mirror like that but trust Me, the realization of knowing that I am My Superhero was the best thing that has ever happened to Me! My Dad says a very beautiful thing. He says that God Saves Those, Who Save Themselves! Today, I am a much more responsible person. Today I am ready to take the challenges which come to Me. Today, I am more Disciplined and I know the essence of time in My life. Today I know that no matter how many comic books read, no one is going to come and help Me. The only person who is going to help Me is The Reflection I see in the mirror. :-)

The weight is gone, the glasses have disappeared but from within I am still that guy. I am still the guy who has once weak and timid and afraid. But at the same time who had the courage to face his fears and insecurities. I realized I had the guts to accept that I was afraid and fight it because today, the locations and scenarios must have changed but the circumstances are still the same. Even today I am loved by many and hated by more. Even after a Success in My kitty, I fight for recognition. Even after coming so far, even after fighting all the humiliations and insults, I still have a long way to go. Even after walking to hell and back, I have to do it over and over again. So I guess the Fight is still On and the only person who can help Me fight is Myself. I have come this far, I know I can go a little further. :-) I found My SuperHero and trust Me, He kicks ass whenever needed! I just hope that one day you hear that voice too.That one day you all realize that instead of holding your hands together, you clinch your fists together and say, "Game On! Bring It! I am standing right here and I am ALL that I need!". :-)

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and this is My Story.


  1. So. Sweet....even I too have my super hero.......:)

  2. If you were a fat kid with glasses I would say what a transformation! Yes all you need is yourself, keep the confidence intact and all the best. This blog again gives an insight to your personality :-)

  3. Wont say much about dis, just wana say you dont need to search for your Super Hero my Bro, you urself are Super hero...i Almost red ur 3 blogs, the second one was just fantastic where you have given a Social message to the for me you are the Super hero coz your intension for anything is for good coz bhai..and any Human Beign who Fights for a good cause is a HERO...hatts off to u Bro...