Saturday, 8 December 2012

Mahaakshay Chakraborty:Origins ...

It Is Not Death That A Man Should Fear, But He Should Fear Never Beginning To Live. - Marcus Aurelius

We all have our beginnings. And there is something unique about them. No matter how much we try to forgot them, they never go. They linger in our minds and come to us as flashes from time to time. I have been writing these blogs for quite sometime now and I had promised Myself that when I do start, I will, one blog at a time, reveal Myself to the world, who I actually am. You know know where I am headed. But sometimes to know the future or even the end, we must go back to the beginning. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is that story. The story of a Boy who now, is in the process of becoming a man. These are the origins of Mahaakshay Chakraborty …

Accept Everything About Yourself - I Mean Everything, You Are You And That Is The Beginning And The End - No Apologies, No Regrets. - Henry A. Kissinger.

We shifted to ooty when I was only 9 years old. Back then, I didn't understand why because all My Relatives and Friends were here in Mumbai. I was heart-broken most of the time as I used to miss them a lot. But as time rolled by I got accustomed to the beautiful, chilly weather of Ooty and as everyone else, I moved on and made new friends and found a new life there. Today, mostly, all of My School mates are either married or are in the process of getting married. Many of them are living the life they choose too while some still suffer from the inferiority complex. But none the less, those folks gave Me a hell of a lot of beautiful memories. And I cherish them even today. Whether it was being elected as Santa Claus for 2 consecutive years or whether it was all the boys trying to impress the girls when we just hit puberty, all My Memories of My School Days still bring a smile to My face. So to all of them, if you ever read this blog, the ones who loved Me and the ones who couldn't stand Me, thank you for that beautiful phase in which all of you played major parts. But My life turned drastically once we shifted to Coimbatore …

Begin At The Beginning And Go On Till You Come To The End; Then Stop. - Lewis Carroll.

There were many reasons why we shifted to Coimbatore. But I don't want to get into the details of that. All I can say is that, that place, every inch of that house, every day living there, changed something in Me. I recently visited all My properties down south. Whether it was The Monarch International School in Coimbatore, The Monarch Hotel in Ooty, The Monarch Safari Park in Masinagudi or The Monarch Mysore, I became nostalgic when I entered My home in Coimbatore. I mean, this is the place where it all began! Whether it was My Dieting or My Exercise. Or the first time I kissed and lost My virginity or even the first time I got a Movie offer. This house has been the foundation to it all and I can never, ever forget those memories. This was the place where I first learned to walk straight. Before I used to walk like a duck, with a hunch. I started sprinting and corrected My running here. My very 1st outing to the city was in Coimbatore. I remember My Mom had given Me Rs.500 as pocket money and for the very 1st time, I saw a Movie in an actual Public Movie Theatre!  I can go on and on of the things that I have done here. But the most important thing I found here was Unity. Unity of My entire Family. Today, living in Mumbai, we are still unbreakable. Sure, we all have different priorities today but all are One even today all because of the thick bond we have since our coimbatore days. Today, Coimbatore is growing rapidly but for Me, Coimbatore will always be the way it was when I used to live there. And even today, whenever I go there, it reminds Me of My Purpose. It reminds Me who I truly Am …

Let Every Dawn Be To You As The Beginning Of Life, And Every Setting Sun Be To You As Its Close. - John Ruskin.

I am a very moody person. Ask all the women whom I have dated and loved. The one thing that pushed them away from Me was My erratic behaviour. My uncertainties. My instant and drastic mood swings. Even today, I suffer from this problem. But I know that slowly slowly, these erratic behaviours  of Mine are getting subdued. But whenever I wanted clarity, I went up to the stars. To all those confused readers out there, please, let Me explain. We have a massive open terrace in Coimbatore and since we live in the remote outskirts of the city, the night sky is glittered with twinkled stars from the heavens above. This one night, a very long time ago, when My Family was in a place and time I don't want to remember, My Dad told Me, "Mahaakshay, go up to the Stars. Just lie down and be with them. Feel their positive energy. Hear their silence and ask them whatever you want. They listen. They always listen and they will give you what you want." Since that day, till today, whenever I visit coimbatore, I make sure that every night, I go up and talk to the stars. It is like tradition for Me. To pay homage to those great giant balls of gas who have been with Me for all of these years and still continue to do so. Till today, they haven't spoken to Me but trust Me, every time I have gone up there, I have come down with an answer. A Clarity. A Message. Their Silence speaks to Me more than the thousands of unwanted opinions I get everyday from people I actually don't care about. It is strange how life shows us the way. For some, it is through temples, churches and mosques. For Me, it is though a Date With The Stars …

In Every Phenomenon The Beginning Remains Always The Most Notable Moment. - Thomas Carlyle.

It has been more 6 years since we shifted back to Mumbai but whenever I go back to Coimbatore, it just feels like yesterday. Coimbatore will always be Home. It was always be the Place of My Beginnings, of My Origins. The boy who ran 5kms a day over there has gone now. Today, I know that I face a tough world. A world which has made Me a Selfish, self-centred, Cold Prick. But whenever I go back there, I am that boy again. That boy who was filled with innocence. I have done some terrible things in My life. I made many women cry over Me. Hurt people who didn't deserve and I know that even in the future circumstances will make Me do all those things again. But going back to Coimbatore. In that Peace, I believe that there is Redemption, even for guys like Me, who don't deserve it. I know how My end is going to play out for Me. But I know that through all the fights, hardships and struggles, I survived back then, just like the way, I am surviving now. And I know I will survive in the future too. So before I go, all I can say is that we all want to move ahead and I know that we all will. But sometimes in other to understand what the future holds for us, we must go back to our Beginnings ... To Our Origins ...

Truth Is The Beginning Of Every Good To The Gods, And Of Every Good To Man. - Plato.

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty. And These Are My Origins.

With All My Might,
Your No.1 Fan,
Mahaakshay Chakraborty.


  1. You are a super human being, connected to the roots which makes you all the more special!
    Be as you are buddy :-)

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