Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Boys Night Out Part:2 ...

Before I begin, I wanna write some lines from the Movie, The Shining. The Great Jack Nicholson said, "All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy." These words are very true. We all wanna enjoy. We all wanna party and have a great time whenever we can. Some of us want it more than others. But we all know that our work is our priority and we must commit ourselves to it. But I believe there has to be a balance. Balance is everything. In fact, it is because of this balance that the earth is in it's right place and so is the moon and so on and on. Without Balance the weighing scale will fall on either side and then there will be chaos and trust Me, no one wants chaos. I know that in mostly in all of My blogs, I have been very philosophical and spiritual. But I think even a 'serious' guy like Me needs a break from time to time and unwind. In fact, one of My closest friends told Me to lighten the mood in My blogs once in a while and I guess that her wish has just been answered! But before I continue, I wanna dedicate this week's shout-Out Feature to the entire Cast and Crew of Housefull:2 as the movie is slated for release this coming friday. I will surely be one of the first to watch it since My Dad is in it! :-)

And Now we begin …

I think I have already given a brief introduction to My blog in the above paragraph but if you ask Me, why is it called The Boys Night Part:2 is because I had My 1st Boys Night Out I think a month ago and this Saturday, it was My 2nd time I did something like this. What you will read ahead is the fun I had! Being honest here, I didn't know that I was that compatible in the company of men because throughout My life, I have been more comfortable in the company of women. Whether they were My friends, Girlfriends or lovers, I have always learnt more in the company of women. But this year has been a year of change for Me and I decided that I really should make some good guy friends and hang out with them. So that is how this plan came into being. Of course, due to the sworn friendship secrecy code I can't take their names and what they do but it was the 6 of us and we decided that we all will meet up this restaurant by 09:00pm and take it from there. And as disciplined we men are with timings, by maximum 09:15pm we all were there. And we had no idea, as a collective unit of 6 men, at the young age between 27 to 32, that men can be so funny, chilled-out, smart and most of all … bitchy! I don't know how My women readers will react to this but I think 2012 is the year when Men have become the new Gossip Queens! :-)

Of course, when 6 men come together, there is only one topic we can discuss … women! And yes, we did! And I learnt last night, that no matter how different our lives can be there is one common link we all men have and that is Heart Break! Yes ladies, we men suffer through heart breaks too and we all have our stories. We just don't show it and express it. But when you are in the company of men who probably had two or more long island ice teas and a few beers and sometimes, just even a normal coke or a sprite, all our inhibitions go away and we start talking our heart out. And that is what we did. There was not even one dull moment during our dinner. Whether it was the food, or the gossip or the tales from our past, we really had a great time and just like kids from college, in the end we all agreed to dutch and then we parted our ways for the night. But I can guarantee you that none of us wanted the night to end as we were having a blast and I know that I was laughing My ass off 90% of the time! And yes, the other 10% of the time I was making the others laugh! Thinking about it right now, it was really worth it because I meet these guys on a regular basis and this dinner really helped us all loose our inhibitions and become better friends. :-)

I know that this blog of Mine hasn't given any message or said something. As I mentioned before, we all deserve a little break. A time, when we can leave all our worries and responsibilities and take a chill pill. Even if it is a dinner, it is worth it because we are giving our own batteries some time to recharge. This year has surely been a year of changing for Me and looking back at Myself a year ago, I know I have evolved and I still am. There are still many more things I wanna do but I know the best way to enjoy them is one at a time! Today, I consider myself blessed to be around such good people. People who I can call My friends. And before I go, I just wanna say that sometimes life gives us those moments. Those moments of sheer joy and happiness. They may not be what you thought them to be but if you look closely enough, they contain pure happiness, laughter, joy and bliss. I try to find happiness in the smallest of things and I mostly find it. The question is … do you? :-)

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and these are My Stories …

With All My Might,
You're No:1 Fan,
Mahaakshay Chakraborty.

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  1. Hey gud to hear that u r having grt time....may god bless u with all the happiness wich u deserve :))))))