Sunday, 8 April 2012

Here Comes The Fighter ...

Hello once again My readers. Before we begin I want to tell you how happy I am. And there are many reasons I am happy. But I am the happiest today is because My Dad's Film, Housefull:2 has been declared a Huge Hit and My Dad is getting a lot of praise and appreciation for His performance in the Film! Just how every father feels proud of his son, even every son feels the same and today, I am so proud and so blessed to be the Son of Mr.Mithun Chakraborty. And I am right now Filming the last schedule of Enemmy. And it has been an amazing experience! When I am on the Sets, I feel alive and as I have mentioned this a billion times before, Work is Worship for Me and I wanna Work until I die! And this week's Shout-Out Feature goes to MUSIC. Yes, Music. I think I am nothing without my Music and My Music has saved and defined Me in more ways than one! And half of My Blogs have been inspired from My Music!

And now, we begin ...

No one likes the Loser. No one wants to know who came second. Everybody wants to win. Everyone wants to triumph. And as humans we have the capability to do whatever it takes to win. Cross limits we never imagined we had the courage to cross. Do things we thought we never had the strength to do and sometimes even sacrifice a few of our dreams for the bigger ones. But today I ask you, what is more important? The satisfaction of winning by any means necessary or Fighting? Fighting with all of your might and standing toe to toe with your opponent, looking at him in the eye and telling him, that you ain't afraid? For a guy like Me, it has always been the latter. It has always been about Fighting. I have been writing My blogs for so long now and I know by now you guys must have figured out My story or at least a part of it. That what kind of a guy I am and what My dreams and passions are and where I am heading. But the truth is, I am still figuring out Myself. I am still knowing my strengths and weaknesses. Knowing where I stand and where I fall and I know that this journey of Mine will never end. But in the midst of all of this soul searching one fact remains the same ... That I was fighting back then, I am fighting now and I will always keep on fighting ...

Just a few days back, I was invited by My Voice Modulation Teacher, Mr.Sutinder Singh, to watch a Play he had directed. The play was amazing and so were all the actors involved in it. But the crowd was so hostile towards them! I mean, they were not even letting them say their dialogues! They were booing them and taunting them and insulting them. But no matter what the crowd threw at them, they kept on going and did the entire play! At the end, I personally went and met all the Actors and congratulated them and saluted them for their passion and for the way they stood up against a hostile crowd! You see, they fought and they came out winning! In My eyes, they were winners because they didn't stop, they didn't give in. They kept on going and trust Me, I saw Myself in each and every one of them!

I have been called many names. I have been told many things. People out there still hate Me and my guts and some wish that I didn't even exist. But guess what? I am still here. And I will still be here. You know why? Because I believe. I believe in My dreams and I am ready to fight for them. I love Movies. I love everything about them and I will do whatever it takes to be here. Sure, the path is not easy. Trust Me, nothing is more harder than life but that is what life is all about. It is not about existing. It is about Living! And the only way you can do that is by Fighting for what you truly believe in. Everyday when I am wake up I am going to war against nearly 7 billion people for something I believe in. And there are times when that takes a toll on Me. I am Human too, I do get knocked out with those 7 billion punches. I do fall down. I do get that "Lights-Out" feeling from time to time. But every time, I have stood up. Every time, I have fought back. And it is not because I have too, it is because I want too. It is because I choose too ...

I have My Faith and it is my Faith that gives Me the strength to keep on fighting because I know that the more I fight, the more I stand tall, the more I come closer in making all of My dreams come true. And I know that not everyone will love Me, not everyone will like Me but they will, without a shadow of a doubt, respect Me. They will know, deep down inside of their hearts that this is no ordinary man, this is a man who can't be beaten. This Man may not be a winner in our eyes but yes, He is A Fighter. And they will talk among themselves, when they will see Me walk towards them, "Here Comes The Fighter!" So before I end this blog, I ask you this question, how do you want to be remembered by? The person who won or as the person who everyone remembers because of your struggles, of your sacrifices, of your hardships, of your will to succeed, of your will to keep on fighting even when you didn't have the strength to go on?

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and I am a Fighter. The question is ... Who Are You?

With All Of My Might,
Your No.1 Fan,
Mahaakshay Chakraborty.


  1. impressive blog Mahaakshay. keep ur good works' momentum rolling!

  2. Brilliant one bro... Personally, I feel this is one of your best written blogs.. "Never Give Up" is my Mantra and its truly inspiring to read this masterpiece.

  3. Brilliant one bro... Personally, I feel this is one of your best written blogs.. "Never Give Up" is my Mantra and its truly inspiring to read this masterpiece.

  4. Probably the last one to comment on your it's time for your next blog :)

    This never give up attitude, to strive and fight till the last minute will certainly take you to greater heights! Winning is not always important, to fight till the end is which you do. Keep it out and yeah loved your dad's role in Housefull 2.