Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas! :-)

Christmas Is Not A Time Or A Season, But A State Of Mind. To Cherish Peace And Goodwill, To Be Plenteous In Mercy, Is To Have The Real Spirit Of Christmas. - Calvin Coolidge.

Sorry for the delay in the blog entry fellas. Since the time I have been back from hyderabad I have been very busy. Of course I am going to tell you all about that in the lines below but before I continue I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year ahead! I mean, we did survive 'the end of the world' so I guess we have more reasons to celebrate 2013. I know I am not the celebrating types but every now and then even the Devil takes a break from being a bad-ass. And I am just human. I won't call Myself grumpy but let's say I am one of those guys who says that there is no one-special-day to celebrate when there is something to celebrate everyday. I know that is lame. And I think this same time last year, I was playing the real-life version of Mr.Scrooge from A Christmas Carol. Was his name Scrooge? Never mind. The Point is I am a better person today and more importantly a lighter person today. I never knew than letting go of My Ego and saying sorry to the people who needed to hear it from Me, would actually make a happier person. I guess Christmas truly is a time of giving and happiness … :-)

As I said, I will share My experiences of christmas with you, so here goes. The moment I landed back to Mumbai, I was greeted by Kaushik and Nadira. These guys flew all the way from Australia to meet us! Now that is love! And in the 10 years I have known these guys, this was the 1st time I met them! So you could imagine My happiness when I hugged them! From the moment we sat in the car till the moment I dropped them back to their hotel, we were laughing our asses off! Whether it was talks about life, future or women, we found something to laugh and cheer about. Kaushik and Nadira are gonna be with us till the 2nd of january 2013, so that means the 1st of January 2013 will be all beautiful and positive for Me because these guys are not only funny but they are positive and a delightful company. Speaking of good company, I had a blast at Gaurav's 19th birthday bash! My Younger brother, Rimoh gave the idea of a costume themed party and it paid off well as 90% of all the guests who showed up had amazing costumes. Even though there was a Harry Potter, Texas Ranger and a Pirate in the House, it was Bane who stole the show … :-)

We all saw The Dark Knight Rises and I guess like everybody else, I also loved Bane in the movie. No one could had played Bane better than Tom Hardy. I knew I couldn't enact the Role exactly how Tom did but I tried My best. My Costume Designer, Irfan Khatri, made like the best costume ever and when I tried it on, before the party, I was amazed how good and real it felt! For the 1st time, I actually felt like Bane! All powerful and all. And My mask came a day before from the States, thanks to the super-fast shipping process. I really wanted to sound like Bane but I think I failed miserably in that. But nevertheless I went on and was disguised as Bane. I even told the DJ to play Bane's Theme Music as I entered the Party with My goons. I gave a Speech, which no one understood, {embarrassed} made My goons 'fight' the Birthday boy and fought him Myself too. Of course since the tradition says the good triumphs over evil and because Gaurav was the birthday boy, he kicked My ass and then closed the act with a special dance performance. But the audience didn't expect Bane and his goons will join the birthday boy for a special Gangnam-Style curtain call. The crowd erupted and everyone was clapping and whistling. All-in-all, it was the perfect birthday for the sweetest boy I know. A Boy I am proud to call My Brother, Gaurav. :-)

I thought that Gaurav's birthday bash was the best way to end 2012 since it was on the 22nd, one day after d-day but the Christmas Dinner at Nikki's place was a surprise. I never go to christmas parties or to parties whatsoever. I am the 'boring' guy or the odd one out and I am ok being that way. So going to a christmas dinner was certainly not in the memo. But Nikki being the sweetheart she is, invited all those I knew to the dinner and it was very hard for Me to say no. My dress code was outrageous and because of that I won the worst-dressed-guy-at-the-party present. We played many games including truth or dare which we have to stop playing because we were only asking sexual and pornographic questions to each other. Al though a part of Me wanted to continue the game. {Blush}. But we landed up playing PG Rated games which included saying nice things to each other and My Favourite game of the evening, The Game Of Gratitude. It was actually pretty nice to hear people what they were grateful for and it was wonderful to say it out loud Myself too. I know you all would want to hear what I said, so here goes. "I am grateful of feeling gratitude. Not many people in life realise that they have the capacity to see in themselves that there are many things that they can be grateful about. And I am grateful to all that has happened to Me because of all those things I am the man that I am today. So yes, I am Grateful. And yes, one thing that Gratitude has taught Me is that life is made of the simple things in life and one should always treasure them." I don't know how you guys felt right now reading those lines but I loved them typing them. :-)

So before I go, I want to say that I had a wonderful christmas with the ones I love. I never knew that christmas would make Me this way but it did. I am thankful to all these beautiful people for loving Me and accepting Me for the way I am and I wish, hope and pray that every christmas I get to do this. Not everyone gets to be as blessed as Me and even though I know that there is very little good left in Me, it was enough for someone up there to shower Me with these beautiful moments. So to all My readers, Merry Christmas and very happy new year to you all! May you all always be blessed and not just during christmas but all year round. And before I go, I wanna give a special Shout-Out to My buddy Nathan who is right now celebrating christmas with his family thousands of miles away. I am with you in spirit bro and I am blessed to have a friend in you. I wish one day, just like Kaushik and Nadira, you and meet too. :-)

This is Me, Mahaakshay Chakraborty and this was My Merry Christmas … :-)

With All My Might,
Your No.1 Fan,
Mahaakshay Chakraborty.


  1. Merry Christmas ~

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  2. Well put honest blog :-)
    Keep it up!

  3. You should quit acting. After so many years, you are still a nobody.
    Please spare the audience and find a profession where you will actually succeed.

    You're already 28! How much more time do you have to become a professional success before you simply become a leech on Daddy's fortunes?

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for expressing your extreme agony and jealousy in your comment. I must say Anonymous you are some messed up shit man. You seem to be somebody who does not have "S" of success but guess you surely have "S" of Suck, so my dear anonymous i have two words for you - "Suck it". Have the balls to atleast add a comment with your name and email, well if you dont have any lemme show you some with my name and email in the signature below.

    Bhushan Tripathi

  5. Mr anonomous! Go Fuck yourself!
    Its so easy to judge others. Only if you really knew how it felt to be in his shoes. Think being being a judgemental asshole. And trust me If I find you, I'll beat the fuck out of you.

  6. Dear Mr. Anonymous Gentleman, I am quite amazed to see someone spending so much time on satiring someone's life and circumstances. First of all before criticizing someone heartlessly I am really keen to know do you have a clear conscience yourself or you are extremely jealous of what Mahaakshay is today? Or rather he is Mithun Chakraborty's son? What is it that is bothering you so much that you took pain of writing all this here? You think it effects him. It gives him motivation to prove his worth even more not to You but, but to the people who believes in him.Please spare him your opinion as he is blessed to be the great actor Mithun Chakraborty's son, by default acting is in his genes. But he may not do it his Dad's way. He will do it in his own way and will do it for sure.I am intrigued I really want to know something, you sound like you are really successful and ever right in your life, so if you are then I mean bull shitting for no reason in someone's page that too on public forum, somebody who openly shares his heart with you, what makes you do that? My question is ARE YOU REALLY CONTENT OR EXTREMELY FUCKED UP SCREWED UP ASS HOLE?
    I am sorry to write you so late Mr. Anonymous ASSHOLE so late. I have been away from all this so did not read your comment.

    I would like to congratulate Mahaakshay that he is blessed with people's attention. But Mahaakshay, you dont really need such useless attention. It is not even there..they are fucking losers!!!! You are a rockstar, I have seen you bounce back and I know it very well..Best Wishes Mahaakshay! :)